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PrepLogictheft by misrepresentation

I received a call from Preplogic about trying their one of their certification products as a trial. The program arrived as a CD which must be activated online. (If you cancel they deactivate the product which makes it unusable.)
I was told they had certification products to try and if you like them you can keep whichever ones you like. I said I will try the trial for 30 days. Unknown to me they charged me $99.00. After 20 days I canceled. They said too bad we are keeping your money. And you must pay $3100.00 for our entire certification program.
I was charged $99.00 with nothing to show for it then a look at the trial product!!! They laughed at me complaining to them online and made a joke of me complaining and asking for a refund.
These people are crooks. My recommendation is that you should avoid this company. They haven't honored anything with me and I am still fighting for a refund


  • Pr
    PrepLogicLLC Sep 29, 2009

    We're sorry to hear that you've had a less-than-perfect experience with our company. Please give us a chance to resolve this issue. Our goal is 100% satisfaction for every customer and we are eager to make this right. The vast majority of the time when we have a complaint it is a result of a simple misunderstanding. It will be impossible for us to answer your questions or concerns here on a public forum, but please contact us at and I promise that someone will assist you in a timely manner. We look forward to hearing from you to resolve this issue.

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  • Vu
    vubinhsg Oct 21, 2009

    Hi all,

    What I want to say today is that if there is any way to shout out to the world that is the biggest liar and stealer on earth.

    They didn’t stop sending me email for their practice exams and on September 11 I have ordered the 70-236 practice exam. Right after my order, they called me on the phone to convince me to buy the package including the video, audio and practice exams for full access for 2 years at $99. I said yes then let Kyle Corpin to take care of all. 10 days after I have received the dvd and the first invoice that I have paid $116.95 of $1, 612.95. I have contacted Kyle and told him that I didn’t want to pay for more than $99 that he has confirmed me. He said that the $116 and I wouldn’t have to pay any penny more. On October 11 I was charged a second time at $187. I called them again and have obtained the cancellation after days of negotiation. I have a refund of $187 then I asked them that I have paid $116.95 for the practice exam that they sell at $49 at first. Then the explanation is that $116.95 is for 30 days trial. I mean that preplogic continue to steal from us again and again if we don’t have any way to warn people.

    Vu Binh LE PHAM VIET

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  • PrepLogic Oct 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Vu Binh LE PHAM VIET -

    Let me begin by reiterating that customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Over our 11 years in business we have helped literally hundreds of thousands of IT professionals earn their certifications and improve their lives. We believe we have the best training on the market, however we feel it's important that customers have the opportunity to trial our software before purchasing the entire program. This is why we offer our customers the opportunity to try our training for 30 days for just $99. If they like it, no action is necessary and they will be automatically setup on a flexible payment plan at the end of the trial. If they decide our training isn't right for them, simply cancel within 30 days and pay nothing more. It's that simple.

    You participated in this program for the Network+. When you didn't cancel, our system automatically charged your credit card when your 30 day trial ended. You then called us stating that you meant to cancel wanted to cancel. As a courtesy, we then did cancel your account and we refunded your $187. We even provided you with a complimentary practice exam to help you with your studying. We've done everything you've asked: we've canceled your account, you have your money, and you even have some free training. However, this isn't good enough for you. You're still complaining. Regretfully, we admit that we're uncertain what you want or how to make you happy.

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  • Na
    Nancy O'connell Nov 04, 2009

    It is complaints from customers like this that make me the most angry. The customer is at fault but our society says the customer is always right. And so they uphold no sense of accountability. They fail to uphold their responsibility as customers and instead attempt to hold the company hostage by relentlessly trashing them on some obscure web forums with horrible lies - without any proof or accountability. I find it disgusting.

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  • Ro
    RobMarc Dec 03, 2009

    LE PHAM VIET, you're completely stupid. I'm surprised you even have a job with the intelligence you've displayed to us here. How on gods green earth do you figure you're going to get $20k of training for $100? So if someone told you they'd give you a BMW for $250 you wouldn't ask any questions. You're a Dumb ###.

    This is obviously a case of customer remorse. Here's what I bet happened. You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer. You were one of the first ones to lose their job in this recession. You probably weren't making very much because you were a low level grunt. Then someone told you that you could make a lot of money in technology. So you decided, "Hey I'll get certified and then get a good job in technology and live happily ever after." Well as soon as you got the training you realized you weren't smart enough to actually have a job in IT. But then you realized you were already on the hook for the training so now you've kicked and screamed because you've moved on to something medical.

