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I would like to warn others about my dreadful experience of Pyretta's Lair this summer. They accepted my payment of £273.73 on the 4th of July (seven items were ordered) yet they still haven't resolved my order it's the 19th of Sept today!). Pyretta's Lair took 29 days to post anything and failed to send me three of the items at all! Out of the four items I did receive, I kept one - returned three (Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class which they received on the 14th of August with a letter) and I have received no refund for a total of 6 items. Just to clarify that’s:
CLOTHING: £248.74 - one dress £31.19 = £217.55
SHIPPING: £24.99 - (3 x £3.57 for items that never arrived) = £10.71
Already an absolute NIGHTMARE because of the missing items and time-scale - it then gets even worse! Louisa then had the audacity to resend me 3 returned unwanted items 29 days after I had returned them to Pyretta's Lair!
Yes - 71 days after I initially ordered them I receive three unwanted dresses back in the post! UNBELIEVABLE! Not to mention unprecedented in my years of shopping experience. And to this date they still haven't refunded me for the missing 3 items they received payment on the 4th of July! I have reported them to the Citizen's Consumer Advice Service and unsurprisingly it's not the first time they've had a complaint about them. I remain £228.26 out of pocket with three dresses on my dining room table that don't fit me. Until this is resolved, I will in the meantime share my experience of their shockingly bad customer service and will warn others not to purchase things from them.
I tried to politely request a refund on their Facebook page because of them being so difficult to contact and I think I’ve just been blocked. I also noticed previously the tail end of what looked like other negative comment/complaints about their trading and customer service removed.
I hope this information can be put to good use so that others don't fall in the same trap. Yesterday I found several online complaints on one site in particular - such as a customer had paid £160 and received nothing, that the website was a scam and that someone's refund hadn't been received until five months later. This morning those particular posts have been taken down (having also added my experience). Perhaps they no longer wish to be associated with Pyretta's Lair which is fair enough but it means people have less chance of seeing other peoples warnings.

  • Resolution Statement

    The company did everything to try to resolve the issue, but after several attempts to contact the complainant, no answer has been received. Therefore the complaint is declared to be untrue.


  • Ag
    Agnieszka M Nov 13, 2013

    I'm in the middle of my hellish experience with pyretta's lair. since 31st of july. i have never received the item and they promised me the full refund and it still hasn't happen. they reply to all my e-mails and are very polite etc but we're not getting anywhere. i just want my £173.14 back. i don't know what to do now. i wish i've checked for the reviews before hand :(

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  • I too am in the middle of a 9 month debacle with Pyretta's Lair. The original item I asked for was out of stock once I'd paid, so I said I'd wait, but 9 months on they and lots of other items I said could replace them are out of stock and as I don't have a Paypal account I can't get a refund. The constant smily faces on emails mitgated my annoyance for a bit, but now they're even more annoying than anything else. I don't think it's a scam, maybe just poor shopkeeping.

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  • Sw
    sweetgal23 Oct 06, 2014

    I have been waiting for a sweater now over 2 months and it was in stock...and I still haven't received it... I have emailed them asking what's going on and why its taking so long... They ask me all the time if I want a different item... Nothing has been replied back to me... And so I said you know what I'm moving at the end of this month... And won't be able to wait any longer... And no reply... Nothing told no refund no nothing... Very angry... Cause the clothing looked amazing... But ohh well... I guess I got scamed... Pissed and wished I had read this before ordering off such a site

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  • Ka
    Kansasgirl76 Nov 16, 2014

    I ordered a men's sweatshirt for my 14 year old son sept.12 and still I'm getting a run around. I can't even talk to a human being so I can give my order number to them. I've tried contacting them through facebook email. And still nothing. I'm furious. I need some kind of explanation. I have a very upset son and this is just wrong!!!

