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I signed for personal training last year for 6 months through Professional Fitness out of Niagara Falls World Gym. After the 6 months was already over, the trainer told me that I would need to send a certified letter to the Corporate Office to cancel the contract if I no longer wanted it. Well, my first mistake was signing with them in the first place. The second was asking my husband to put it in the mail for me. He sent it to the gym instead of to the Corporate Office. We never got any information from the trainers or the staff at the gym to say that they got the letter in error until I got a bill, which was a month later. Well, I concede that it was done wrong. I was willing to pay for that last month and then sent another letter correctly asking them to cancel it. Where I got angry was that they are now asking me to pay for an additional 2 months because it was in my 'contract' that it should have gone there and that it takes 30 days to cancel.

I feel that they just have terrible business practices, they are not in it for the customer and their cancellation policy is just awful. I have never heard of not cancelling something for 30 days but the problem is that they put this in the 'contract' and hold you to that. I don't know if I have a leg to stand on legally but I did fill out a Better Business Bureau complaint which when I told the so called Floor Manager I was doing that, she laughed at me. They obviously don't care about that. But I would hope anyone who wants a trainer would definitely not look to them. The BBB rating is a 'F' for this company. Surprise, surprise.

I am going to send my husband to take my place with the training sessions because we have bought them at this point. They will never see my face again and I hope they choke on that money.


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      Jul 23, 2009

    I am going through the same exact thing you are at the same Location.
    Do you have the address for the corporate office? Or perhaps you have the information for the new Pro Fit manager at that gym?

    I am hoping to avoid a long and drawn out cancelation process. I will also be going to the BBB with this.
    This whole mess has soured me on going to the gym too!

    I hope this gets resolved for you quickly as well.

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