    I bet if we did a search of your name we would find complaints about some medical training that you bought and then realized you were too dumb for that too. I bet you want your money back from them as well. See you have to realize that you have to be smart to work in medicine. When you're dealing with people's lives you can't simply be any ### walking in off the streets. They actually want people who know what they're doing. They want people who have a head on their shoulders and aren't going to accidentally kill people because they were too dumb to pass their medical exams. You see, this is why society has exams and certifications, to keep idiots like you from occupying jobs that require intelligence. Unfortunately there's no exam required to buy technology or medical training.

    And if I'm really as good as I think, I bet you're not studying to be a bookkeeper. You figure that there's money in that and you can add 2+2 so you should be good at that.

    Listen, Jack ###. Stop wasting our time with bs complaints about your mistakes. Start realizing you're not smart enough to hold a job above toilet cleaner. Embrace your future. It's better you do it now rather than wasting more money on pursuing careers you're simply not capable of doing.

    Sorry pal. Better luck next time.

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  • Sh
    shauncw09 Dec 08, 2009


    I LIVE for the day when you get completely taken. It may be next month, next year or 40 years from now, but it WILL happen! I just hope I live to hear about it! Your complete lack of understanding and compassion are incredible to behold. Have you read the other complaints against this company?!! Do you NOT see a pattern here?

    I believe most complaints are NOT against the quality of the product but rather the practices used to get people to pay money they DON'T HAVE! And YES, some folks DO believe they could get a BMW for $250. Especially when that's the marketing ploy used and no obvious statements showing that that's just the first payment of the $50, 000 that they will eventually have to pay. Is that naive? Sure! Is it buyers remorse? NO! If they understood clearly that the cost is $50, 000 THEY WOULD NOT BUY!!! That's WHY it's not made clear at the beginning!!

    Are you SO thick that you miss the obvious reason for the pattern of complaints and the obvious benefit to the company for NOT making the total cost plain and clear. JEEZ!! Talk about DUMM (yes, I know it's spelled DUMB but thought I'd make it easier for you to sound out). Seriously, if you have no real constructive comments for these people who are out real money, then keep it to yourselves.

    For those who are complaining here, you're doing the right thing. Don't stop here. File a complaint with the BBB and your state's Attorney General's office. Also file a written complaint with your credit card company (if you used one to pay PrepLogic) and dispute the charges. With all complaints, include all of your emails printed out, all notes kept of who you spoke to, when you spoke to them, what was said and what you agreed to. You should also include any bills sent to you and notes on what was originally agreed to either verbally or in writing.

    Good luck to you who are fighting these practices and I hope you are successful in getting your money back.

    And to PrepLogic, PLEASE take these complaints seriously and change your selling practices! You have a good, if not great product. Why tarnish the image with these types of complaints. Case-in-point: I am in the market for training materials to help me upgrade my MCSE (Win2000), my CCNA and to get my RHCE and my SUN SCSA. I'm also in the market to get my VMware VCP. These complaints have convinced me that I can't trust your company regarding the pricing of your materials or the correct billing for an agreed upon price. So, I'll be looking elsewhere. I've used Measure-Up and Trancender and will go back to these vendors since I can trust what the charge and how they bill. You've just lost quite a bit of money because you can't be trusted.

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  • De
    Dee2 Jan 23, 2010

    Please beware of preplogic unlimited access.
    I am also a recent victim of
    My experience with preplogic is so bad, they are using trick and misleading people with their advert.
    I m ready for war with Preplogic.

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  • Li
    Liarliar Jan 23, 2010

    Dee2 you are a dirty l i a r and you know it. The terms and conditions are on their site. I'm a customer too and their sales people explain everything to you. Plus the email you got after you purchased told you EVERYTHING in plain English which you know. But now you don't want to study because you're not smart enough for IT and want your money back. Don't blame a good company for your screwups in life. Pathetic loser. You are a worthless unemployed loser and you deserve the situation you're in. I wouldn't hire you if you were the last person on the planet. You worthless excuse for a human. You reap what you sow and you're in for a world of bad karma.

