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Pure Cleanse Pro / Vital AcaiCharges on my credit card

On 01 / 06 / 09 i ordered free trails of the acai berry order # 252770 and pure cleanse order #[protected]. I cancelled the acai berry on 01 / 20 / 09 cancellation#252770. And have never received the pure cleanse. However i have been charged $29. 99 3 times which i have disputed and now i have been charged again. There is no phone number or address for my fitness - click income except for sandy utah. I keep disputing this charge with my credit card, will i have to do this every month? Does anyone know how to get a hold of them


  • Am
    Amber M. Oct 03, 2014

    They did the same to me! And are refusing to refund my money. Were you able to get a refund? I'm trying to figure out how.

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  • An
    Anne70 May 13, 2014

    I sent for the trial packs for
    Simplex at £4.97 shipping and
    Pure Cleansing PRO at £4.97 shipping

    They have now taken 2 more large amounts out of my bank, does anybody know the UK phone number or UK e-mail address or anything so I can cancel it.

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  • Da
    Dana Lyn Apr 22, 2011

    I have just posted somehting on here a few minutes ago. i finally got to look at everyones posts and I have tried all the websites and phone numbers you all have posted.. NOTHING WORKED! things were no longer in use the websites were gone and the numbers were nothing or a mortgage place. GRRR looks like i wont be getting my money back. but at least i canceled my card.

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  • Ca
    Cathy Williams111 Dec 06, 2010

    I too have been ripped off by this company. I ordered sample Nov date haven't received it (Dec 6) AND to make things worse...they have billed for the sample and a next order (billed Dec.3) for $106.92!!! Haven't received either!~!!! THe excuse was that it was past the 10 free trial date...WHAT free trial date? Haven't had anything FREE to try!! It's a rip off folks. I also walked around the house with the speaker phone on for 3.15 hours waiting for them to pick up!! BEWARE!!!

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  • Ch
    christinaha Feb 11, 2010

    This is the other thing I thought you might like to see it is in the terms and conditions secton: A. Trial Policy: Our Trial policy requires You to understand certain important dates. The policy, and the important dates for You to know, are as follows:

    * 1. Beginning on the day that You place an order for a product ("Product") from the Website, Your fifteen (15) day Trial period begins ("Trial Period"). The Trial Period is calculated in calendar days, not business days. At the end of your 15 day trial period you will be chargedCAD $69.
    * 2. You will be shipped a thirty (30) day supply of the Product You ordered. Generally, Your Product is shipped 3 to 5 days after placing Your order. Delivery time is subtracted from Your Trial Period, and will reduce the number of days allocated to Your Trial Period. If You want to extend Your Trial Period due to slow postal delivery or delayed pickup, You must call Our Customer Service Department at +[protected]. Reasonable requests (as determined by LB CyberNet Entertainment Ltd) to extend Your Trial Period generally will be granted. THIS IS WHERE THEY GET YOU!!!

    * 7. Regardless of whether You cancel Your Trial in a timely fashion or not, You will be responsible to pay the shipping and handling charges associated with Your Product. You agree that we can charge Your credit card for this amount, and You agree to pay such amount regardless of whether You cancel Your Trial in a timely fashion or not. No refunds will be issued for shipping and handling charges.

    # B. Cancellation of Orders. If You wish to cancel future deliveries of the Product and You are within the Trial Period, then You should follow the procedures described in the preceding section of this Agreement. If You wish to cancel future deliveries of Product outside of the Trial Period, then You must call Our Customer Service Department at +[protected] and request that such future shipments be terminated. When emailing us, please include your full name and address, as well as the name of the Product(s) that You ordered.

