Primaryprinted coupons and service in fairfield meijer

S Aug 07, 2018

I have always used printed coupons in your store. Today, Tiffany, in checkout ten refused to honor my printed coupons. She didnt even bother to look them up I bought everything I had a coupon for.I also had a problem with Jason. He accepted my coupons, but rooted thru all my sacks, instead of looking them up on his register. I felt embarrased and humiliated in both situations. also, your deli workers are too slow. They ignore you. If you do not accept printed coupons, and if your employees are too lazy and snotty to look them up, I would appreciate knowing. I probably will not go back to your Fairfield store d/t the treatment I recieved. Hamilton store is much better.

  • Updated by sharonlprickett · Aug 07, 2018

    I will probably not go back to your Ff store except for magazines and my Rx

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