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I placed an order from Premium Humidors on 20 November. My credit card was charged the same day and I received an email with a UPS tracking number. However, the tracking number revealed that UPS had simply been provided billing information and created a label. It is now 01 December and the status of my order has not changed. I have called several times during business hours and have been mysteriously disconnected each time, before the voicemail greeting is finished. I have since emailed the company demanding they cancel my order and refund the amount to my credit card. If I do not receive a reply within 24 hours I intend to file a fraud complaint. I have already spread the word to my fellow cigar-smokers not to deal with this company, and I hope everyone else who has complained here on this site has done so, as well. Hope everyone can somehow salvage a satisfactory ending to their dealings with this miserable company.


  • Ts
    tsapn Dec 10, 2009

    I too had problems with them. Here is my story to BBB. I paid for a humidor with no etching on the glass door. The door came with (Misspelled, “CR Cigquar’s”) etching on the glass. I explained this issue via email and phone message because I could not talk with anyone. In the mean time I had ordered a box of cigars also. They debited my account for this transaction. I have tried to contact them countless times via email and phone over a period of approximately three weeks. I finally contacted Premium humidors with my issue. They, (Mike) instructed me to return the door and they would replace it. He also mentioned he would send the cigars out that day as he did not receive the door. He put the blame on seasonal temps. They haven’t done that yet either. Knowing they are avoiding me I had my wife call from her work. (Knowing they had caller I.D.) She got through and spoke with Jerret, he too gave her the runaround. ( please note, there are two different transactions. I don't have the invoice number for the cigars just the date they debited my account. This was on 11/4/09)

    Resolution Sought: I would like them to do what they said they would do! Give me what I paid for, a door without etching on the glass and my cigars. At this point I feel as if they stole from me.
    Date Problem Started: 11/3/2009
    Date of Transaction: 10/18/2009
    Amount in Dispute: $155.90
    Invoice Number: 8204
    Complaint Type: Customer Service
    Product or Service:

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  • Dn
    dn1545 Jan 15, 2010

    I also had a problem with this company. In mid december 09 I placed a order for a large humidor and a $200 humidifer. I didnt receive a receipt or the humidifier. Ive called a hundred times and wasnt able to leave a message because their voice mailbox has been full for over a month. Ive also sent emails that werent returned. I have been shopping on the internet for years and never had a problem or complaint. ive ordered from websites in third world contries and never had a problem. So in my opinoin this is the worst company in the world. I truly belive this this company takes your order doesnt ship part of it and ignors its customers until they go away. This kind of company should not be allowed to operate in the united states.

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  • Je
    JenRen Dec 02, 2010

    I just placed an order a few days ago and haven't received a shipping confirmation yet. I decided to look up reviews and it's ALL BAD! Now I am freaking out because I just spent $280 with them and am kicking myself for not checking them out first! I will try to call them when they open and see what happens, and go from there. UUGGGHHHH

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  • Ja
    JAkers17 Dec 22, 2010