    Your request for termination, whether by phone or email, will be processed immediately; however, subject to Our refund policy (described below) You will be responsible for payment for any Product that has either (i) already been shipped to You or (ii) already been delivered to You at the time of Your call.
    AND THIS IS THE REAL CLINCHER: Billing Errors. If You believe that You have been erroneously billed, please notify Our Customer Service Department at +[protected] immediately of such error. If We do not hear from You within thirty (30) days after such billing error first appears on any account statement, such fee will be deemed acceptable by You for all purposes, including resolution of inquiries made by Your credit card issuer. You release us from all liabilities and claims of loss resulting from any error or discrepancy that is not reported to Us within thirty (30) days of its publication. SO BUYER BEWARE JUST THOUGHT YOU SHOULD NO MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL OF THE FINE PRINT BEFORE ORDERING THIS PRODUCT.

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  • Ch
    christinaha Feb 11, 2010

    I never actually ordered this product I did my research first and man I sure am glad I didn't. What I did see was people trying to fin the original order form so I thought I would post this: *These statements have not been reviewed by the UK Department of Health. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Effective Cleanse Antioxidant is not affiliated in any way with CNN, MSNBC, and CBS News. CNN, MSNBC, and CBS News are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
    You will be billed in U.S. dollars. Prices shown are provided as conversions and are subject to slight variances due to market fluctuations. 1 cad = 0.937 USD. VAT included.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information:
    Rivington House, 82 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JF, UK
    LB CyberNet Entertainment Ltd, Suite G7, West Wing, , Prospect Business Park, , Leadgate, Consett, , County Durham, , DH8 7PW, UK
    Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved. That is on the order page thought I would post to help people make an informed decision. This is the order page site:

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  • Jo
    Joe987654 Jan 14, 2010

    This is credit card fraud by vendor, why nobody files a police report and send them to jail!?

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  • Ma
    margaret MMC Jan 12, 2010

    I have been done also. I tried to cancel via the web site - I am in Auckland but it doesnt exist so i wrote saying i wanted to cancel through the comments box. Now i have been billed $300 for 1 'free trial'' The amounts out of my credit card are from different companies and when i googled I found they are all part of the same scam. They have an agent in NZ called ''Think Media'' cant contact them and there are loads of scam complaints on NZ blog spots. They have tenticles everywhere. i dont think you can trust the pills either. Throw them out!!!

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  • Ma
    man city blues Jan 02, 2010

    Yes. Im another person who has been scamed by this lot. Went on their website with Oprah Winfrey giving it the thumbs up apparently so thought it was ok. Paid my $12.90/£8.03 for pp of free trial on 17 Nov. Came back of holiday yesterday to find on my credit card statement they have took a furhter $87.62/£55.76 on 5 Dec and $87.62/£56.06 on 15 Dec!!! Also there was a package of pills waiting for me at the post offive to collect. I never asked them for extra tablets but even if that were the case I have only recieved 1 package!!! Have called my credit card RBS who have told me to call fraud depot on Mon eho will try and claim money back, worse case they will cancel my card to stop them again. Cant believe that I have been duped by this.
    Debbie in Manchester

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  • Ma
    Masha Dec 27, 2009

    Can someone please help me. I have being charged for this product, but want to cancel it. Does anyone have any numbers that I can try from Australia? Otherwise I will just report my card lost/stolen. Please contact me at [email protected] I am deperate!!!

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  • Ju
    Just been scammed Dec 18, 2009

    This scam is unbelievable, to think people actually get away with this is shocking. I was worried about this when I ordered the product so when I did buy it I actually called the number on the site and said I did not want rolling charges and that I just wanted to buy one months supply. The lady told me I had to have 3 months of this crap if I didn't want to be charged on a rolling basis so I reluctantly gave my credit card details and paid £70 for 3 months supply. This would have been ok but I have just checked my credit card statement to find three additional charges this month!! One for £55, £53 and £15.30!!! So for 3 months of this stuff I have paid nearly £200!! I have cancelled my credit card and Barclays are disputing the charges in order for me to get my money back. This is the biggest scam ever, wish I had seen this site before I got scammed!! Never buying crap like this on the internet. Oh and also it doesn't work!!