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  • An
    AnnoyedAtThis Nov 21, 2014

    I did an order with them, saw comments about people claiming it's a scam website, I went through paypal to get a refund before they shipped my items, they added a tracking number but it 'arrived' at a different place. I phoned around and found out the tracking number was falsified. I got my money back but now they keep sending me emails threatening me to pay for goods that I never received.

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  • Je
    jessyka Nov 26, 2014

    Pyrettas lair took my money back in September then asked me if I had received postal quotations after months of back & forth still nothing.instead of replying to my emails send me the link don't play games with's now almost December & still no refund or postal quotations to pay for my boots.I also agree no phone number so that this can be resolved.I have been wanting these boots soo much.never will I order anything from them

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  • Dh
    dhodge2 Dec 23, 2014

    I ordered 2 different items from Pyretta's Lair on 2 separate occasions and didn't receive either item. They cancelled my account so I cannot get the item numbers. It's like I didn't even exist or have any history with this company. They got me for over $70.00USD.

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  • Ma
    magic quill Jan 19, 2015

    Yes I have been scammed and I have been waiting a year for my order.

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  • Ma
    magic quill Jan 26, 2015

    Still waiting for my refund...
    I ordered a ring from pyretta in March 2014. I know things can take a long time to ship sometimes so I waited. and waited. Then I contacted them. They were unable to track the order, that is concerning for a start. Then they offered to get another order out to me but now my size was not in stock! so I agreed to wait. and wait... after a few months i soon got tired of this and emailed James to ask for a refund, sending him the order confirmation and details. As you know, the customer is always right. BUT he wanted to investigate. I then got an email from Louisa about family problems (but this is a business) and accusing me of not reporting things sooner!! I would strongly advise others to avoid this website as it seems to be at best incompetent and at worst thieving.

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  • Ma
    magic quill Feb 10, 2015

    Pyretta's lair told me they refunded my money to paypal but actually I paid for my order on card. After almost a year i am still waiting for this to be resolved.

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  • Ca
    Caseymw Mar 23, 2015

    I have been waiting for a sweater from them since September 2014 . I have had back-and-forth emails with James saying that the shipment was probably missing then he asked me to check my postal to see if it was there they got me for $81 USD I have sent numerous emails saying he tried to refund my money I said I never received the moneythey have truly scammed me I have just try to send another email today and did not get a reply email back saying 24 to 48 hours so to me that said that they blocked my email account so I sent to another account and then got the return email about 24 to 48 hours reply I will wait for my reply but if no further action is taken and they do not give me my money back I will try other things. These people are true scam artists.

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  • Li
    LISHTRIXIE Apr 16, 2015

    I had ordered a purse from here back in December never received it, was told to contact my postal office well cant get far without a tracking number. Emailed them and was told I would receive a refund in 14 days!! That was March 26th its now April 16th Still waiting. This place is a scam they steal your money and then promise to return it then never respond back. Hope they really needed the 38 dollars American from me, must be nice to steal from innocent people! I would stay away from this place wish they would be shut down for good! Hopefully it doesn't take them a year to refund my money like some people on here but at this point not going to hold my breath for my money back at all. I am so pissed off right now wish I would have read the reviews first before I made this purchase!!!

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  • Rachel L Walters May 14, 2015

    I ordered from Pyretta's Lair in August 2014. It's MAY 2015, and I have not received a package OR refund. I spent about $200 on this scam site, and I regret it so much. They say they'll answer between 24-48 hours, but it seems they only answer when they feel like it. I used an alias for the shipping address, and they're saying it's MY FAULT I haven't received my package due to that reason. That is complete bull. I use the same alias for almost all my orders elsewhere, no problem. They tell me to go to my post office too to check for the package. FUN FACT: Post offices do NOT hold packages for this long. They send them back to the original sender. Plus, how the hell could I check when there's NO TRACKING NUMBER?? Ridiculous. I've asked for my money back a few times, but they avoid it completely and tell me to check, and ask me again and again why I used an alias. I told them I checked, and I explained the alias AND told them that the alias didn't matter. NEVER, NEVER BUY FROM THIS SITE, IT IS FAKE FAKE FAKE. I'm planning to make a YouTube video soon getting more in depth about this god awful experience.

