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Premier Credit Services
PO Box 19309 Indianapolis, IN 46219

My compliant is based on their phishing via telephone cold calling techniques at night and on weekends with no legitimate reason.. IE, they make calls to numbers without knowing who they are calling and ask for name and SSN over the telephone with no disclosure of why they are calling. One can only assume it is a "Phishing" exercise to obtain names and SSN's for apparent reason other than they have some sort of scam going.

Additionally, I am on the do not call national registry so they are quick to point out that they are not marketing or selling... and they do not attest to any company/customer legitimacy to their actions... so one can discern that they are on some sort of phishing exercise... asking for name and SSN's.

They fall into the "harassment call" category as they call late at night and on weekends.. and do not take no for an answer. I cannot grant any legitimacy to their disguise as being some sort of collection agency since I have no such debts in arrears and they do not even know who they are calling... just a phone number as if it was a boiler room operation.

Sincerely Yours,

Senior Citizen
Deming, NM

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Aug 03, 2016 7:40 am EDT
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These people are ridiculous. I'm not sure what type of operation they got going on but it's crooked. Before you tell me to get a job and pay my bills, Listen up PHUCKERS!

I got woke up this morning to a phone call on a cell phone that has been out of service for 6 years. Yep! 6 years. I use it ONLY with the text now app via my wif-fi connection to text some dumb ### that my dad is friends with just to keep track of the lies my tells me about his health. She will tell me or my wife anything we need her to about my dad. Now anyone who knows the text now app knows this number gets flushed every 7 days if it is not used. I let mine expire every 7 days if I can.

So this lady calls me and they go through the shpeel about collections calls recorded, yadah yadah. Ok. What ever. They knew my name and where I lived 20 years ago up my current location AND a throw away phone number that only one person on the planet gets from me once a month or so. How is this possible? If they know me so well, why did they NOT call me on my PUBLICLY listed in the phone book, land line number or my cell phone number that everyone on EARTH except my dads friend has. Hmmmm.

No, I do not owe any personal loans. I have had no tax paying job in over 10 years. No bank or lender in their right mind would touch me at all ever. My wife has no loans. Her credit is technically worse than mine.

We do however owe student loans and BOTH of us are current on our loans. We are not one day behind on any payment at all. I did email them and told them they can call me on a NEW throw away number that I created and that I will not give out any bank info, social security numbers or any family info, nor do I do references if that what it is about. I also stated the burden of proof is on them that I owe a bill if that is what it is about and without any of that info, do not call or write me. As for the other number they called me at this morning, it is now gone. Text now has it back in their circulation now.

Folks, I use a little script on my computer for taking these kinds of calls. it is called Scammer Bingo. When they say key words, you click a box. When you click 6 boxes, they warn you it is a scam. At 12 boxes checked they will tell you to immediately hang up the call it is a 100% scam. It is quite entertaining.

So yeah, SUCK IT Premier employees trolling these boards. I owe nothing and neither does my wife!

