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I am a supplier of home improvement bathroom and kitchen products. I have been accepting credit cards for 15 years. Last Year Prodigy Payment Systems sent a sales rep into my showroom and made a deal that sounded to good to be true for the processing of my credit card trans actions. I have run probally 100+ transactions with Prodigy Payment Systems without any charge backs or any complaints from the consumer side. This past march 23, 2009 i had a sale that required a large deposit over $10, 000. 2 days later Prodigy Payment Systems called to deny the process of this transaction stateing "Future Delivery" clause in the agreement contract as reason for denial. That clause say that any transaction for items to be delivered at a later date are illegal, so that means any special order trans action from any vendor (home depot, funiture stores, online purchases, etc) are all no allowed and are in violation to this clause. Why the chose to deny my transaction after I had to prove no fraud by faxing copies of private sensitive proof of contract and signature from consumer they decided to not process the transaction. Now the damages on my side start to add up and i can see clear violation to many federal, state, and constitution laws. They have the consumers money not returned yet, they have iformed me I still have to pay the 2% process fee even though they did not process it, thay made me run a return to the consumer credit card, which I did to later find out because I did not recieve the funds the same will be withdrawn from my account so they advised me to put a stop on the ACH transaction and I did only to find out the Bank ($25.00) fee)takes 3 days to stop return payments to the ACH account resulting in Prodigy Payment Systems having my $10, 000+ and the consumer $10, 000+. Am I wrong? Today is march 27, 2009 and its not over yet. They are cold insensitive people, telling me I should have enough capital in my account to cover this B.S. I will never trust another sales pitch unless the salesman reads and explains the entire contract to me before I sign, when I first opened the account prior to the first transaction I should have backed out because the tried to sell me a process machine because the machine I had was not compatiable to thier system, but when the sales man was selling said it was. I really see a super class action suit because of the selective discrimination according to the contract ALL Future Delivery Transactions are not Allowed. I need good class action Lawyers, please recommend. This country is in enough trouble and it seems Prodigy Payment Systems is having problems also lets investigate be fore the losses are to big again.


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    keetlez Aug 19, 2009

    Hi Michael,

    I am curious to find out if this situation has ever been resolved or are still dealing with the issue? If resolved did they at least refund you the $25.00? Were you able to get your money?

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