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I had googled Penge Plumbers so thought I was getting someone local but ended up with what feels like a bit of a scam. I was charged an extra £134 for plumbing work on my kitchen sink due to the plumber lingering and not notifying his office he had finished the work.
The Plumber made three seperate visits due to him not unblocking the sink on the earlier occasions. He was an hour late for our third visit. I made two phone calls to the office as the plumber had not arrived. I was advised that he was 10 minutes away at 10:36am. He did not arrive until 11am. He then used the snake as before to unblock the blockage in my kitchen sink which has taken three visits to properly unblock. He succeeded in unblocking it by 12pm. He talked and finished his coffee and used his phone while I fed my weaning baby in the kitchen around him. I would have thought as a working professional he was communicating with his office to say the job was completed in the timeframe. When he eventually left at 12:30pm I was notified by the office I would be paying for a further full hour due to the time he spent on the premises. Had I of known this was what I would be dealing with I would have asked him to leave immediately but being a polite person and dealing with a professional I presumed all was as agreed, no work was done in that hour they have charged me for.
I corresponded with someone in their office who told me the extra hour was chargeable and I would not be refunded.
I am baffled as to why the blocked sink was not unblocked in one visit as it has been on 4 previous occasions by different companies, very angry that a second payment was taken from my debit card without discussing it with me first and seething that I have been charged for an hours work where there was no work done and I was put in a position of babysitting a plumber who was effectively avoiding work. I have screenshots of phonecalls to verify my timings should that be an issue and our email correspondence involved me outlining the problem and being denied.

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