Progress for Sciencefraud, stalking, bullying child activist

S Feb 06, 2020

4 Resolute Animal Rights Activists from Save, Vegan Outreach and Anonymous for the Voiceless Oppose this organization and its violent leader. We oppose on personal grounds due to the ongoing violence of this woman and her group:

Cory Mac a'Ghobhainn is the old, toxic, desperate woman who heads up this fake non profit under the guise of fighting for animal rights. It's not a real organization as evidenced by the website where you see no identifying information, as she has a lot to hide from.

People donating to this "organization" should be aware they are paying the personal bills for Cory Mac a'Ghobhainn, who doesn't work, she's a welfare case who preys on young kids to harm their well being, destroy their name, and inflict as much emotional damage on them as she possibly can.

We are a group of 4 activists who have watched Cory and her pal Genelle Butler, who is the stage mother of Genesis Butler aka "Genesis for Animals" which is another fake organization used to collect fraudulent donations for personal expenses - carry out a systematic, violent, and criminal stalking and bullying campaign against another child activist in California and we are not going to remain silent about it any longer.

This "organization" has and is being used as a front to bully, stalk and harass a girl from California who has a bonafide non-profit, who has worked tirelessly for animal rights for over 15 years. The goal is to take her down so that Genesis Butler can be the only child activist west of the Mississippi. The mother Genelle Butler acts as her child on social media and writes everything that comes out of Genesis' mouth on social media. It's her mission in life to be the stage mother a big star.

The violence with which these two in partnership with Amy Jean Davis of the Save Movement and Nation Earth have attacked the young activist we are now trying to defend, is appalling. It's criminal and they should have been arrested years ago but it just keeps coming.

In 2017 this young activist who is under attack from these people left Los Angeles due in part to the false child abuse complaints that Davis and Genelle Butler filed with the County of Los Angeles to get this activist removed from slaughter house vigils so that Genesis could go there to take photos with celebrities.

Prior to this Butler had started bullying and attacking the young activist in 2015. She uses fake profiles on facebook under "Melissa Myers" and "Anne Summers" as well as the Progress for Science facebook page to publish claims that the young activist is in child porn, is a drug addict, is a prostitute, has been kidnapped, is a liar and a fraud and the list goes on. She got the young activist banned from community events using slander and lies. She contacted every friend the young activist had, and carried out a campaign for years to destroy every single friendship for this young girl. Cory was there at every step blocking opportunities and slandering the young activist too.

There are police reports filed for cyber stalking and assault on this stage mother Genelle Butler that Progress for Science sponsors with LAPD and Costa Mesa PD.

This young activist left Los Angeles in 2017 and Genesis had full rein to be Queen of all for her mother's edification, but it wasn't enough for Cory Mac a'Ghobhainn and Genelle Butler and Amy Jean Davis. In July 2019 the activist won a prominent national Presidential award for her work and these evil perpetrators went to work posting slander all over facebook under Progress for Science to try and destroy the young activist once and for all.

Here is the facebook page for fraud "charity" Progress for Science

Facebook for Cory "mac"

Here is the fake profile of Genelle Butler aka GENESIS FOR ANIMALS called Melissa Myers that she uses to destroy this young activist

Here is the facebook page of the stage monster Genelle Butler herself
also alias "Genelle Palacio"

Here is the page of the child star for whom all this insane violence is being carried out

We have communicated to Cory Mac a'Ghobhainn that this stalking and bullying and slander must cease but she arrogantly carries on in unison with Genelle Butler - Melissa Myers, and Amy Jean Davis.
These women are perpetrators of intentional child abuse and emotional violence against this young activist and must be stopped.

fraud, stalking, bullying child activist
fraud, stalking, bullying child activist
fraud, stalking, bullying child activist
fraud, stalking, bullying child activist

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