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I ordered a 52" Sony LCD tv from I got an email to call and confirm the order. I called and they tricked me to believe there is another Sony model better than the one I ordered. Better being a pro-kit. They also tricked me on the price. I ordered and received the product.

But on extensice research and discussion with Sony customer service, I found that ther is no product from Sony with ProKit. They do not release anything called Pro-Kit for any model.

I was tricked pay atleast $1000 more for this. And now I found that the website and their phone numbers does not exist! I'm seriously thinking of filing a complaint about this fraud.

Other info I found from internet include...
This web site is operated by Edward Barnathan: 1.212.696.4777; 417 Fifth Avenue, NY NY 10016

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  •   Nov 15, 2008 - Terrible experience
    United States

    This Company purposefully delays your order then says your model does not have a warranty. They then attempt to sell the item for more money. My charge to my VISA was $500 more than the agreed upon price. Stay away from these conartists!!!

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  • C
      Jun 03, 2016

    I also has a lot problem with this company tried to buy Sony42" recieved email next day to call confirm order. When I call sale person told me other TV is better and offer to sell me other tv. After I saw this comments, I call and cancel order. He started to cursed and hung up the phone.
    I do not recommend any one to buy any machandize from this website. They are nasty and rude.

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  • S
      Jun 03, 2016

    This web site is operated by Edward Barnathan: 1.212.696.4777; 417 Fifth Avenue, NY NY 10016.

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  • B
      Jun 03, 2016 - Deceptive advertising and sales practices
    New York
    United States

    I was looking to buy a Panasonic TH50PZ800U plasma TV, but their website give incomplete details on what was "in the box" with the purchase. I called their sales department, and was informed that the TV comes with the remote, stand, speakers and warranty/documentation, but would have to place the order via the web. I did so. The next day, I received a "you need to call to confirm your order" e-mail from them. I called them, and again asked to clarify what comes "in the box". I was now informed that the stand does not come with the TV, and they tried to "sell me up" by purchasing it separately for $200 if I wanted one. Their Customer Service department was only open from 1:00-3:00, and the salespeople on the phone kept hanging up/disconnecting me each time I called them. In the end, I canceled the order. I believe they are intentionally using deceptive advertising and sales practices. I would not recommend this vendor.

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