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  • Vu
    vubinhsg Feb 11, 2010


    I have been busy for a moment for my IT training. yes i am still in IT. there are a lot of training providers out there. the MS CertKit costs $399 far cheaper than 20k from preplogic. this includes all, training, practice test and all.

    RobMarc - i recognize you. you do this writing for €0.99 per post here and you do this job 'cause your mother can't give you enough to eat. don't forget where you come from poor RobMarc. i recognize you


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  • An

    I so am sorry for your theft. I am in the same situation. Please consider two things:
    1- You may be dealing with Organized Crime, so please do not take this to heart.
    2- There is a Center for Internet Crime you can and should file a complaint with, contact your local police department
    and file a complaint, and, dispute the charges via your bank; if you have received nothing, you are entitled to have your
    money returned to your account.

    You are not without recourse to justice, PLEASE, fight back.
    As well, check out a company by the name of 'TRAIN SIGNAL, ' I have dealt with them in the past to the tune of nearly
    a thousand dollars for video-instructions and they, in my opinion, have been worth every peeny - they are not fraudsters.

    Please, report this crime, for this is happening to a lot of people.
    In my case, they are now threatening me, personally - I have nothing from them - no product, nor service, but,
    they in their universe, believe I will give them money ( they want 1200, or 2000, usd), for nothing.

    So, complain - as well, Harvard University has a Cyber research center which you should report your experience with,
    if enough people complain to the authorities, these people will get theirs. However, I do believe they are organized crime.

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  • An

    TO LE PHAM: Please disregard the very very disgusting, judgmental, and patronizingly sick comments by Rob-Marc, his writing shows his utter lack of people skills, and humanity - the guy inhabits a spider hole.

    LePham, VERY educated, and smart professionals (including Criminal Lawyers) have been taken in by criminals.
    Criminals are for the most part sociopaths, and they are always seeking honest people, or peoplewho are trying to
    better themselves. Honest people, regretfully, are not necessarily street wise and very often, assume others are also
    honest as they themselves are.Or, it could be a case that they can be taken in by practiced criminals - that is why
    the POLICE FORCES are very busy taking on these people.Again, Please fight back, and learn from this.

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  • Vu
    vubinhsg Feb 18, 2010


    at least there is some one like you who know how to think and talk with people. thank you.

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  • Fu
    FunnyLosers Feb 21, 2010

    Is this all a joke? You can tell the LAST 3 PEOPLE POSTING ARE THE SAME PERSON. All 3 posts have exactly the same bad grammar. Too funny.

    "All of you" are little more than pathetic liars and desperate complainers. You don't even make any sense. I wouldn't be surprised if next you said that space aliens stole your money and impregnated your dog.

    Get a life people. Seriously, get a life. You're all so very pathetic.

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  • Po
    PookyBear Jul 03, 2010

    I have had this issue with Preplogic as well. $99 unlimited trial that they will roll you into the full contract if you do not tell them that you do not want the contract after the 30 day trial. The salesman does not mention this. They WILL NOT let you out of the contract, but they will continue to say nice things like "customer satisfaction is our highest priority" and "we know how important you certification goasl are". Better Business Bureau could not help. Enzyte was taken to court (and lost) for this same practice.

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  • Mu
    mustang-girl Sep 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have been taken by Prep Logic for over $2900. They laugh in your face when you call or email them.
    Customer money is there highest priority and screwing people is their ultimate goal.
    Don't do business with them, you will probably regret it.

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  • Kl
    klass Sep 13, 2010

    I agree totally with all the above complaints and ask US government to investigate this dangerous company.They speak very nice to you before you purchase their products but after you purchase you slave your self to them and must pay them or they will do anything necessary to get the money.they only want your money they don't care weather you benefit or not.