    Premium Industries
    Company information: - A subdivision of Maverick Industries
    2848 Stirling Rd
    Ste A
    Hollywood, FL 33020
    Phone: 1-877-312-4427
    Here is my story I will try and make it brief. Afterall I have uploaded the factual information. Please review. I have listed my Order confirmation on Nov 21, 2010, order details, follow up email from myself (unanswered), amex billed charges, Verizon Wireless call history from my cell phone to their business line. ** I planned for a spectacular Christmas surprise for my husband this Christmas 2010. I knew what I wanted, researched items that I liked and found I called to consult with them about my purchase before ordering online (no answer) but played it off to a busy season. I wanted to take advantage of the "Early Bird" Shipping which included "free shipping and gifts" so I went ahead and placed my order. After 8 phone calls initiated by me, 1 unanswered email, 2 unanswered inquiries into their personal "contact us" box and 3 Confirmations by Premium Humidors staff, I found out this morning December 21, 2010 that not only is my order NOT on its way but that I would NOT be receiving it before Christmas. Upon hearing the news I began to ask questions and was simply told that "Mam, I don't know who told you you'd have it before Christmas but they shouldnt have, I make minimum wage here and have nothing to do with the ordering". I asked the clerk for the owner or a manager and was denied. He didn't give me a name, phone number or email address. He simply stated that "the owner is never around but he'd let him know you are angry?" I explained to him that now I had to go back to my husband on Christmas morning empty handed after confirming with his company 3 times that it would be here for the "Early Bird Special" and that I am in sales and if I treated my customers this way I'd be shut down, he simply stated "I understand mam." He didn't offer a warm sentiment (other than that I could go ahead and take my frustrations out on him? which confused me since he was just a minimu wage sales clerk there who had nothing to do with ordering), a discount, a follow up call by upper management, as a matter of fact when I called back after we hung up and realized how much money I had at stake here and collected myself, I got no answer and a full voice mail box. Needless to say I will begin blogging every SINGLE cigar enthusiast site in the United States that I can find, so that we finally put this website out of business, My apologies to every one that has gone through this before me (and there are a lot of you). I have already disputed my charges with American Express and blocked as well as Maverick Industries from ever charging my account again.

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  • Je
    JenRen Dec 22, 2010

    I tried contacting them several times about my order, never received a response, couldn't get through and didn't get an answer to my emails... received an email that had a tracking number that didn't work. I placed a complaint with the BBB and the Florida Attorney General. Three weeks later, I called them, and I actually spoke to someone there. They told me my product was shipping that day, to use the original tracking number given and that I would have it the following week. Amazingly, I received it 2 days later, opened it up, and the product is just as ordered. Don't know how well it works yet. My husband doesn't know it's here yet, as it is a Christmas present! Also, I have a friend that lives in the vicinity of where the address on the website is... they said it's just a "sattellite" office. There's no product in there. I don't know where they actually have their warehouse!!! There was only 1 person in there when they checked it out! Interesting information if I do say so myself!

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  • Je
    JenRen Jan 02, 2011

    Well, we received the humidor, it's beautiful and it works great. The etching on the glass looks awesome. Only complaint I have is that they need to work on their customer service and communication! The product is wonderful!

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  • Ky
    KYSMOKER Jan 06, 2011

    I ordered a tower humidor for a Christmas present this year 2010 and they sent me the wrong one and it was in awful condition. Moreover they sent me one that was a hundred dollars less than the one I ordered but still charged me the extra $100. I called several times and at first people answered. They told me that the original tower I wanted was on back order. They knowingly sent me the wrong one. When I told them I wanted to send it back they told me there was a chance I could get the one I wanted but to give them a couple days. Now here I am 2 weeks later and Premium Humidors wont answer the phone or return my emails. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. You might find a couple people with good experiences but it is not a worthwhile gamble.

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  • Je
    JenRen Jan 06, 2011

    After everything I went through KYSMOKER, I wouldn't do business with them again either. Thank goodness everything turned out okay in my situation, but the stress was not worth it! Maybe my complaints to the BBB, Attorney General, area newspaper and news channels helped, I don't know! I'm sorry you're going through a mess like this! I hope it resolves quickly.

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  • Da
    Dave L Jan 27, 2011

    Ordered a humidor for $69.95 on 12/4/10. Email arrivved on 12/7 that it was shipped but it didn't arrive until 12/22. After I placed the order they called to say that they didn't have the item that I ordered and they would substitute a better one. But the item was damaged when it arrived and I did not like the replacement as much as the one that I ordered. No reply to my emails or voice mails, then they closed down for the last week of the year, but finally someone answered the phone on 12/31 and said that he would mail me a fedex return label. It arrived on 1/11/11 and I returned the humidor which fedex delivered to them on 12/17/11. I put a note with the humidor as instructed and still have not received any reply. Since then I have emailed with no reply. Their voice mail box is always full so I can't leave a message. I've been calling multiple times every day using three different numbers and the voice mail box is full. Since I can prove that the item was returned I am now seeking refund through the bank card. I hope they can get my money back.