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  • Sh
    SHEILA FUGERE Dec 12, 2009


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  • Ke
    kela Dec 09, 2009

    i got some of them pills and they said it was free but that stuff isnt free they charged my credit card.. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMS"

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  • Ca
    Cant belive I fell for it Nov 16, 2009

    Its an out and out scam, disgraceful company that hides behind t&c's rather than being very upfront.
    At least if you are in the UK, US or Australia you can call them, you cannot from Ireland, and you have no hope of returning the product within the timeframe from Ireland, considering it doesnt arrive for at least 10 days etc.

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  • Mi
    mick j Nov 09, 2009

    i to have had the credit card charges but get on their help line live chat 24/7 and easy to cancel
    dont winge about it just do it

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  • Ir
    Irishlass Nov 07, 2009

    I fell like such an idiot can't believe I fell for this scam! I clicked on the button to confirm then realised I shouldn't have done that!!
    I used the ultracleanse 24/7 live chat and she cancelled it for me but told me I would be billed 87dollars!!! I couldnt understand why I was being charged, she explained to me that the orders were automatic and the shipping company will already have it...really I highly doubt they had it packaged up and ready to go in the 2mins from clicking the button to contacting them!!! If the above post from Rosemary Kirksey is true and they are happy to refund if unused product is sent out then why the hell can they just not stop the product from being sent so that you are never charged???
    Not happy with this I called them and was told that if I post it back and they recieve it before the 25th November I will get a refund. This doesn't make any sense either it takes 10 working days and today is the 7th meaning I more than likely wont get it till at least the 20th giving me 5 days to get it back its just not realistic.
    I have contacted my credit card company (Bank of ireland Visa) and they have cancelled my card and advised me to contact transaction disputes to deal with any further charges.
    I really wish I had of read these posts before I signed up for this stupid thing and I hope anyone reading this stays away from this SCAM!!!

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  • Me
    MellyWilliams Oct 22, 2009

    I have also had the same issue. I am in Australia and ordered the free trial of both Thermothinplus and Ultracleanse and now I am having extreme difficulty trying to return them in the "free trial period". I have managed to get through to the toll-free number ([protected]; call from midnight to 5am Sydney time) and they have sent me return instructions. I am still waiting to hear from Thermothinplus though...

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  • Cy
    cy2362 Oct 12, 2009

    what an absolute pain in the ###, i also got tricked into the Free Trial which they later took £55 out of my account the telephone numbers you need calling from the uk is for

    Acai - [protected] Wu-Yi - [protected] Pure Cleanse pro - [protected] Resveratrol - [protected] Dazzle White - [protected] and Pure Lift [protected]

    i was told i would be refunded after i told them that i have made a claim at the bank for fraud and that i have contacted my solicitor, also i have been on the net and there are thousands of complaints regarding there company for fraud

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  • Cb
    cbr1000rider Oct 12, 2009

    ok, i ordered the acai burn trial, was at work while the confurmation calls were made, and couldn't really hear to well to talk. so i tried to rush the call"(s)". i recieved the acai burn and the pure clense without knowing how i

    got the latter of the two to begin with. turns out that one of those confermation calls was a sale call, and to rush it alone, in order to get back to my job, i agreed, and verified my adress. i thought that someone had souble booked my call for one product, then i got a 48.92 dollar charge on my card. however, i have JUST canceled. it

    was not to hard once i found the rite number. [protected] will send you to a rep that can talk with you about acai burn, and [protected] will take you to pure clense. i actually got the same lady on both calls which took

    me off guard. however she was very friendly, and calcelled everything for me. no more charges, no more products. and the thing about sending them back or getting charged, if you send them back before 30 days, they will refund the 90 something that you got charged for having it longer then 14 days. so good luck

    everyone. i think staying away from trials is a good idea, and if your not willing to pay for it, don't order it. i would have concidered keeping mine, but it gave me daily headaches. not cool.

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  • Un
    unhappiness Oct 12, 2009

    I totally agree, it certainly appears to be a scam.