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  • Kl
    klass Sep 13, 2010

    I am also a victim of preplogic treachery.two months ago I simply purchased a 2$ pocket guide all
    I wanted.After one day they started calling me non-stop telling me all that they are offering me, a better deal of 49$ instead of paying 2700$ for the whole product.I just took the offer to see and they agreed the first month will be trial only .because I was not ready for for all that and I refused to take the whole product of 2700$ .after expiry of one month that is when I started to know who these American poachers or pirates are, they started demanding that i pay them 2700$ .they are calling almost me every other day and threatening to take me to court.when i see what other peoples have gone through i can say I was lucky not to have paid all that money .I even told them to stop my trail for two weeks because of travel but i heard from no one again until one one month was over and they discontinued now they are demanding money that I even never used .yet I am the one who should seek for a refund

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  • An
    Annonymous696969 Feb 09, 2011

    Prep Logic is being investigated by the Florida Attorney General for misleading and deceptive business practices. They currently have well over 100 complaints aginast Prep Logic. STAY AWAY from doing business with this company. They continue to offer trial subscriptions they claim you can cancel, but they do not recognize your cancellation. They will bill you anyways and even try to sue to. The sales people are liars, and the company is more concerned with screwing people than conducting a fair business.

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  • Lb
    lbyron31 Mar 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I didn't realize I was still paying them! I cancelled their services within 30 days, but since I didn't use registered mail "they didn't receive it". I called them to let them know about this mistake, and expected to be able to cancel the service. The 2 people I spoke to on the phone told me there was nothing they could do, regardless of the fact that I had not used their service since the first 30 days when I cancelled. The "customer service" rep even compared me to someone that does not want to pay their credit card bill!!! When I reminded her that their was more than 2 and 3/4 years remaining out of the 3 year program that I haven't used and didn't want to use, she said that I "missed" the cancellation period and now owe them the full amount. $3000 and change!!! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • bansh Mar 20, 2011

    I can't believe those dirty [censor] are trolling the customer complaints forums. No respectable businessmen would do such a thing -- you know WHY? Because they wouldn't NEED to, due to satisfied customers.

    Let me emphasize:

    I was not dumb enough to sign up for these freaks, but have dealt with their relentless spamming because they know their way around. simple spam filtration.

    I wrote to their "abuse" email address (shocked that it actually existed) to be greeted with a 100+ mail bomb in a one hour span. Yeah, these are "good guys" .

    The evidence is HERE - they just trolled honest to goodness customer complaints to berate their oh-so-satisfied customers.
    That's a sure sign of a thriving successful business alright. You want to try to shake me up too? I'd WELCOME it - and I wasn't even close to BEING a customer (I have a degree in computer science and have zero need to their infomercial caliber trash). I can be relentless too, "fellas".

    They must be dealing with some hardcore sleaze with the kind of lawyers that must be letting them get away with this stuff.

    I didn't need to learn the hard way, but for the rest of you - stay far the hell away unless you feel like doing some good new fashioned crime-fighting.

    I would love to deal with these people face to face.
    Photos and transcripts coming soon.

    For the rest of us..we can do our duty and use SEO what it was meant for - to keep the trash from floating to the top.

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  • Jh
    jhopta3 Apr 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Regardless of the tricks they pull to get you into the subscription, their trickery and false promises do not end there. The subscription service they are selling (allegedly) comes with "unlimited FREE" exam vouchers.
    #1 - These vouchers are not free. You pay for them upfront and are only reimbursed if you pass the exam.
    #2 - You are only able to request 1 voucer per month. (I don't know about the rest of you, but that sounds like a pretty severe limitation to me!)
    The all voucher requests are submitted by mail or fax (prone to loss and no confirmations). They also state that you should allow 4-6 weeks for each request to be processed. So for a 2-year program you can only ever hope for a maximum of 24 vouchers. Considering the first one takes at least a month to receive, that means you're already down to 23 or less vouchers. I don't know what world they live in, but unlimited does not equal 23. Ever.
    To be fair all of this is documented in the additional documentation you receive AFTER you have committed to the "Free" 30-day trial. Allegedly you can cancel within the first 30 days although I have not heard of anybody who has been successful doing so.
    So once again, they promise you everything you want to hear so that you'll agree to the "Free" 30-day trial. Once they have your credit card informaiton you are almost never going to get away without giving them $3, 000+.

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  • Dr
    drichh May 20, 2011

    Here is a link to all the good comments on this company. Seems like no one actually comment on the learning that you recieve from there.

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  • Dr
    drichh May 20, 2011

    Here is a link to some people who actually like preplogic.

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  • Ed
    edecampo Jul 14, 2011

    Preplogic give you no option to cancel after 30 days ...what a hoax !!! ... you spend over 1 year after your training paying off $90 a month ..even if you ar'nt training for anything ..seriously !! ... what a horrible way to waste money !! ...

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