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  • Jo
    jojom Dec 27, 2013

    I placed an order with them on Dec. 12 and the information I was given would it would ship within 4 business days and would receive a tracking number once it was shipped. My credit card was debited the same day I ordered. It is now Dec. 27th and I have not received anything, not a tracking number or my order. I have e-mailed twice and called and left 3 messages and have not gotten any response. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my husband and all I could do was give him a cigar and let him know the humidor would hopefully be here soon. I am going to everything I can to resolve this issue and will more than likely never deal with this company again. My advice for anyone thinking about ordering from them is to think twice and try and find what you are looking for from somewhere else.

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  • Dc
    dcies Dec 31, 2013

    I placed an order with this miserable company on Dec 11th with the mistaken impression that my product would ship within four days. I was contacted a week later by someone from this business, who informed me that my product would not reach me in time for Christmas, but was assured I would have it in time for an event in January. It is now Dec 31st and I have shipping information, no order status, no answers to emails or queries. At this point, I believe I've been taken by a fraudulent company. I will seek to recover my funds and report this company to the BBB. If this company actually is a legitimate enterprise, they must have the absolute worst customer service I've ever seen. I strongly recommend people avoid this fly-by-night firm!

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  • Ra
    Rachma Jan 06, 2014

    I too ordered a humidor for my husband for Christmas. I knew that ordering it on the 20th of December was very late and that I wouldn't get it until Jan. 3rd at the latest due to the holidays. I called on 12/30 and asked for a tracking number assuming it had already been shipped, but it wasn't. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they explained it would be going out today. Needless to say I was a little pissed and didn't appreciate the rude customer service. So today I didn't receive the humidor and was beyond mad. Not only do I still not have a humidor for my husband, but in was straight up lied to. Nothing makes me more mad when people lie just to make you go away. I called again today and spoke with supervisor Emily. Told her I never received tracking number and was told it would go out 12/30. She told me engraving was extremely backed up and that's why it didn't go out. I asked why I was lied to and she gave some lame excuse saying that supervisor must not have known how backed up we were. She said it would go out today or tomorrow and be here by Friday at the latest. Little did she know that I had done my research on this company by listening to the report on BBB and knew they were a ### business. I explained that I won't be lied to again without consequences. I will contact the BBB and file a complaint and the general attorney of Florida or call my credit company to see if I could get the charge taken off. She exclaimed that she was not lying and it will be there no later than Thursday. She said if for any reason I don't receive a shipping number and confirmation through email by tomorrow to call them and they will give it to me over the phone.

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  • Ma
    Maarten11 Oct 16, 2014

    Dealt with them on several occasions in the past. Sometimes right on time, sometimes a few weeks late. They ALWAYS charge your CC on the day you order and confirmation email states 4 business days delivery time. Prices are reasonable. My last order was placed on July 2, 2014 - almost 3 1/2 months ago. Several emails to them went unanswered, calls to their 800-number were never picked up. Long distance calls to their regular line mostly go to the voice mail box, which is always full and you cannot leave a message. Even then, I managed to get a hold of someone on the other line 4 times, every time I was told that my order was "late from the supplier" and someone would email me or call me back after checking with the supplier. $150 order - seems like that's history now, their website is down today, I guess the company has run its course and, given their customer service and overall attitude to customers, I'm not surprised.

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  • Premium Humidors is horrible! I placed an order with this company after reading on their webpage that orders will be shipped the same day if placed early. It's been 10 days and my order still hasn't shipped. I can't get anyone on the phone to discuss the problem...voice mail states that they're closed at 2:00 PM EST in freaking afternoon and the crappy company is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Don't buy anything with this dysfunctional company.

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  • Do
    Dont waste your money Dec 30, 2014

    I order a humidor for a Christmas gift on December 18, 2014 the shipping process was fast, I got my humidor within 5 days. Now, when I open the box the humidor was broken and the initials on the glass were wrong. After calling them 100 times, I got someone in the phone and asked me to take a pic of the humidor and send it to them. The next day I receive an email saying that they were going to replace the humidor.

