Purolatorterrible customer service!


The first time my package was delivered was unscheduled and a week day so of course, I was working. I live alone and so those wide hours in which they expect you to be home (8:30 - 5) are really inconvenient. I called to try to reschedule and the lady on the phone told me I could leave a note to the driver telling him to leave the package inside the door. I left a note, bilingual, with my name and phone number saying exactly that.
That evening I got home and found a delivery slip taped right next to the note, and no package left. Really irked, I called Purolator again, and apparently the first agent had neglected to tell me i had to include 5 extra pieces of info on the note or he wouldn't leave it. Thanks alot. This next agent was really apathetic. She couldn't promise that it would be delivered a third time and told me to call back in the morning. "That's it?" I said. "Yep." She said. Dead silence. "No, 'sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for using Purolator...nothing like that?" I said, honestly a bit put off. "Thanks for using Purolator." She said in a really ingenuine tone.
The next day, today, I waited all day long on my only day off for this package to finally get here. It was a beautiful day outside. I called twice asking why it was taking so long and noone could give me any sort of status update or approximate time or anything (and still no 'sorry for the inconvenience' 's either!). 5:00 rolled around and still no one came. 5:10 and they finally arrived. No apology for the wait, no care whatsoever when I explained I'd waited all day and the very least they could do was show up within the time frame they had given. "I had things to do", the driver said. Ridiculous, I say. I'll never EVER use Purolator again. No wonder my friends in the states have never heard of them. What a crappy company.


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      Jul 26, 2011

    I had things to do? Hahahaha oh wow, what horrible customer service, I've had worse to say to the cashier at Safeway and she's standing right in front of me, give me a break. Of course the delivery attempt is unscheduled, so is UPS and FedEx, etc, until the second attempt or holy you go pick up like 75% of people! I work for one of these couriers and would never sit at home for any of them because I know what happens hhahahaa! Oh and BTW Purolator doesn't exist in the STATES which is why they wouldn't have heard of them

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