Priority Direct MarketingFradulently charged to credit card


This company claims to be a debt consolidation company that will not effect your credit, but will negotiate directly with card companies to lower your APR and forgive old charges in your principal. They have a very fast talking process that prompts you to provide information necessary for processing while assuring you that over the phone business is covered common and completely insured. They use the information obtained to place unauthorized charges on your credit card ($990) which are billed as "advertising services" to your card company.

Do not be as naive as I was! do not share your expriation date or validation number on the back of your card with anyone unless you are making a purchase you authorize. this should be common sense, but for me it was not. i probably overlooked it because i was so eager to have an advantage for managing credit.



  • Sa
    Sarah Jan 21, 2009

    I was contacted by this company today, and while I did not follow through with the proposed contract I did volunteer my personal information (exp. date, back three digits etc)
    What happens next? I am very nervous now!!

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  • Ih
    ihatescamartists Jan 27, 2009

    I was also contacted by these people today. I normally would hang up on these calls, but this call came an hour after my husband's job announced they were closing their doors, so i was feeling quite vulnerable. I have him my last 4 digits of my ssn and the card number to a store credit card. After i gave him the card number, he said "this isn't a mastercard or visa, so i can't help you and abruptly hung up on me. I tried calling the number back on my caller id, w/ no success. I then immediately called the store credit card number to tell them what happened and they said it would be noted. I'm worried now that w/ my last 4 digits of my ssn, could they gain access to any other of my cards or personal things? Please help.

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  • Ma
    majestic Mar 02, 2009

    OH my gosh...I was called today and they were very slick...I almost started to give them my 1800 numbe ron the back of my card and then I caught myself although I have a large credit card debt. I said to the lady that you know what if its too good to be true it probably not true adn I do not feel happy parting with my details. She quippped well then you keep your CC debt. DONT DO IT!

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  • Do
    doc b Apr 07, 2009

    Unfortunately, my wife was taken in by this group before we read these comments, but before sending them all of our account info. Has anyone tried to get their upfront money back?

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  • Ri
    rippedoff Jun 17, 2009

    Do not use this company. They rip you off. They are using the bad economy to lure you in and rip you off. They will take your money and not do anything for you. If you need to lower your interest rate on credit cards etc., make sure you go through a company that has a good reputation. Do your research. Tell all your friends to beware of this company!!!

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  • Ex
    exposing fraud Jun 24, 2009

    I too was scammed and was charged $1090 on my card. I was verbally told that I would receive a refund should I not go with the program with the exception of the $99 processing fee. I was told this throughout the call but in the end the have a NO CANCELLATION policy in the fine print that you sign and they did absolutely nothing for me. They did not lower not ONE interest rate on any of the creditors submitted. They even stated after I submitted my creditors to them that they could not help with certain ones which was not previously stated. In the end they did not do anything other than cause me to be further in debt. I contacted another well known credit consolidation place and non-for-profit and was told that the company is fraudulent and they are unethical placing a consumer more in debt by promising to get you out. I have filed a complaint through BBB and the FTC and I hope that more people speak out so this company and get a exposed please not that they have changed there name just check the trend through the BBB. So now, I am stuck paying for a fraudulent company charges. There should be more laws for companies like this and should they end up with a class action suit, I want to be included in that! In the end, I ended up getting a consolidation loan through my back with a less that 12% interest rate. My credit union approved over the phone and I was able to take care of by myself and there was NO FEE involved other than my loan. Lesson learn, before you allow an outside company to promise you anything first see what you can do and next check into company's making promises too good to be true!

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  • Ho
    Hornet Jul 08, 2009

    I got a phone call from this company the other night. Normally I don't even answer the phone if I don't recognize the number however I answered the phone. I spoke to the woman for about 15 mins and she was starting to ask how much debt I had, to see if I qualified. When she started explaining what it was she was going to do for me I knew there had to be a catch. Usually if something is too good to be true, its to good to be true. I told her that before I was willing to give her any information that I wanted to know the name of her company so that I could do some reserch on line. I told her to call me back the next night. I never received the phone call the next day. Today was the first chance I've had to look the company up on line and boy am I glad that I didn't give them any information. After reading the other posts on here I'm really very happy that I didn't get sucked in. It would have been very easy too, because lets face it who doesn't have cc debt.

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  • Pe
    pennys Jul 31, 2009

    I have filed also with the BBB, FTC, my cc company and the Attorney Generals office in my state, the state of TX and WA. I was contacted by someone in the AG office of my state that said they have sent the information to the company and that they were not licensed to telemarket in my state. I called the AG in TX. they do nothing unless the company has many complaints (which is probably why crooks do business there). I was told that I should be receiving a refund the 1st week of Aug, so I called to follow up today 7/31 and was told since I had filed numberous complaints that they are not going to refund me, that they will wait for the outcome of the investigations. I talked to Gary Linberg from PDMI. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE JUST CROOKS!!! I talked to my credit card company and they have refunded the money back in my account, waiting on response from PDMI's bank to follow up on why money was transfered back out of their account to mine. This company is more trouble that they are worth. They are a bunch of criminals!!!

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  • Ke
    kellyy Aug 30, 2009

    this company is a great company it has helped me out of dept and really did show the savings the you have to be reasonable with them and give them time i can honestly say this company is not a scam the only people who complain is those who didnt qualify

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  • Ms
    ms. Wirtjes Sep 25, 2009

    PDMI will not refund my money back to my credit card. they won't return my calls.

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  • Ab
    abda01 Nov 13, 2009

    PDMI agreed to help us lower our interest rates, our salesperson is names Russ Edwards probably not his real name, he got on the phone with Chase but really did NOTHING!!! My husband ultimately took care of situation himself. When we contacted PDMI some woman told us that because we did all the work ourselves we would be getting a refund. HA. It's been 6 months and nothing! EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM PDMI! They are eventually going to piss off the wrong person! Wouldn't want to work there then.

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