Nov 18, 2013 5:11 pm EST

I am amazed to see how ignorant some of you are in regards to your student loans. Obviously you didn't read what you signed. While I will agree that it can be a real pain when a collector calls you, I can assure you there is a reason. For those of you recieving calls for someone you dont know, phone numbers are recycled and it is extrememly possible that the person who owned it before you WAS used as a reference. Some of those loans are 20+ years old, and there is NO statue of limitations on a FEDERALLY GUARENTEED LOAN. However, whether they want to speak to you or anyone else, once you formally tell them to cease and desist, only then is it illegal to call you. So try doing that and if the calls continue, sue. Nice payouts for one phone call. Moving on to those of you who do owe, why is it so hard to have a civilized converstation with one of these collectors? YOU OWE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, not Premiere, and they do not get paid unless they get your loan out of default. Due to new laws, your payment may be as low as $5. It's better then the alternative. If they are calling you at your job, you should be worried as the US Dept of Ed does NOT need a court order to garnish your wages up to 15%. They can always approve a payment much lower than that if you WORK with them. If your rep is nasty, request a new one. They can't refuse. For you older people who think being disabled or filing bankruptcy will get rid of this, think again. Student loans have been non-dischargable in bankruptcy for more than 15 years. Your not special and it won't be discharged. Those of you disabled folks who choose to ignore the calls and debt, good luck when the Dept of Ed decides to go after your SSI/SSA. They can and will take up to 15% of your money if you refuse to take care of this. Any income or federal assistance, tax exempt or not, is at risk of a garnishment. Those of you who will never work or go to school again, your loan can be discharge, given you stay on top of the paperwork as it is VERY time sensitive. That is why they continue to call after you tell them your disabled. If you don't complete your paperwork on time and thoroughly, kiss the discharge good-bye. And to all of you who expect a tax return, after 1 yr of default, the IRS will certify you for an offset, which means depending on how much you owe, your tax return will be taken and applied towards the balance, but will NEVER pay it off. You took out the loan, and its YOUR responsibilty to pay it back. Any demographic changes you fail to report that result in missing paperwork, etc are your fault. If you forget to defer or renew a deferment, it's YOUR fault. I love when people blame everything on collectors and are too ignorant to realize they are there to help you. When you owe the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, they can and will get their money one way or the other, so do yourself a favor and answer the phone. And understand you WILL have to provide either ssn or dob as a verification of identity. It's not phising when they have all the information in front of them, name, address, ssn, dob, jobs, friends, relatives, etc. YOU have to PROVE it's you in order for them to not break a law and help you.

For all of you who think you understand the FDCPA, read it again. In 99% of the states it is 100% LEGAL to call between the hours of 8am and 9pm ANY day of the week, including weekends. I'm sorry if some of you feel 9pm is late at night, but it is LEGAL, unless specifically told oterwise, which means you actually have to talk to someone, not scream into the phone and hang up. The real problem in the US is that when a person is extended credit, they don't READ what they sign. They don't 100% know what can and will happen if they decide not to pay. While everyone knows it will hurt your credit, many don't know how their money can be forcefully taken from them to pay their debt. Advice to you all, know what the hell you're signing and what you're talking about. An attorney will just laugh at you!

May 08, 2012 9:48 am EDT

These wingnuts never give have to admire their tenacity. After an IED exploded I was left minus a leg, just above the knee...Cannot work, haven't worked in 22 months. I have worked with my creditors and am successfully keeping things manageable. Except for...PREMIERE CREDIT...They suck ###...They call...and call...and call...and call...I am surprised I haven't seen one of these Dinks pop out of the back of the toilet. The last call was fun...they go through the whole schpeel...and I then promise to give them 50% of all income I have coming in...which is 0...still he didn't get it...He tried to get my wife's information...relatives...finally, I told them not to call anymore and to work this out they would have to take me to court. end of discussion. And to all the Jabrones out there telling people to pay their bills...lets hoep you don't break a nail or get hit by a bus and laid up from work. I will be looking for you...and when the collectors start calling I will tell you to, "PAY YOUR BILLS"

May 08, 2012 9:38 am EDT

How about these pukes? Lose a leg in an IED explosion and you cant work for a while...So you sit home, taking meds, eating Doritos and hoping that someday you might be able to work again...Meanwhile, while bills fall behind for lack of income, these phuckers call you up and dunn for money on an unpaid student loan...He asks, "How much can you afford to pay?" I tell him 50% of everything i am currently taking in...Which is...0. hahaha...too much time on ones hands...means when they call, they are going to get phuct with. And all you people telling other people to, "pay your bills?" Why don't you get the sand out of your vaginas?

Aug 16, 2010 8:04 pm EDT
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Some individuals have had their identities stolen. I know the law and I know the methods for wage garnishment and collection procedures. One of those lawful ways is NOT to utilize intimidation procedures by witholding legitimate identification information of the caller or by telling the caller that you have all of their personal information right in front of you. If you have it, then why in the hell are you calling me? If you're legitimately working for Premiere Credit, then that means an account has been transferred to you and you have the name of the Company transferring that account. If this is truly how Premiere Credit does business, then not only are they unprofessional but they lack what it takes to get the job done. HIRE AN every other collections agency and let him/her do their job. If you are too cheap to hire an attorney to collect your debts for you then at least hire professional individuals who can accomplish getting more than getting hung up on. If you haven't been sued for harassment already then it's only a matter of time. WORD TO THE CEO of Premiere's possible you have "Phishers" working for your company. These individuals will bankrupt you.

