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Pure Acai Berry Pro / CXL phone # online when called denies record of order therefore cannot CXL but packaging slip has real # if you kept it.

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Website gives fraudulant CXL phone # that cannot find your order even with the order number. If you wrote your order # and the CXL # from the website at time of ordering it won't work when you try. If you threw away your packing slip thinking you already had the info written on your calandar you would't realize that the phone number on the packing slip is the real CXl phone number and you would have no way of canceling. Read what happened and how I worked it out...MAY BE ABLE TO HELP YOU IF YOU ORDERED PURE ACAI BERRY PRO from ADVANCED WELLNESS RESEARCH INC.

[protected] IS A SCAM! TO GET THE REAL CXL #
I think I can help some of you as I started off getting scammed and ended up with getting a break which not many people report succeeding with however it may be do to the company I went through.

First it's clear that the free trial is a scam with all the companies because there is not enough time to recieve the product, try it a few days and return the unused portion within 14 days of the order date. Worse yet some of them lock you into a three month deal. Unless you succeeded at returning it on time you will be charged and it explains so in the small print under tems and agreements so there is nothing you can do but bite it.

There are different compainies selling different types of Acai Berry products so you need to know where you ordered from...For example I just read an article that was saying not all types work and rated Acai Burn first, Acai Pure second and Pure Acai Berry pro third although they where all using the Oprah and Rachel ray claims even though they where selling different products.

Here is what happend and how I ended up getting some of mymoney back. I bought Pure Acai Berry Pro from When I completed the order I wrote down on my calandar the phone number indicated to cxl wich was [protected] and the Order number. I missed the 14 day limit but needed to cancel future shipments and at the time I did not have the packaging slip so I used the info. above. The lady said that they did not have Order #'s that where like mine and she was unable to verify by using my name, phone number or e-mail and said she could not use the address. She said there was nothing she could do and used the excuse that other companies where selling these pills so I must have the wrong people even though I got the number and order number from writing it down from the website I ordered from. At this point I knew I had been scammed and I got online and googled the phone # and product name in which I saw many websites all stating that the phone number was accociated with a scam. Many people are having this happen and then they have no way to cancel the outragous price of future orders. If this is you then I have info. to help.

I got lucky and found my packing slip or else the info I wrote down when ordering would not help at all do to it being a scam.
I remember thinking when the order came that I didn't need the slip because I had wrote the cxl phone number and my order number on the calandar. I am sure many others did this too and threw it away. If you ordered the Pure Acai Berry Pro then this is the real phone number to cxl.
But wait and keep reading! Today is Feb. 9th. I tried to cxl and the man insisted on selling me frustrating but I remained decent and kept saying no. Finally he offered me a different offer than the previous two and said I was lucky to be calling today because they just got a new offer to sell future bottles at $18.81 + $4.99 S&H and GET THIS...he would refund $60.00 from my first bottle price which cost $83.80 which ment I would be paying only ($23.81 x 2) $47.62 instead of $83.80 and getting twice the product. All I had to commit to was paying $23.81 x 2 which included the price of the first "free trial bottle" and the second bottle. I can cancel when I recieve the second bottle or keep buying at the reduced price but I will cancel.

I messed up by getting scammed but I found the correct number to cancel that is on the packaging slip not what they give you on the ordering site. Further more though it's another hasstle to call and try and cxl again and deel with the haggling I will CXL when I get the second bottle and it will end up being $36.00 cheaper than had I canceled after the first bottle. Sounds to good to be true but I guess they are counting on me forgetting to CXL. I cannot verify yet if they will truly refund the $60.00 as promiced off the price of the first bottle.
I reiderated the details step by step at least 4 times and got the mans name which was David and he gave me a confimation number so I hope this works out to my advantage since the free trial scam already burned me and I hope this might help anyone who is trying to find the real CXL phone # for this product. Best of luck to ya!

