prime management groupbad management/ maintenance awful


This company is the worst management group I have seen! The managers at the front desk are deceitful, and rude. We had asked before we moved into the apartment to fix the porch. The apartment is on the second floor, the porch when you walked on it would give in at the center, the wood was rotted away. They told us that it would be fixed before we moved in. Then, when I was moving my electric service, I was informed that it would be a $195 fee. Before I had paid a $95 fee. When I asked why, the company informed me that they base their fee on the previous tenant's average bill. This is a 1 bedroom apartment and the average bill was $195 and the highest bill they had was $295. The operator then told me to check on the air conditioning she thought that was the reason. So, I asked the manager of the property before we move in is there a problem with the air conditioning, oh no of course not. But she said she'd have maintenance look at it. Move in day, manager told us the porch was finished and air conditioning was done they changed the air filters and everything. So, we signed all the paperwork. One of the papers, was a paper lead disclosure paper. When she had us sign that, in her words she said "oh this paper is just to let you know that there is lead in the paint here, so you don't want to go scraping the paint off of the wall because of the lead dust." We paused and looked at each other like what but we signed it because we needed an apartment and its move in day and I guess what choice do we have. So we get in the apartment, and guess what the porch was not fixed and we put the a/c on but because we were in a hurry to get everything moved in we didn't pay attention. 6 hours later after we get everything in, we noticed it was awfully hot. I thought it was because we were moving around so much and it was in the 90's. I look at the thermostat and its at 110 degrees. Go to the air vent and it's blowing out hot air. That's only the beginning. Yes, they did come that day to fix the a/c. Hopefully, it's done right. The maintenance person had to ask what to do. I guess I'll know if my bill is $200 right. As for the porch, which I am looking at right now, ready to puke, it took 2 1/2 weeks to do. They had all sorts of excuses, we have to order the wood, we have to wait for the truck, its maintenance's responsibility, set it up at the manager's desk. How about they the truth, they don't know how to do it. We said we'd fix it ourselves, no they didn't want us to do that. So, yesterday the maintenance guy came to fix it! he did a few things then came back with 2 more maintenance people. They took 4 hours screwing around hammering nails in the porch. You'd think 4 hours they did something right. Just looked at the work, the porch boards are still rotted, it is such a botched-up job. They put 1 foot square patch of wood in. I am dumbfounded. And I don't know if they had alcohol bottles or what but there's a bunch of glass underneath the carpet. And some on top of the carpet. It won't pick up with the vacuum. and now I can't put my puppy on the porch at all which was the biggest reason for having it fixed so our puppy and of course us wouldn't fall through the porch. There is alot more but I'm already sounding to some like a big complainer, I've never complained about much in life, even when I should have but this is outrageous!

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