    I have not received the Ultra Cleanse Plus product and don't believe I ever will despite being charged $90+ on my credit card. I am hoping they will honour the cancellation I just made, and not charge my card again.

    The terms and conditions of the 'free trial' are very unclear, and if they really value customer service they should send you an email when you order, clearly stating what the process is and when your key dates are. The terms and conditions make no mention of the free trail. I might try their 30 day money back guarantee – should the product ever turn up, which I doubt.

    PS Richards6 a) you have to recieve the product to return it, b) your website only provides a 30 day money back guarantee. Maybe check your facts

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  • Fr
    Frasier Oct 09, 2009

    I have pretty much the same complaints as all of you! I wish I would have come here first. I am hoping that it is all over for me now, 100% due to my credit card company. They helped me obtain phone #'s for thease crooks and stayed on the line with me while I spoke with the salespeople about cancellation. They made sure that I received all of the information I needed such as, cancellation #, name of sales person I was speaking with and his/her ID #, ect. After speaking with GHS they will email you instructions (RMA Form)with a RMA #, (which, if you are returning the product, has to be written and clearly visible on the outside of your return envelope) and a return address and instructions on how to send to avoid future charges on your credit card. The other company, Pure Cleanse Pro or Ultra Cleanse, I think they change the name as often as they do thier phone #, sent me the instruction via email but no return address!!! Once again I could not contact them on any of the #'s provided, so had to go through the credit card company. They were very aprehensive about giving their adress to me but the credit card company got it! THANK GOODNESS! I would have had an additional eighty some dollars on my card in 2 more days. If you got suckered in like the rest of us...don't waste time trying to contact them, contact your credit card company first!!! VERY IMPORTANT! When you mail your product back make sure to get a tracking # to avoid more charges while it is being mailed back. I hope this message will help someone!!!

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  • On
    Ontario Another One (2nd) Sep 25, 2009

    Sept 25/09
    Another in Ontario
    I can hardly believe it but the money was actually credited back to my account today, the total $165.87.
    Maybe the above number I called is the magic number.
    I'm still in shock.

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  • On
    Ontario another one Sep 23, 2009

    Another in Ontario
    My experience is almost identical to Fed up in Ontario only I never did receive another shipment after the initial.
    I did get a number [protected] and did actually talk to a person who was able to call up my account and confirmed the 2 charges from GHS & Wellbhealth. He asked if I wanted the products reshipped and I said no I want my money back. He gave me a cancellation #, his name and ID # and said the money would be refunded within 3 - 5 days. (talked to him Sep 22/09)
    I then contacted my VISA and they immediatley cancelled my card and are launching an investigation. They said if they don't refund the money (which they will watch for and credit to my new card) it could take up to 6 months for VISA to get the refund.
    I will keep you posted in case I do get the money refunded, but VISA didn't seem too confident they would honor.

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  • Fe
    fed up in Ontario Sep 21, 2009

    I like so many others trusted the system to protect me from credit card fraud. I too ordered the Akai Thermothin Plus product in conjunction with the Purecleanse Pro FREE samples...meaning we pay only shipping. The akai product billed me as expected for $5.00 U.S. The Purecleanse Pro billed me for $14.95 U.S. I was away when they arrived and so missed the 14 day cancellation period. I guess it wouldn't have made a bit of difference. I was then shocked to see my credit card billed by some mysterious company called NUTRITIONAL SUPP for $79.95 U.S. followed by another billing for GHS HEALTH STORE PANAMA(Akai) for $59.95 U.S. which I expected, so I did not open the product, until I learned how to send it back.
    On September 2/09 I was billed by a WELLBHEALTH for $79.28U.S. and DO NOT KNOW WHO THEY REPRESENT!!
    Now again I have been billed $129.59 as of Sept. 2/09 by GHS Health Store PANAMA!!
    In total I have recieved only the initial trial products from both PurecleansePro andThermothin Plus, plus one other shipment from each which I am desperate to return. I cancelled my credit card right away when I recieved this last statement and urge everyone to do the same. The product does not work and is a fraud. They owe me a total of $376.00 Canadian! Don't bite these free offers. I tell my kids all the time!!! I had to learn the hard way. Let me know if anyone out there has ever received money back on their credit card. Mastercard refuses to do anything about this. I'm in Canada.
    Fed up in Ontario