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    pureeacaiberry - Refund and unauthorized charges
    120 marbrook trace
    United States
    Phone: 770-787-5254

    i to didn't authorized them to take charges out of my account like the other complaints i read it happen to me, i was suppose to get a one week supply free sample of pills i only got 6 capsules, and was charge, it was not the 14 capsules needed for the week, there was no paper work with the pills, and i didn't authorized them to send me anymore orders, and how to cancel my order, i had to get the number from my bank and they never told me how much it would cost. they took it apond there self, to send the order. a few days after i got the pills like one day after i got the pills they took money out of my account and had all my bills overdawn with 500dollars or more in overdawn fees. They charge me 79.98 for the pills, which i would of never paid that much for some pills, i did get someone on the phone they told me what to do, which i did what they said, it's been two weeks, i sent the pills back first class, i know they have them but they haven't credit my acount it's going on three weeks, so what taking them so long to credited my acount. now when i try to call them they don't answer the phone, it say go to this website, i been trying to call them for the last three or four days, and i don't get no answer. I need for them to contact me as soon as possible and to put my money back into my account. if my money isn't put back in my account i will have to report you to the bbb of Georgia and the attorney general. i want my credit of 79.98 in my account in the next few days or there will be problems for you

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    i orderd a free trial for 4.95 and was charged 34.95 plus an additional 4.95, i called to cancel the order and i was still charged 34.95 by DRI*REG. net

  • A1
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    Pure Acai Berry Pro - unauthorized charges
    advanced wellness research, inc
    United States

    The "free trial offer" isn't so free!! I called to cancel and they are RUDE and PUSHY!!! I couldn't understand half of what she was saying. I think these companies should be held accountable for their inappropriate mis-leadings.

  • Tr
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    Hi, my name is Tracy. I just ordered the free trial of the acai berry supplement before I read your complaint! Now I'm really nervous that I'm being scammed!!! what should I do?

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    i was charged 78.81 out of my account and the free tral isnt over i have till the 9th of march i want to cancel my order and i will be calling i called a while ago they couldnt take my request i will be recalling i dont want this product.

  • Ke
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    Found this here:

    Got this from the ABC News website:

    Consumers Warned to Avoid 2 Supplement Sales Sites
    BBB warns consumers of 2 companies that use Oprah, other celebrity names, to sell supplements
    NEW YORK January 7, 2017

    The BBB on Monday named Central Coast Nutraceuticals Inc. of Phoenix and FX Supplements of Arlington, Texas, as two companies that engage in misleading sales and marketing practices. At least part of the issue is their use of "negative option marketing" techniques that require customers to cancel recurring orders or membership in ongoing programs they may or may not be aware they've signed up for. BBB said it received numerous complaints from consumers who found it difficult to cancel the orders, and were often charged multiple times.

    BBB also criticized the companies for using what appear to be endorsements from Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Ray and other celebrities for their products to lure customers in. "They knew they had a gold mine here by using Oprah's name, " said BBB spokeswoman Alison Preszler-Southwick.

    Both Web sites feature photos of and comments made by Winfrey and others regarding the reported health benefits of acai (pronounced AH-sigh-ee), along with identical photo montages of other stars who have purportedly used acai to boost their diets. While neither site specifically claims endorsement of their products, the BBB said the tactic misled consumers who thought the products were getting the nod of approval from their favorite stars.

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    Pure Acai Berry Pro - Was charged 78.81 to my credit card was only suppose to be charged 4.99 for shipping and handling
    Advanced Wellness Research Inc.
    Miami Beach
    United States
    Phone: 18669641011

    I order free trial and was suppose to have to pay only shipping and handling of 4.99 on2/12/09 then on 3/1/09 i get charged 78.81 to my credit card no one was authorized to take that money there was nothing on the site about any additional money being taken out of my account, I do not wish to order the Pure Acai Berry Pro just the free sample with paying 4.99 shipping and handling so I'd appreciate it if I would be refunded for this inconvience Thank you this is my e-mail address if you need it and my home phone number is 330-654-2775

    Thank you
    Denise Balch

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    Pure Acai Berry Pro - Refund and unauthorized charges
    Advanced Wellness Research, Inc.
    Miami Beach
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-503-WELL

    Although I have returned the product with seal not broken, they continue to charge my Visa Account without my authorization. A total of $675.71 has been applied to my account and I requested a total refund. I have made several calls to the phone numbers listed on my account statement. The numbers listed beside the charges on my statement are as follows:


  • Me
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    I FELL FOR THE SCAM TOO... Then I did some some research of my own.
    Advanced Wellness Research is an overseas company operating out of the offices shared with South Florida Title Group...
    Dial by name: Philip Goldin (305) 695-1104 --- he is the landlord for these criminals.

  • St
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    The 78.81 would have been the first shipment. If you don't cancel your account within 15 days they continue your account and send the first shipment.
    Beware the two online journal accounts that are set up with the Acai Berry, you have to cancel these seperately

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