Priority Direct MarketingFraudalent claims to lower credit card interest rates

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This company preys on people's vulnerabily. The sales man was fast talking and before my father in law knew what he was doing, his credit card was charged $1390 for a member ship fee to become a member in this organization that would help to lower his interest rates. They then sent him a packet in the mail which asked for all of his credit card information .The disclaimer is that they can not guarantee anything. When we called the compnay they had my father in law on tape saying that he agreed to the amount, but you could tell by the tape that he did not know what he was doing. My father in law is a 90 year old man, who doesn't hear very well on the phone. When he tried to ask quetions the sales man talked over him and wouldn't even let him ask questions. My father in law now finds himself with a bigger credit card bill. Do not fall for this!


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      Jan 15, 2010

    i agree they claim to lower my rates, with no out of pocket money. Soon as i get my cc statement, it minus 490.00. without permission, won't talk call back days later talking crazy, sending these pamplets. telling you to pay their way! ### you have to pay whats on your cc statement. I pay more now since dealing with this ###. talking every 90 days! Never! again! this fake company preys on seniors with fix incomes. they talk a good game over the phone to reel you in to get you cc number. then lie every 90 days! refusing to refund as promise. you talk to a different person every time with a different lie. trying to over talk you promising everything, but just want your personal information. this company such is so full of ###! THEY NEED TO BE EXPOSE FOR WHAT THEY ARE PULLING! PREDATORS!

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