Pyrettaslairalchemy ring

T Aug 15, 2018

Pyrettaslair sells items that they don't have and never ship then do everything possible to keep your money. They are experienced thieves who know and play all the games. From purchase to paypal stepping in to force the full refund, 130 days (4 months 8 days). Wasted emails to and from d. Barnes, louisa x, james, and many emails with no name at all totaled 16. Only mentally and emotionally unstable scamming lying cheating thieves at pyrettaslair. All I can do is warn you to avoid them at all cost!!! Dont buy from them!!! If you have already made the mistake of purchasing from them you can ask paypal to step in and they will fix it. Case facts with email backup listed below,

I placed the order on april 4th and received a confirmation email saying shipment would be 28 days of payment... Wait, what?!?! That was not stated during purchase. Also received an auto email saying they don't respond to any emails for 48 hrs. That was the only honesty from this horrible scamming company! Jun 10th (67 days later) I sent an email asking where my product was. 2 days to respond and they said it was out of stock and I should have received an email which I did not. I requested a refund.

They started stalling and asking stupid questions, do you want us to send the refund to paypal? What name at paypal? What email at paypal? I answered each time and again I asked for a refund. Count them, 12!!! Ridiculous emails later they said they would send a refund but paypal would take 14 days to get it to me. Another stall and another lie! Paypal does not have a 14 day waiting period. 18 days later on july 23rd, I email again saying it has been over 14 days and no refund. No response but the next day I received a partial refund and here we go again! I contact them yet again asking for my full refund. They say "I can confirm that every penny we received with your payment would have been returned to you" as if I don't know that I didn't get a full refund.

Several frustrating emails later I tell them this is beyond ridiculous and I will be more than happy to visit their location so we can discuss this face to face. That's all I said, to which they responded I had threatened them and it was against the law and the safety of their people was very important and they would call the police on me. It was a clear intimidation tactic. It's an old scam, crooks cheat people and steal money then act like law-abiding citizens who use the law try to get good people to back off so they can keep the stolen cash. I was not going to play this game and immediately corrected them pointing out that no threats had been made and I only said we could discuss this face to face instead of going through another dozen emails and having to wait for 48 hrs for them to give another excuse.

That's when it hit me; paypal has customer service that will step in when thieves use their service to cheat people. Woohoo!!! I signed up with paypal back the first week they started and still remember the 5% investment plan they had. During all those years I have never made a claim against anyone but this company is clearly very experienced cheating good people. I made a claim and on aug 11th and guess what?! With no further emails to them, pyrettaslair emailed me on aug 12th (so they can respond in less than 48 hrs) saying they received a complaint from paypal and wanted to offer a solution.

Now get this!!! They had the audacity to say they would send a full refund to close out the paypal claim but wanted me to agree to send it back to them. I refused to respond. They had a chance to make it right so I would wait on paypal to make an unbiased decision. It took a few days for paypal to review the transaction but they decided in my favor and refunded the money stolen by pyrettaslair.

Moral of the story is if you have money you don't need and your life is too relaxed, go ahead and spend over 4 months trying to do business with them. Or you can learn from my mistake and stay far far away. Side note; after all this was over and I had my refund; I found the item on ebay for $25 cheaper. Just saying!

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