    • UPDATE: I was fully refunded June 16th 2015 by Pyretta's Lair after almost a year. I received an email on August 4th 2015 from them about seeing my complaint. They told me it was distressing and asked me to verify if I was the one who posted it. As I wish not to associate with them anymore, I didn't respond. But again on August 28th, I was emailed once more and the owner's personal life was brought up as they said they were "scared for [their] family now as a result of [my] complaint". They asked me if we could resolve matters, but the issue has already been resolved since I did get my money back. Even so, I'm keeping this complaint up as a warning. This is something real that happened, and I want shoppers to know about my personal experience before buying from Pyretta's Lair.

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  • Ja
    jazzywildchild Aug 18, 2015

    placed an order, notified it would be 7-14 days dispatch, this changed to 28 days, i asked for a refund due to this and finding this page and seeing the feedback i was not willing to chance it and said i would contact paypal to get my funds back if i didn't get a refund that day. (17/08/15)
    Got the refund followed by an email from Louisa (18.08.15) saying "It was extremely upsetting to be alerted to your threatening emails yesterday, most especially as I was in hospital at the time." by threatening she means that i threatened to contact paypal and get MY OWN MONEY BACK and leave her a review on this site (and others)
    I have replied saying there was nothing threatening about wanting my money back which i am entitled to and whilst i was sorry she was in hospital this is not a valid excuse for a business and not very professional for her to say such. I have also asked her not to contact me further or i will deem it as harassment as she has no reason to contact me further.
    Wouldn't go back, wouldn't recommend, wouldn't pee on their computer if it was on fire!

    P.S heres my "threatening email" :
    I am sending this email as requested by yourselves before opening a paypal case. (though this will be opened if no reply by 5pm)
    I am not willing to wait 30 days for my order to be dispatched (i said 7-14 days on the site)
    This was for a gift today, but obviously not going to get it today, if it is being dispatched today then please do so and forward the
    tracking info.If not please issue a full refund, if this is not done in a timely fashion i will use all of my customer services knowledge and years
    of experience with paypal & my paypal account manager to ensure i get a refund.
    This will include leaving feedback on various sites.
    Many thanks
    Ms ******.

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  • Am
    Amanda4723985 Aug 25, 2015

    A few months ago I purchased 3 pairs of leggings from Pyretta's lair website. I had been searching for the dark side leopard print leggings online and when you type in 'dark side leopard print leggings' on google, Pyrettas lair are one of the fist links that come up. According to their website, all the colour and sizes are in stock. They even use the official dark side clothing photos as their pictures so I had no reason to doubt what I was purchasing.

    A few weeks went by and I had not heard anything from the company so I sent them an email asking when my order should be received. I never got a reply to this email. After a few days I sent another email and got a reply telling me they had been emailing me but it must have gone to spam (not true as I did think to check this). Anyway it was a bit of a vague message that explained that 'some' of the leggings were out of stock but they could send what was available now or I could wait. I asked how long the wait would be and was told they were waiting for an order from the supplier and weren't sure. I asked them to send me the leggings that were in stock. About a week later in the post I received a pair of leggings that were quite clearly a substitute cheap pair that had been purchased on ebay. Not the correct colour/print design and not made by dark side. They came wrapped in a plastic bag with no invoice or anything. I got the impression they had just been on ebay and ordered them from someone to be sent straight to me (I found the leggings on ebay, literally cost a few £!).

