Provo Craft Cricutpoor business practices after discontinued products

T Aug 10, 2018


I have purchased well over a thousand dollars worth of products from this company. All of the products that I own are now unusable to me. I own two cricut machines and the gypsy. In addition I own dozens of cartridges to use with these machines. I also purchased cricut craft room and used cricut craft space. When I attempted to use my machines today I was unable to use any one product. I discovered that I now must purchase a new machine to access the cartridges that I own and have lost all previous designs. The machines I own are useless as they discontinued supporting any of the products as of July 15, 2018. In an effort to get some remedy I contacted the company only to be told that they would have given me a 75.00 discount on a new machine but that offer expired on 7/22/18, before I became aware of the issue. The best remedy they could provide was a 50.00 discount and a 25.00 store credit after much discussion and frustration on my part. Unfortunately this offer required me to purchase through them on their website. I can purchase the same machine for 75.00 less from another store. This means their offer is no remedy. All of the money I invested in their products is down the drain. I don't own one product of theirs now that is functional or usable. They have provided me with no remedy or discount to purchase a new functional machine. I have been purchasing their products since their inception with the original cricut mini and hard cartridges.

I understand that technology changes and have purchased additional machines over time. I am frustrated that I now can use none of the items that I have purchased, due to decisions by the company not products that stopped working. I was hopeful to be able to purchase a new machine at a discounted price. I would hope that the company would provide the 75.00 discount to be used at the store with the best price to minimize the amount I would have to pay to gain access to the cartridges and tools I had already purchased.

I would happily provide more details to the company if needed.

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