ProsthodonticsScam and cheating


Watch who you choose to crown your teeth, especially a full mouth rehab. do your homework, ask questions and get at least 3 opinions. i am living *** with over 30 k in botched dental work. No occlusion, an over opened vertical dimension and a terrible speech impediment- another 40 k to fix it- or spend the rest of my life in chronic pain. Buyer beware. Never use peer review as your recourse, the state will find a way to torture, use the court system and litigate, i am very sorry that i chose peer review, i have no confidence in it and i have been tied up in the process for 10 months, also you cant have your problem fixed, because of the burden of proof( obviously) so you are stuck to rot in your own personal dental *** and no one really gives a s***t.

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