    At this point it had been about a month since I placed the order and I was losing patience with the company who take days to respond to emails. I therefore called up paypal and explained the situation to them. Immediately they opened a case for me. I then emailed pyretta's lair and explained that I am not happy and feel like they are trying to rip me off. The reply I received was probably the rudest email I have ever received from a company!! Firstly they basically said I had no right to complain as no where in the listing does it specify that they are selling actual dark side leggings and therefore thats not what I am actually buying (yet they use their photos). They then said that my allegations about them trying to rip me off are not true and they would not be responding to the paypal case but instead had passed the case over to a lawyer who would prove I was lying!!! I was absolutely horrified so called up paypal again who told me not to worry as a lawyer wouldn't be able to do anything, it's payapl who made the decision.
    After a long wait with no response from pyrettas lair through paypal, paypal told me to send back the leggings and gave me a full refund :)

    I am so glad I paid through paypal!!! I will never ever buy from this company again!!! I have now seen that on their website it states that the 'actual print may vary'. Still using another companies pictures though. They also have 'in stock' lots of items that have been discontinued by companies and are not available anywhere else. I would be suspicious of this.

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  • Al
    Alvin Cook Sep 28, 2015

    I also fell for the low prices, good clothing that i cant get in the usa, i bought two items that cost $37.20, they took out of my account $ 57.80 instead also another 1.71 for took 45 days to get my one out of two items, i was pissed and still am, i tried to e mail, no responce, got ahold of them on fb, for over a week back n forth argue on my item not sent plus taking out more than the agreed amount, they tell me i m wrong, i have nothing to lie about, i see my bank statement they dont, i aint giving up that easy juz send me my item is all i ask

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  • Tm
    TML Foster Jan 21, 2016

    I'm in the midst of trying to extract a refund from these people. I ordered a t shirt at the end of November 2015, assuming it would show up in time for Christmas. Christmas came and went, no shirt. This is now the end of January, and still no shirt and after around 20 of the most tedious, inane emails back and forth with Louisa, I still don't have the shirt or my money back. I requested a refund over a week ago--nothing happened except three more runaround-style emails with Louisa asking one question in each one, with 3 days or so in between each email. I don't have time for this nonsense, so I went to Pay Pal this afternoon and opened a dispute. I'll be escalating it to a claim if there is no refund within a week's time. I've written another review on Trustpilot, which, like this site, is full of the same sorts of comments about Pyretta's Lair and the scam they've got going. Needless to say, I will never shop there again and will be writing reviews and notifying friends and family of this dodgy "business".

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  • He
    Heather Amanda L Apr 20, 2017

    I ordered some Alchemy Gothic jewelry totalling 58.86 USD from back in February three months ago and still have not recieved it. I contacted the website and a person named Louisa also replied to me saying that she shipped it. Here are her exact words pasted:
    " Hi there,
    Thanks. Your order was despatched on March 17th as promised. :) Due to
    international customs procedures we are advised to allow up to 31
    working days for delivery from Scotland. However if your order hasn't
    arrived after this timescale do let us know and we'll be happy to
    initiate a 'Lost In Transit' investigation with the international
    postal services on your behalf and organise free replacements or
    refund for you of course. :)
    Best wishes,
    Louisa x "

    She never gave me a tracking number, I found that odd. I order from the UK all the time and things never take 'this' long. It is now past 31 days from the time she sent it and the order still has not arrived. I have sent her another e-mail asking for a refund or a tracking number to prove she sent the order weighing what the jewelry should weight. It is already later than she promised it would be, so whether or not the site tried to clear this comment, she is already in default on our agreement. I have read all the other bad reviews and am now very concerned the order will arrive and include all the same items I had paid for.

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  • La
    Lady Pamela Apr 25, 2017

    Omy gosh. I wish I would have read this before ordering from them. I have been going back and forth with them concerning an order on March 18th. I keep getting the run around and my emails take days to get a response. Granted they always say I can get a full refund if I don't want to continue my wait but what happens when i ask for a full refund. They state I will take two weeks to get my money back! Then they attempt to emotionally harrass me by stating "...Sorry that you chose not to continue with your order this time, but thanks so much for your interest in our work to raise money for rescue animals anyway." What the heck is this? So terribly unprofessional. Given what I have read, I can only hope my full refund will come. I have started a dispute with Paypal but even that takes 20 days before I can make a claim. I feel like I have been made a fool of . So sad a company like this continues to exist and take advantage of honest consumers.