    Great! December 30, 2014, five days after Christmas I receive the humidor without the engraving, and lets not forget that I order Cherry and got a black box.

    I don't like to write bad reviews, but please save your money or take it someone else where you will get what you pay for.

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  • Bo
    Bobbie Brady Jan 07, 2015

    In June 2014, I ordered my husband the Antique Villa furniture style humidor. They debited my account immediately. A month later I was informed the humidor we selected was not in stock but would be arriving by Dec 1st from the manufacturer in Europe - just in time for Christmas. NOT!! I have been calling "Premium"Humidors since Sep for updates and have left so many voice mails it will make your head spin! I've managed to talk to 3 people there: Paul, who was kind enough to give me a "transaction number" and Kenrick who said he was in shipping. Kenrick gave me two shipping dates, where my humidor would be sent out. The latest version was Dec 22, 2014. Well, here it is Jan 2015, no return calls, no answering of the business phone line and no word on my humidor; $1500 humidor. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!?

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  • Ri
    Riz1 Jan 23, 2015

    Placed an order with the company on Sunday. Tried calling them to follow up. As with previous reveiws, you can't get a hold of anyone. Worst phone system ever and I'm guessing its by design. No response to my email so i got a bit nervous. Decided at that point to see if there were any reveiws on this company and lo and behold. Seems like the same complaints over and over. Its unfortunate because prices are quite reasonable but not worth the grief. Spend $20 more somewhere else and get the customer service you deserve. I had to cancel my credit card just to make sure it didn't get billed. I guess i got lucky as most people had their credit cards billed and had to deal with that grief as well.

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  • St
    Steve Cagle Jun 03, 2015

    I placed an order on about 5-21-15 and am having the same experience as many of the others. Credit card charged immediately, no tracking number as of this date, 6-2-15, no response to emails and nobody ever answers the phone or returns phone messages. I don't know what problems there will be cancelling the charge and the order, but I just sent them an email that if I don't get some communication by 6-5-15, I'll be doing just that. This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered for online purchases of any kind. I don't see how they can stay in business this way, and I worry that they may already be kaput but taking people's money anyway. The only thing good about them I can say at this point is that their website looks great, and that is what drew me in the first place. I should have checked these reviews first and saved a lot of grief.

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  • St
    Steve Cagle Jun 12, 2015

    Well, to set the record straight, I was surprised to receive the humidor today, a week after I sent them an email to cancel the order. Three days after I cancelled, they sent a message that the item had shipped. No tracking number at all, and I was inclined not to believe them. So, I did receive the item, but they still win the prize for some of the worst communications and customer service on the internet, second only to those merchants who don't send your item at all after charging your card. Worked out ok, but there are too many highly responsive businesses out there to ever put up with this aggravation again.

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  • Mi
    Mike Spetsios Aug 01, 2015

    I had attempted to order a humidor from this website last Thursday, but in finalizing and submitting the order, it never went through. I never got an email notification, and my credit card wasn't charged. I assumed it was just an issue with that particular product, so I so naively attempted a different one, with the exact same result. At this point, I concluded "no harm, no foul" because I hadn't been charged and my order hadn't gone through. Oh well, their website is just terrible. I proceed to find another website and order my humidor from them, thinking that all is well with the world. Suddenly, the following Wednesday, while I am anticipating the arrival of my new humidor from the other site, I get two notifications from my credit provider that I have been charged 2 amounts by premium humidors. I then almost immediately get 2 shipping notifications (which after having read the reviews on here is astounding). Of course, I immediately call the company and nobody answers. I leave a message telling them I don't want their products, my orders were never finalized, and that I took my business elsewhere. The humidors were waiting for me at my house the next day. I have been calling Thai company for 4 days now, I have left numerous messages and emailed them, and have yet to be contacted by anybody from premium humidors. Supposedly they have a 30 day money back guarantee, so as long as they manage to contact me by then, I will at most be an incredibly annoyed customer. But I find it hard to believe that such a company exists and is still somehow operating. I would highly recommend that you take your business elsewhere to avoid dealing with this kind of crap.

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