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This company is supposedly made up of a bunch of independent breeders. They advertise on-line. The put up pictures of the puppies and you call and select which one you want. You may pick your puppy up or they will deliver (for a charge). Everything has to be CASH. They say all the breeders are licensed, but they will not give out the breeders names and phone numbers. Supposedly there is one person who takes all the calls which can run into 1600 or more per month. Probably doesn't give much time to the callers. Figure it out - calls are answered 11 hrs per day - 30 days a month devided by 1600 - mmm 12 minutes per call. How much information can you possibly get in 12 minutes???Nevertheless, How can she possibly know about each puppy? Or the parents? Especially since they are NOT at her location?
Another thing that does not sit right with me is that if you ask for the breeders name and phone number (for a particular pup) it will not be given out because they say then you might deal directly with the breeder and they don't want that ...BUT if you want to pick up your pup are they sending you to the breeders home??? Couldn't you deal directly with them at that point??? Or are they just sending you to someone elses home??? Something doesn't quite click.
And according to their web site they want good homes, etc...A good home would want all the information possible on the pup, the sire and dam, other litters, health issues...etc All of which can not possibly be answered by the person that takes ALL the calls.
So - anyone out there thinking of purchasing puppy from these people - please think twice - DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE CONTINUATION OF PUPPY MILLS - It all comes down to supply and demand.


  • Pu
    puppies234 Aug 30, 2011

    All the positive comments are by the witches trying to make a quick buck so they can get their shot of heroin.

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  • Pu
    puppies234 Aug 30, 2011

    It's a scam that tries to sell puppies bred in horrible conditions like tiny cages where they cannot move around.

    If they are not sold by a certain time, they are killed.

    This is all your fault for not adopting.

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  • Om
    omgnutheads Aug 30, 2011

    puppies234 is so not a puppy mill. when i ordered from them the website told me to email the breeder and the breeder was kind and answered all my questions. if they were a puppy mill will they care so much to make you read so many pages of info???
    they were honest and told you the dangers of toy breed pups. will a puppy mill do that??? puppy mills only care that you buy from them and give em the money. puppy mills DO NOT make you read pages and pages of puppy info so shut your pothole if you don't know what the freaking hell your saying so take that those people who don't know what they say. If they were a puppy mill they wouldn't care for the dogs enough to tell you all the diseases and symptoms of the diseases that MIGHT JUST MIGHT happen to your dog. If they were a puppy mill they won't have a puppy stress list and they won't care what the hell the dog has been eating so if you don't know a freaking thing shut your pothole. The only reason for them to be rude is because YOU ARE BEING NOT HONORABLE TO THEM. if you're mad because your on the not honorable page i suggest you think about why your name and info are on that list and live with what you did.

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  • Ci
    Cinzia Jan 24, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We recently bought a Shih Tzu/Maltese mix and love him to death. We took him to our Vet. and he was healthy with no medical issues present. Our experience was a good one! We read all of the material presented on line and answered the questions asked; all were professional. Here in Philly loving our baby boy who's so smart he was housebrken in one day.

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  • Pu
    puppylover234 Nov 27, 2010

    This business should be stoped.SCAM ...SCAM ...SCAM.Ms. Dee is the most rude and unanprofessional business fat b..and pretend she is nice but in reality she is one nasty pofsh...She call people at 4:00am to cancell a delivery when you know that family is welcome a puppy in their home.Beside the cild sadness and crying I wish a good lawyer will look into this dirty business and stop it before too many people get scamed and hurt by this PUPPY MILL.

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  • Ju

    wow keeps gettting better and better...
    here is 1 response from a so called happy customer
    2009-02-11 by Angie Patterson 0 Votes

    What your saying doesnt really make sense. If you did not go to anyones house and buy a puppy or look, how would you know if they are a puppy mill ? For anyone on here that has not bought a puppy from them and is saying this or talking out their [censored], cause seriously how would they know, they did not buy a puppy from them ?

    notice how she spells [censor]???

