Publix Bakeryhostile environment

C Sep 06, 2018

my name is Carlito Morales and I work for Publix Bakery sanitation lineman I have been working for them for 13 months it has become a hostile environment I have been complaining for over 4 months about a co-worker Gregory Hickman and his harassment and all they keep saying is they are investigating I had given them dates and times of when the harassment has happened and nothing is done they just keep saying to be a team worker but it's impossible when it's a very hostile environment I have been sprayed with water ridiculed last night and I have witnesses and I gave them their names and nothing is done one day I was very irate and all I said was if I was younger I will kill the [censored] but I was just talking to a co-worker and she informed the managers that I threatened to kill him but that's not what I said I am 61 years old I'm not into violence I just want my job I was very proud of my job because it is a good job job I just want to be able to do my job in a non-hostile environment I have applied for three different jobs there just to keep peace but nothing has happened but the moment I say one word cuz I'm very stressed out I get terminated and I think it's not fair cuz I did my job and never gave them problems I would appreciate anything you can do for me and thank you

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