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I took my car to Purrfect Auto to get a diagnosis of my engine to check the compression because it lost power and has rough idle. I tried changing the spark plugs, but could not remove because they were too tight. They told me in order to complete the diagnosis, they would need to remove the valve cover and would cost another $150. I said to do it. They came back to me and said the engine is shot and needs a new one for $4, 500 or a used one for $2, 200. I told them I was going to pick the car up and I hung up. They called back saying they could get it running for another $300 and I told them to go ahead. The car is running okay now, but I now hear knocking in my engine and I'm still concerned there may be damage and did not make me aware. Here is a list of the things they did. Look at what they charged me for reconditioning the old spark plugs which they replaced. Also, I don't know why they charged me for things I told them were already done at another shop. (Fuel injection service, engine chem flush, oil change.) Also, when I left the shop and got on the freeway, I heard somthing under the car, "Thug, thug, thug". I looked in my rearview mirror and saw something black rolling away. I pulled over and opened the hood and oil was all over the place and there was no oil cap. I walked back searching on the side of the freeway and found my oil cap and put it back on. I called to inform them and they acted like I was crazy and could never happen. They insist these charges are legitimate and refuse to tell what was really done to the car.


-Engine performance diagnosis 49.95
-Additional time for diagnostic 1.5 hrs 140.00
-Remove valve cover to diagnose 55.00 (They did credit this)
-Fuel injection cleaning / service 50.00
-Recondition siezed spark plugs 175.00 (If they replaced my spark plugs, why did they recondition the old ones?)
-Set timing / idle / fuel mixture 45.00
-Replace oil & filter 15.00


-EFI service kit 54.00
-Engine flush chem 29.00
-NGK spark plugs 31.80
-Oil Filter 5.66
-Synthetic oil 37.50
-Hazardous Waste fee 3.00

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  • R
      Sep 21, 2010
    Purrfect Auto Service - Poor quality
    Purrfect Auto Service
    United States

    We took our 2017 Hyundai Sonata to Purrfect Auto Service for a tune up and timing belt replacement on 7/22/2017. The vehicle was running fine prior to this. The total cost was $876. Within a few days, we started hearing loud noises coming from the engine immediately after startup. We returned the car to Purrfect several times to have this noise investigated. At one point, we left the car there overnight. The mechanics could not find the cause of the noise. In March of 2017, the noise returned even louder while driving to work. The vehicle was returned to Purrfect Auto immediately. An inspection revealed that the bolt holding the auto tensioner had sheared off. The auto tensioner, bolt and timing belt were replaced. The total cost of this repair was $340. In August of 2017, the same noise returned while driving from work. The car was towed to Hyundai dealer. Mechanic inspecting the car found that the auto tensioner bolt had sheared off. We explained the earlier repairs. The mechanic stated that in 25 years of working with Hyundai, he had never seen one of these bolts shear off once, let alone twice. The mechanic suspected that improper torque had been used to tighten the bolt. The timing belt, auto tensioner and water pump needed replaced, estimated cost $1085. Purrfect did offer to honor the warranty and replace the parts at another location. However, we do not believe that their mechanics are completely competent in this area of repair and we simply cannot afford to have the car out of service every six months. We would like for Purrfect Auto to do the right thing and refund our money.

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  • J
      Sep 29, 2010
    Purrfect Auto Service - Crooks
    Purrfect Auto Service
    United States

    My senior mother was clearly charged an obvious overcharge to her car, when I asked about the charges, I was told to get the '[censored] out!. I researched on the internet after nothing was done to take care of this, the manager himself 'Freddie' using the obscenities. Numerous complaints have been filed and BBB gave them an 'F. They are accused of an 'underground' mechanics cover up shop charging for parts and service never done at outrageous prices, and are have many news and court issues. DO NOT EVER GO HERE, PLEASE! They are still under massive investigation and owe fines. I have Never had an experience like this.

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  • C
      Aug 30, 2011
    Purrfect Auto Service - Worksmanship is far from Purrfect
    Purrfect Auto Service
    1950 1950 E Route 66
    United States
    Phone: 626.857.7477

    The guys there are a bunch of low life crooks. I took my in law's mini-cooper in for repairs because the coolant was leaking. After supposedly changing the thermostat & header & charging us $340, I noticed that the vehicle was still leaking fluid. Took the vehicle back a second time & they told us that the hose clamps were loose & needed to be either tightened or changed. After supposedly tightening the clamps, I noticed (after a couple days) that the vehicle as still leaking coolant. Took the vehicle back a third time, and they told me all the hose clamps would need to be replaced w/ new ones. The manager informed me that it would cost an additional $90 to replace the six clamps. Finally decided to ditch this place & get a second opinion. The other mechanic informed me that the clamps were fine & that the original problem (thermostat & header) was unresolved. The shop ended up fixing the problem for over $100 less than Purrfect (NOT!) Auto. Don't be swayed by the ads. The $10 oil change (or whatever it is you are doing) will end up costing you a lot more. They just use this as bait to reel you & your wallet in for more $$$.

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  • A
      Jun 03, 2016
    Purrfect Auto Service - Stay away
    Purrfect Auto Service
    United States

    They are very nice granted, however im not sure if its the mechanics or the shop owner but someone there does not know how to repair cars at all. I paid this shop 2700$ to put a new tranny in my car, new brakes and a tune up. The car runs worse then it did before. I have taken the car back 9 times over a 2 1/2 month period and every time i get it back the car still drives terrible and wont shift into 4 gear and the check engine light comes on after 2 days. Mind you the check engine light wasnt on when I took the car in. All the sensors had been replaced prior. Im extreemly angry about this. I have left my car in this shop multiple times since asking them to please fix it properly and it never gets done, I have left it in for a week at a time. no luck, My husband and I were forced to buy a new car and finance it because he needed a car to go to work in los angeles with and I had no more cash to take this car into another mechanic to get fixed. I would think twice about taking your car there. Nice but no!

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