Apr 11, 2010 2:20 pm EDT

Does Premier Credit have a job for position just for some clown to surf the web and post stupid comments on consumer websites telling people who are complaining about the company to 'get a job and pay their bills' under different aliases? How do you get that job? And how much does it pay?

Where do you send your resume, debt collector guy? I've got a brother-in-law that needs a job...he's dumb as a brick, but loyal as a dog...sounds like he'd be perfect for it.

Mar 10, 2010 2:54 pm EST


Sep 08, 2009 4:37 pm EDT

Someone said that a debt collector cannot telephone an unusual number of times. I remember a few months ago while I was driving an 18-wheeler through rural West Virginia, they called me for 20 minutes continuously. When it rolled over to voice mail they disconnected and dialed again. After 20 minutes I was able to find an exit to pull over and turn the phone off. These people at Premiere are ### and my work as a trucker was often interrupted by their calls.

They would call me numerous times each day, seven days a week after I had emailed them and told them I refused to have any further communication via telephone and wanted all future correspondence in writing. Although they have my email address, not once have they sent an email. I have also received a recorded voice message with a very peppy enthusiastic voice asking me to return a call because someone listed me as a reference.

Check their website and you find a positive recommendation by Kathy Granberry of Healthsouth. I believe Healthsouth and student loans are Premiere's primary two clients (given what I have read on various websites).

Healthsouth was/is a huge scam which was perpetrated by Richard M. Scrushy

so it seems only fitting that Premiere Credit would be associated with such ###.

Aug 19, 2009 2:21 pm EDT


Everyone who keeps telling people to "pay their bill" has no idea what kind of company this is, and you probably work for Premiere-- especially given the nature of your responses.

One out of my 8 student loans (before consolidation) had slipped exactly one week past the date for going into default...

HOWEVER, I immediately worked with them to rehabilitate the loan (over the past year) and it should have come out of default a few months ago. I never missed a payment with them. They've screwed up my paperwork three times, continued to take payments out of my checking account, and failed to process the loan back to the original lender as promised. I receive multiple automated calls a day. I also receive threatening letters in the mail saying that I have failed to respond to their attempt to collect payment on a defaulted student loan. I'VE BEEN PAYING THEM ON TIME FOR THE PAST 13 MONTHS! I have called them monthly, been proactive, never missed or late on a payment. I am constantly told that "everthing is in order" and that my loan will be back out of default during their next resale to the NelNet. It never happens. Another payment comes out and they make up another excuse why it didn't get processed this time. MEANWHILE, I have been unable to return to grad school because my financial aid is frozen until FAFSA receives report that the loan is out of default.

AND STILL ... multiple automated calls and letters claiming neglect on my part, even though I've verified with multiple reps that I only have one loan in rehabilitation and that I've fulfilled all the requirements for bringing it out of default.

Even if you are responsible, honest, proactive, and patient... they still screw you just because they can.

File complaints with the better business bureau online.

Jul 23, 2009 5:07 pm EDT

You keep whining about everything that they do being illegal but they are still in business...does that make sense to you?
Seems like the "low IQ" might be on your side of the phone. Stop posting on forums, get a job, and pay your bills - or stop crying.

Jun 25, 2009 5:30 am EDT

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was enacted to stop abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by debt collectors. If you believe you have been the victim of unfair practices of a debt collector, contact for a FREE* evaluation of your debt collection issues.

Under debt collection laws, you may be entitled to money damages AND payment of your attorneys’ fees, if a debt collector has violated the law.

You Have the Right to Stop Debt Collectors from Harassing or Abusing

Yes, the law protects you against unfair and coercive debt collection methods. You must know how the law can protect you and help you keep him in check.

