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Negotiated purchased of iPhone SE 32GB on Mon 10/9/2017 for $150. Seller represented the phone as "carrier unlocked, free of contract" (conversation recorded in SMS text message string). When attempted to use phone with my Verizon plan, learned it was locked to Straight Talk and would have to be used with their service for 12 months before they would unlock it and allow the phone to be moved to Verizon.
Phone would cost much more to use on Straight Talk than Verizon. Since seller misrepresented the usability of the phone, asked for a refund, but seller refused. Seller phone number = [protected]


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      Oct 18, 2017

    The first issue soon as somebody agreed to sell you a phone that currently costs $349 (locked mind you), for just $150, you should have said to yourself, "something isn't right with this story".
    The second thing is, make absolutely sure you document your TEXT banter, and then if interested in doing so, file a claim in Small Claims Court - Franklin County Municipal Court, Small Claims Division. The cost is $78.
    If that's not agreeable to can try a Franklin County free mediator. Before you file your case, you can schedule a mediation session. Mediation is a voluntary process where you meet with the other party or parties involved in the dispute and a neutral third party, a mediator, to reach a settlement outside of court. Mediation is a free service. The mediator helps the parties resolve their differences through negotiation.
    Lastly, you can just learn a lesson and don't blame anybody but yourself for such naiveté. We're all human and make mistakes and being naive is just a lesson, not anything to beat yourself - or the other person, up about. In fact, maybe you should consider thanking them. So this was an inexpensive lesson. Imagine if you had paid somebody $1, 500 for something.

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