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Shocked and appalled at the service my Dad received yesterday through his whole Qantas experience! He paid for business class and paid extra for assistance as he has early on set dementia and recently suffered a stroke. He may not look like he needed wheelchair assistance but he certainly does and was treated horribly from the 1st lady that took him from me at terminal then I had to go find him for his flight as it was boarding and he was still stranded in the business lounge and had not been brought down to his gate! Twice he asked them to bring him to the gate and was told not to stress twice I asked at the gate where he was! He finally arrived on the wheelchair and was last to board when he is ment to be priority boarding! After his arrival in Perth he was pushed out into terminal and told this is far as I go and he was left wandering around luckily I found him he was not handed over to me at all! He has another flight with you on May 11th paying for same services and he wants to cancel and go with air nz he was so sadden about how he was treated!!

Apr 15, 2019

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