A Debt Collector CANNOT:

* Telephone you an unreasonable number of times
* Telephone you at an unusual time/ unusual place
* Disclose information of your debts to third parties
* Use profane or other abusive language
* Contact you after written notification that you do not want to be contacted any further
* Claim to be affiliated with any governmental organization
* Misrepresent the character, amount or legal status of a debt
* Threaten of to take any action that cannot be taken legally
* Accuse you having committed a crime
* Threaten or communicate false credit information
* Attempt to collect, until he honors your request to validate
* Use deceptive methods to collect debts
* Call you before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
* Call you, but not announce who he/she is
. . . and more

Jun 21, 2009 5:12 am EDT

Looks like "John Doe", aka premiere low IQ has no answer for his company's illegal tactics.

Folks, according to the FDCPA, the only legitimate reason a debt collector has to contact a 3rd party is to try to locate you.

If your neighbors, and others, are receiving the bogus "reference check" calls, it's a violation of FDCPA.

Why you ask. Simple, folks, ... if the Premiere cretins have already been calling you, and are now calling your neighbors, they already know where you are. How else did they know they were your neighbors?

It's harassment ... file your complaints & collect your $1, 000 FOR EACH VIOLATION!

Jun 20, 2009 7:29 am EDT

Want a laugh?

Visit Premiere Credit's employment page ...

Please note how the "big brains" of the corrupt management operate, as they fill their chairs, and headsets, with the low IQ collectors:

They proudly portray that their collectors earn $70k. ... True to form, it's very misleading, and likely an outright lie.

Here's what they are really saying (and these numbers are, no doubt, very questionable) ... Their collectors earn from $20k - $120k, with a MEDIAN salary of $70k.

The "median" is the average of 2 numbers ... the highest & lowest. $20k plus $120k divided by 2.

20 + 120 = 140
140 / 2 = 70

Premiere may have one collector who "hit their equivalent of a lottery" and earned $120k in a recent year, although I really doubt it.

Without a doubt Premiere has no shortage of low IQ collectors earning $20k, or less ... This is probably 95%+ of their collector work force.

If you took an "average" wage for Premiere debt collectors, it would be much closer to $20k. Here's what it likely looks like ...

~100 collectors @ $20k
1 collector @ $120k (if you even want to believe that)

Bottom Line ... This ### operation is corrupt & misleading from top to bottom, in all their practices.

Who aspires to be a debt collector, eh, ... WHO?

Jun 08, 2009 5:48 am EDT

John Doe ... you are a phuking low IQ Premiere slave.

In case you folks hadn't figured it out, Premiere is in the business of harassing people through illegal, and questionable, practices:

- The use of spoofed numbers ( Calling or contacting you without disclosing that they are debt collectors trying to collect a debt is a violation of the FDCPA)

- Calling 8 - 10 times a day using spoofed numbers, or blocking their name & number is abuse & harassment. ... ( Calling you or any other person repeatedly with intent to annoy, harass, or abuse you, or any person at that number is a violation of the FDCPA)

Folks, these A$$WIPES at Premiere Credit are in violation of the FDCPA all day, every day. There is absolutely no question that their intent is to annoy & harass you.

I want to see many thousands of you filing complaints against these low IQ collectors.

May 26, 2009 4:00 pm EDT

I worked with Premiere Credit to resolve my student loan. They were extremely pleasant & professional.

I encourage each of you to grow up and just work with your creditors, instead of trying to justify your irresponsible behavior.

May 13, 2009 2:55 pm EDT

I answer my phone and was asked if I had a moment to give a reference for someone and then the representative gave me my name. So imagine, you answer your phone and the party on the other end of the line says they were given this number as a number to give a reference for, "insert your name here." I am suspecting "fraud" or identity theft. So now I am on guard.

Also first Rick the representative on the phone lead me to believe that I needed to give a job reference for someone which I do from time to time. Then his story changed to they had applied for credit. Now the name he said it is for is my name. My name is not rare but neither is it common.