    Now here is one from the admitted operator and THE OWNER

    2008-09-22 by Dee [send email] +1 Votes

    I am the operator not the owner. My pay is none of your business. Everyones licensed, everyones income is reported, how can it *not be, ... its recorded with the state. I can tell by what you are saying that you are ignorant. This is what I am talking about when I say rude-[censored] people call sometimes. How do you know what the ratio is for the amount of callers and the amount of buyers. You are way off.

    Nobody does that... she is CLEARLY too busy to take phone calls bc she is too busy on the internet making up seperate profiles to submit positive comments...notice how most of the positive comments constantly use the word "socialized" or are telling you if your not rude to her she wont be rude to you...what random previous customer is going to come on this site just to advocate her bad behavior and business practices...looks like your pretty much caught out DEE you should be slapped in the face for running this puppy mill...thats all it is admit it you friggen weirdo

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  • ToxiicHoney Apr 01, 2010

    Peter Givens

    Why would you say am the same person just because I copy and paste my message from the other one what is nice Do you think I would be showing my face with my puppy on the display picture another think Dee is white am Latin way to much difference first you should ask instead of accusing me Pendejo aprende a diferencial las personas embes de juzgar am happy with my purchase and just because something happen to you or someone else doesn't mean that everyone had the same issue am happy and everything thank god when ok and my puppy is really healthy

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  • Pe
    Peter Givens Mar 25, 2010

    ToxiicHoney is, as is all the positive comments... dont believe it. Their posts are the same, copy pastes..
    Nice Dee. Or sukee or whichever multiple personalities come out

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  • ToxiicHoney Dec 11, 2009

    I purchase my puppy From them on 12/6/2009 I call on Friday of that week and they game me that day as my delivery day. My puppy arrive home clean Tina the girl who deliver him was really nice and had him on her hand when i open the door I was so happy excited she provide me with paper work and advice me to call Dee for more info on how to care for him It was really a pleasure and i will sure buy from them again. I took My Puppy to the vet on Monday morning to make sure he wasn't sick since he wasn't eating much they check him out and everything its perfect he's Healthy and really playful Am happy i bought from them they were really helpful. So Like the other person post I don't understand what you are talking about. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE WHO WANTS A PUPPY.

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  • Ta
    Tammy25 Jun 28, 2009

    I recently purchased a Morkie from this organization. We just found out that she has a "congenital liver shunt". This occurs at birth. She now has to undergo a very risky, expensive surgery, and there is a possiblility that she won't even make it through the procedure. There is a simple and inexpensive Bile Acid test that can be given to the puppy before it is sold. I contacted this organization to let them know about my puppy and they told me that they do not "believe" in this testing of the pups. We were also treated in a very rude, condescending manner. We are waiting to hear from the actual breeder now, so hopefully we will receive some kindness and understanding. We can tell that the breeder took very good care of our baby before we purchased her. We love this dog so much and we will do anything to keep her alive. We have spent $500 on tests and specialists and the surgery is going to be $3500. Please save yourself the heartache, insist upon a Bile Acid test before you purchase a Yorkie / Yorkie mix or a Maltese / Maltese mix from anyone. If you have already purchased one, please get it tested. We were lucky to catch this when our puppy was getting spayed, some dogs aren't so lucky. The sooner this disease is discovered, the better the survivor rate. Liver shunts are considered to be hereditary in these breeds. Yorkies have almost a 36 times greater risk of developing shunts than all other breeds combined. All we want to do is try to prevent other buyers from experiencing what we are - no matter who you buy your pup from.

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  • Ve
    veryhappypuppyowner Jun 21, 2009

    I in no way agree that this place is a puppy mill!... You have to look at the fact that it is a GROUP OF BREEDERS... I am sorry that your puppy came with so many issues, but did you consider the fact that maybe it is the actual breeder that is the issue and not the organization themselves? Maybe this is a new breeder to the group?? Did you think about calling Dee or Diane? They make themselves available 24hours a day by phone for any questions or problems??? If you are that unhappy with the condition of your puppy, than maybe you should consider asking for a refund or reason the dog came this way??They make their refund policies VERY clear on their website. Yes they are very busy and may ask that you call bak... but if i had 2 year old children in the house and i was trying to answer phone calls i might get a little frustrated too.. i am not by any means trying to demean any of the complaints on here... I believe they are all legitimate... I can only speak on the experience that I had with them and it was wonderful... a million times better than some of the other places i spoke with... we received a 1.3 lbs yorkie- maltipoo. SHE IS THE BEST PUPPY EVER!!! WE LOVE HER TO DEATH!!! I spent more than an hour talking to them the first time and they even spoke to one of my children. I guess i just wanted to, since you only posted this 20 days ago... what have you done to try to give them the chance to recify the situation before jumping to a conclusion that may not be the completly the entire truth...i am sure they are trying to make a living just like the rest of us.. and if you have ever seen a true puppy mill, than you really would think twice about calling these people any sort of puppy mill... I do hope you end up enjoying and getting as much love out of your puppy as we have... and will be returning to get another from them in the very near future!!! Good luck!!!

