B Aug 07, 2018

It appears that this company runs under a few wigs site
Mine being I as the same other people from the other site obviously have had health
The issues and have been scammed by these crooks!
I did not even receive a wig at all! They will not return anyof my 50+ emails... I seen the address was the exact same as cnfirst trade ltd, dept 906, 196 high road, wood green, london,
If you go on all the fraud advocate sites all over the world you will see all the many people scammed by this company that goes under about 5 or better wig websites... Buyers beware!!!

  • Updated by Bronti · Aug 07, 2018

    Update I found where the main billing company is from and the phone numbers I took a screenshot... Keep phoming and insisting they are the compamy have your order number ready... Do not five up... I won't!!! I'll call and email till the cows come home as well I have reported them to the fraud unit in canada and showed all the advocate sites where people have been frauded... With all of us it would total grand theft!!! Enough to shut these buggers down..
    Report to your countries police fraud investigation unit... I took a screenshot of the phone numbers see attatched

  • Updated by Bronti · Aug 07, 2018

    This is one of the many wigs compamy they run... Looks legit right??? Not!!!

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