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  • Am
    Amanda_ Sep 05, 2009

    I live in Canada and I ordered the product on line-Thermothinn Plus and Pure cleanse pro. I want to cancel both product before they charge me hundreds of dollars. Of course I cannot find the website I ordered them from or a number, can someone please help me out...

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  • Ki
    Kiminil Jul 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Look at the comments from across the globe! They rip you off my misleading you on the website & shipping you MORE than the free trial amount and then they CHARGE you for it. My credit card company is on to them!

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  • Ga
    Gaia1 Jul 29, 2009

    I've been getting charged for both Acai Nutraberry and the PurecleansPro for months, even though I've sent the products back over and over and requested a refund of all the money they're taking. I got an e-mail confirming cancellation, but two days later, I got another bottle of the Acai berry stuff. I just wrote "REFUSED" on the envelope. I want my money back. This is ridiculous. The stuff DOESN'T work. It made me gain 25 pounds that I'm working tirelessly to get back off. I can't believe these thieves.

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  • Ra
    RachelHW Jul 29, 2009

    I'm in Australia and am having the exact same problems of all you!
    I have contacted my bank today and am about to send an email to A Current Affair - Australian TV Show - to see if they can do anything to help us all out as well.
    All phone numbers I keep trying to call are always closed!
    Please make sure you tell all your friends and family about these companies and hopefully we will have them shut down due to their fraudulent activity. It seems there are enough of us out there that could unite in this to have these people pay for what they have done to us!
    The best I can offer personally, is to have your bank investigate a fraudulent dispute or just cancel your credit card so they can't charge your card any more!
    Godd luck to you all.

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  • Pr
    Precise Driving Jul 20, 2009

    OH MY GOD. I cant believe all this. Im living in Ireland and paid for the free trial on my mam's credit card. then my mam is tellin me there's a ll different charges been added to the card for over €200. Same as everyone else I cannot contact them?? the number everyone is givin above could some one let me know what area code i put in front of that from ireland because when Im ringing it, it says I cannot be connected. I've told me mam to cancel her card and report fraud. Never experienced anything like this before so thanks for starting up this complaint page. thanks nadine

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  • Li
    Lisa F. Jul 17, 2009

    Agree that these companies are scam artists. The products didn't even work and I was automatically charged before the 14-day trial ended. Also, agree with all the compaints about Pure Cleanse ... this is NOT a free product no matter. Definitely false advertisement!! Do not do it! I know if I plan on ever wanting to "try" a product, I will go to my health store/GNC and purchase the product. What a very expensive lesson.

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  • Ev
    Evans85 Jun 30, 2009

    I have had the same problem with these, I have just spent hours searching the web and calling different numbers, please visit

    On this website is a 'free' UK number and also a live chat, I manage to speak with an operator who has cancelled my order and has also advised a refund will be actioned

    Fingers crossed everything ok from here...

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  • Ji
    Jillian Suzanne Jun 30, 2009

    Same thing has happened to me. I'm trying to return the pure cleanse and the address that they gave me is wrong. SURPRISE!!! The address is right but no such company there. I did cancel my subscription and change my card access number. Hopefully they will not charge me again.

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  • We
    wendelles Jun 25, 2009

    hi there all, I am having the same problem, I havn't been charged the $4.95 and $59.95 as it says but numerous differe nt amounts, My one bottle, which I cancelled has cost me just over $200.00.I have clicked on the contact us with no answer back. My credit card has been tempory closed so they can't get any more money off me. These people are pure rip offs and must be stopped.If anyone has any luck on this, I would love to hear.
    Wendy New Zealand

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  • Ca
    Catriona Jun 16, 2009

    Scam Scam Scam... I'm in Ireland and I have experienced €195 of a robbery in just ten days. I received nothing in the post and they will continue to take money... CANCEL YOUR CARD... REPORT FRAUD...