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  • Di
    disneygrl97 May 31, 2009

    I agree, this place is definetly a puppy mill. We recently bought a puppy from them and they are extremely rude! Our puppy came to us with diharrea, ear mites, worms, and scabs on her body. Do not buy from this place they are definetly a puppy mill!

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  • Ha
    happy-customer Mar 21, 2009

    Stop the hate towards these breeders. They're honest people trying to make a living. I purchased a Yorkiepoo back in Sept 2008. They are really busy trying to answer all the calls that they get and NO, THEY DON'T SPEND 12 MINUTES WITH U ON THE PHONE!!! I was probably speaking to the girl for more than half an hour asking about my puppy and she was asking about me as well. I did pay for delivery and the driver lady was very informative and friendly. She checked my home discreetly and even mentioned to be careful with my puppy and check that he eats since it was going to be difficult for him to adjust because she did not see any other pets. She advised about dehydration, care, toys, etc. When I first opened the door there was my puppy on her forearm and his coat was extremely clean.
    They do provide you with a few pages of information on how to care for your puppy, the food, crate training, sicknesses, etc. and they leave the information about the puppy's parents. They do list an address and a phone number in case you have any questions.
    I did call a few months later to ask some questions about my puppy since I have experience with large dogs but not with toy breeds and wanted some reassurance about the way I was caring for my puppy. The lady was very informative once again.
    In conclusion, I am very happy I got my puppy from them and he has not had any major health issues (yeast ear infection once which is very common). My puppy is a very happy puppy and you could tell he was socialized at an early age because he started playing with his toys and running around in my backyard the same day I got him.
    I am grateful I found because they do a great job at raising their pups. I AM A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! ;)

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  • An
    Angie Patterson Feb 11, 2009

    What your saying doesnt really make sense. If you did not go to anyones house and buy a puppy or look, how would you know if they are a puppy mill ? For anyone on here that has not bought a puppy from them and is saying this or talking out their [censored], cause seriously how would they know, they did not buy a puppy from them ?
    Another thing, most folks on here complaining have not been to any of these peoples homes and have not purchased a puppy from them. Theres a whole bunch of folks on here saying they picked up their puppy and it was a clean house and not a puppy mill and blah blah.
    I got on here to read before i went to pick up my puppy and now I decided to come back because just as I thought...all you barking puppymill are just plain ignorant. I went to home south of buffalo about 3 hours in a town called ludlow pa. I picked up a Morkie puppy. I drove from Niagara Falls.
    Was an older home with older retired people. They had about 6 or 7 dogs. All the dogs were clean and so was their house. Their grandkids were there the day I went. I paid them cash, because who in their right mind would take a check. Now that would just be dumb !! Selling puppies and taking checks. I can see why they wouldnt take credit cards either, its not some huge [censored] kennel type of business. The fact that they do not take credit cards just furthers the fact that they aren't a puppy mill.
    Anyhoot, my puppy was very friendly and I could tell that he was handled and loved and cared for very well. I had no problems whatso ever. Was very pleased and have sent at least 10 other people in their direction.
    Its no wonder its so hard to find dog breeders and not puppymills, no one wants to be treated like shet just because they breed dogs.
    Wow all you people on here running at the flap about people you havent met, did not go to thier house, know nothing about any of them...your just ignorant.
    Its no wonder its so hard to find puppies, at this rate no one will want to breed any dogs for any of you ignorant people.
    First dog I have ever owned, I am happy !!

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