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  • Tr
    Trip Raceman Aug 15, 2018

    Pyrettaslair sells items that they don't have and never ship then do everything possible to keep your money. They are experienced THIEVES who know and play all the games. From purchase to PayPal stepping in to force the full refund, 130 days (4 months 8 days). Wasted emails to and from D. Barnes, Louisa x, James, and many emails with no name at all totaled 16. ONLY mentally and emotionally unstable scamming lying cheating thieves at Pyrettaslair. ALL I CAN DO IS WARN YOU TO AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!!! DONT BUY FROM THEM!!! If you have already made the mistake of purchasing from them you can ask PayPal to step in and they will fix it. Case facts with email backup listed below,

    I placed the order on April 4th and received a confirmation email saying shipment would be 28 days of payment... wait, what?!?! That was not stated during purchase. Also received an auto email saying they don't respond to any emails for 48 hrs. That was the only honesty from this horrible scamming company! Jun 10th (67 days later) I sent an email asking where my product was. 2 days to respond and they said it was out of stock and I should have received an email which I did NOT. I requested a refund.

    They started stalling and asking stupid questions, do you want us to send the refund to PayPal? What name at PayPal? What email at PayPal? I answered each time and again I asked for a refund. Count them, 12!!! ridiculous emails later they said they would send a refund but PayPal would take 14 days to get it to me. Another stall and another LIE! PayPal does not have a 14 day waiting period. 18 days later on July 23rd, I email again saying it has been over 14 days and no refund. No response but the next day I received a PARTIAL refund and here we go again! I contact them yet again asking for my full refund. They say "I can confirm that every penny we received with your payment would have been returned to you" as if I don't know that I didn't get a full refund.

    Several frustrating emails later I tell them this is beyond ridiculous and I will be more than happy to visit their location so we can discuss this face to face. That's all I said, to which they responded I had threatened them and it was against the law and the safety of their people was very important and they would call the police on me. It was a clear intimidation tactic. It's an old scam, crooks cheat people and steal money then act like law-abiding citizens who use the law try to get good people to back off so they can keep the stolen cash. I was not going to play this game and immediately corrected them pointing out that no threats had been made and I only said we could discuss this face to face instead of going through another dozen emails and having to wait for 48 hrs for them to give another excuse.

    That's when it hit me; PayPal has customer service that will step in when thieves use their service to cheat people. WOOHOO!!! I signed up with PayPal back the first week they started and still remember the 5% investment plan they had. During all those years I have never made a claim against anyone but this company is clearly VERY EXPERIENCED cheating good people. I made a claim and on Aug 11th and guess what?! with no further emails to them, Pyrettaslair emailed me on Aug 12th (so they can respond in less than 48 hrs) saying they received a complaint from PayPal and wanted to offer a solution.

    NOW GET THIS!!! they had the audacity to say they would send a full refund to close out the PayPal claim but wanted me to agree to send it back to them. I refused to respond. They had a chance to make it right so I would wait on PayPal to make an unbiased decision. It took a few days for PayPal to review the transaction but they decided in my favor and refunded the money stolen by Pyrettaslair.

    Moral of the story is if you have money you don't need and your life is too relaxed, go ahead and spend over 4 months trying to do business with them. Or you can learn from my mistake and stay far far away. Side note; after all this was over and I had my refund; I found the item on eBay for $25 cheaper. Just saying!

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  • He
    Heather Amanda L Nov 05, 2018

    I contacted them, Louisa said give it more time, it's been three months and I still have not received the Alchemy Gothic jewelry I order from them. I think I have been robbed. I am so sad! :(

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