I inquired what had been applied for. They stated credit. Which I found odd due to that I knew I had not applied for any credit lines, etc. in 5+ years. Again, I am suspecting "fraud" or identity theft. So now I am on guard. I requested to have an address where I could request the documents & was transferred to a person who said this was in reference to a student loan.

I told him I would need to see the docs & requested their address: P.O. Box 19309, Indianapolis, IN 46219. I then told him I would need the physical address to send a Fed ex: 2002 Wellesley Blvd. I guess the same city and state. He gave me [protected] as a number to return the call. Rick was the name of the first contact on this call. Yes, I have a student loan for which arrangements have been made and are in order. I had another scenario or I should say a child who was almost scammed 450.00 for a debt that was being paid as promised that had a remaining balance of 20.00.

Whether you owe the debt or not please do your homework. Get the documents and compare them with your originating documents, and statements vs. your payments. The company you owed settled with the Collection Agency for a reduced rate. Any amount over that rate is their commission/profit after business expense. If you pay what you owe everyone wins. If you pay what you owe + additional fees you've been scammed.

I have investigated financial aid documents; thousands of them. A lot of mistakes are made and yes it is true that loans have been process for deceased people. people who never attended college or who never attended that college. So please don't be so quick to judge. The economic situation this nation/world has been facing for the last 18- 24 months because for some it started long before it hit the news has place some very judgmental critical people that I know in the same situation or moccasins that they 12 months ago were oh so critical. Beware those who you criticize you may find yourself wearing their shoes. There are three sides to every story, one person's side, the other person's side and the truth. Be well, Be Blessed!

Mar 12, 2009 5:03 pm EDT

My family is also dealing with rude and harassing phone calls from Premiere Credit. My unsuspecting mother received a phone call concerning a friend or family member who had used her as a reference. Thinking she was being helpful, she proceeded to give out MY personal information (such as address, current place of work, etc.). After answering several questions she realized that I had never mentioned using her as a reference and became suspicious. She told them she would have to contact me to make sure this was legitimate. I was totally confused and had no clue who these people were, they hadn't contacted me personally. When she called them back to question the reason for the call they became very hostile. They claimed that I had a defaulted student loan from a college in New York (I went to school in Indiana). Obviously, they have someone with the same name but are barking up the wrong tree. When my mother refused to give any more information, especially my soc. # the man became increasingly rude. He then threatened to garnish my wages because my mother had given him my place of work. Days later my payroll director informed me that indeed someone had called to attempt to do just that. She said she had checked my soc. # to the one given and they were TOTALLY different. Obviously, they have the wrong person and I don't know what else to do to stop them. They have also called my mother using a local number of an attorney. After calling the attorney, he had no knowledge of this company and said what they were doing was illegal. They were able to reroute the call through his # to make it appear as though it were local. To this day I (the supposed debter) have never recieved a phone call or a single piece of mail that indicates anything authentic. What should I do now?

Feb 05, 2009 11:40 am EST

I think that all the idiots that are so condescending as to admonish people who "haven't paid their bills", first of all, what the hell are you doing on a complaint board about collection agencies "phishing" for information about people who DONOT OWE THEM. Read, idiots! And second, if you're bills are all paid, hooray for you. Do you want a cookie or something? Get over yourselves. ot eveyone is a deadbeat or shirking their fiduciary responsibilites; however, there are places like Premiere Credit, GRC, and others to name a few that use immature and illegal tactics to garner information or to harass their so-called "prey" for their beloved client. Why? Not because they give a damn about your personal or financial situation, it's all about the fees. They make money off of your misery.

Getting financing for higher learning (i.e. college or trade schools is rife with illegal loans placed in people's names, only to be in default and the innocent party is left holding the bag. It is extremely insulting to have dummies like Owe No Money and Darrin come on here, and without knowing ANYTHING, giving ther two cents. I happen to have a loan that has been consolidated for 3 months now. The people have gotten their money, yet i cannot register for classes unil summer. Why? Because of collection agencies like Premeiere Credit, whose only objective is to make more money off you than what is owed.

For those out there like me, keep your head up and fight them tooth and nail every step of the way. After all, they are just a company. you hold all the cards.