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  • De
    Dee Jun 11, 2009

    So for those of you who need the number for pure cleanse pro its [protected] and for acai berry its [protected].
    I called Acai berry just earlier today to cancel because they charged me $135.36 CD on visa and I thought this product was apparently "free". I've learnt my lesson that there is no such thing as free lunch. I've paid for S&H as they claimed it was the only amount that I was suppose to pay for. So when i called, i spoke to a lady and apparently she couldnt pull my file up. My name, phone number and email address didnt show up. Now shes telling me to fax in my name, phone number and email address to this number [protected]. This is a damn scam. I contacted my bank and told them the situation, they told me as long as i have proof of cancellation they will not charge me and take it off my visa. Ive been stressing over this for 2 nights what a headache. For those of you who even thought about getting the so called "free" trials... PLEASE DONT DO IT!!!

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  • Ra
    Rachy0587 Jun 04, 2009

    Had the same problem with these companies.
    get onto credit card services.

    log onto pure cleanse site and at the very end there is a link to contact them. send the query and print the screen to save a copy for your own records.
    The wu-yisource the company taking money for tea is linked to this. E-mail them on [email protected]

    keep a record of all emails you send and receive. if they dont stop credit card services can intervene as long as you have proof you tried to stop them!
    Good luck hope it helps.
    Rachael, Ireland

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  • Ed
    Edna Jun 03, 2009

    I ordered the FREE order from pure cleanse PRo I returned them unopened because it took 3 weeks to get to me they debited my credit card before I received them and I was really annoyed so I sent them back taht was over 3 weeks ago now I ahve talked to LIve Chat and they have given me a few numbers to a call at first I got to talk to someone and they said they could not refund my money until they received the pruduct back Iam still waiting and cannot not get them on any of the numbers at all they are unavailable.

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  • La
    land Jun 01, 2009

    P.S. Was just told by one that two of the companies have gone out of business and I had to take it up with my bank; they had a way to get my money back...this is a nightmare!

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  • La
    land Jun 01, 2009

    I signed up for the "free trial" like most. IMO the ad was misleading in making you think the $4.95 was for the month. I now, for some reason, have a bottle of Acai & Green Tea, a bottle of Power Tea, and a bottle of Pure Cleanse Pro, as well as a $78.98 charge where I can go on their website for support and another web access with a charge of 6.95. I have literally been on the phone all day long, I have a total of seven numbers that I have to call to ensure everything is off my card. Every charge on my statement has a different phone number by it. One number tells me to cancel to go to go there, put in info, and it "cannot rerieve acct". Oh, and did I mention, that I did call and cancel this stuff shortly after I received the first bottle of Acai...this site was very, very misleading. This is definately my LAST free trial offer order!! A total of $306.97 is what I am trying to get off my acct!!

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  • Mi
    Milo P Otis May 31, 2009

    I wound up on Forbes website and read the advertizement regarding PureclesePro. I ordered what I thought was a 14 day trial, meaning 14 pills but was immediately billed the $4.95 shipping and handeling + $59.95. I immediately called and cancelled. I was told that the order could not be stopped from shipping. I was given a cancellation reference number. I called my Visa company and wanted the charges reversed.

    I have to wait until I recieve the stupid things, send them back and wait for the credit to my charge card. The order states that I would have 2 full weeks after I receive the PureclesePro to evaluate the product and see the results for myself before I am ever billed. B.S. I was billed immediately. If I'm still not sure after that, , I am still fully covered by thier 60 day full money back guaranteed - which doesn't start until after the 2 full weeks.

    I've learned to document everything years ago. Document, who did you talk to, what is their reference number, etc.

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