Nov 25, 2008 2:16 pm EST

They called my daughters Cell Phone 3 times in last week (she's a minor). They stated I was listed as a Reference for a Kelly Gauthier. Don't know her and never heard of her. I've read enough about these folks to agree they are NO GOOD. And THEY ARE the same people in Indianapolis (or their PO Box anyway). I called the [protected]) number on their website and got a Live Person. Thinking maybe someone is impersonating a legit company, I asked some questions. She took my reference number and said they were having phone problems and to call the EXACT 877 number [protected]) Left on the three messages.

The three messages were left as follows...
from [protected] from a Ms. Betty Brown at Extension 11284 w/my reference number. This number has been confirmed through all sources to be a bogus number with a bogus Area Code (932 doesn't exist). How it's used, I don't know. But no legit company should be using a bogus number to make contact. I attempted to call that number w/no information.

from [protected] from a Mr. Orlando Barnes at Extension 11364 w/my reference number. This number does have a legit area code (603 is New Hampshire), but no information on 956-2229 which is a disconnected number. Again, an illegitimate number.

from [protected] again from Betty Brown at Extension 11284 w/my reference number. Another legit area code, but a disconnected Illegitimate number again.

I called and spoke with Betty Brown who stated I was listed as a reference for a Kelly Gauthier. I refused to give my name and then she told me she was trying to reach Kelly Gauthier specifically at my number. She agreed to remove the number from the database. We'll see if that happens.

For those of you that spout about the folks here that should just pay their bills, "Grow Up". This isn't the first time a "legit" credit company tried to collect information and/or money erroneously. I currently have one auto loan that's been paid ahead of schedule since May and THAT'S IT! No other debt what-so-ever. And the phone number they called me on has never been listed on anything I deal with. Everything about my interaction with these folks raises red flags.

Nov 14, 2008 9:27 am EST

I'm surprised that the people creating a storm about premiere credit even know how to use the internet... or even what it is... stop being ignant and pay your bills. you dumb idiots

Sep 03, 2008 12:01 pm EDT

Pay your bills

Aug 13, 2008 9:53 am EDT

It's still harassment even if you do owe them money. Let's say someone owed me money and I called up their house, their job, their friends, and everyone else they knew at all hours of the day trying to collect personal info and then cursed them out when they didn't give it to me..I would be served with a lawsuit and a restraining order I'm sure.

Aug 11, 2008 7:51 pm EDT

Dude, you realize they pay a flat fee for their phone service right?
Also, you might consider that you did actually sign for a loan. It's possible to serve as a cosignor for loans.

Also, the national no-call registry is great in theory, but it doesn't apply to collections. It's not a solicitation, it's a form of conducting business, that one party has decided to abruptly end...

Last, did you ever even stop to think that the reason they check your SSN, or just the last 4 digits are to verify they have the right person? If they call some other guy with your same name, and they share that it's about a debt and then they find out it was just a weird coincidence, then they have violated your privacy rights and they actually don't want to do that...

Next time you get a collection call, just think a little, you can probably reason your way to a much better result

May 30, 2008 7:26 pm EDT

Work to shut down this industry. After they kept harassing me, I spent the afternoon calling their toll free number again and again and hanging up on them. And they had to pay for it. It felt great. I had the power. What are they going to do about it? Change their phone number? I could easily get again. Take the phone off the hook? This shuts down their business. Sue me? Go ahead, they called me first and begged fo me to return their calls. I am doing what they asked. Report me to some impotent government agency. Feel free.
We need to take our power back.
Call them after hours and just sit on the voicemail while you watch your favorite sitcom. Just think about the look on the CEO's face when he gets the phone bill.
Send out this idea to everyone on your email address mail. Let's send it around the world.

Feb 14, 2008 7:30 pm EST

Ever think maybe you owe money? Try calling them... they helped me out of a very bad situation on stuff I owed...

Dec 14, 2007 7:02 pm EST

I hate these ###ers, I've exhausted all resources, now it's personal. I found out where they are, now I'm going there in person and I'm gonna make them take me off the list before my eyes...