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Ihave purchased a bolero maxi truck from your authorised showroom named shree automotive in kolkata. West bengal in the year 2017. After the 1st service iam facing a problem in the car that the accelarator autometicaly get high ang malfunction light get on. For that I complain to the service center in jungle pur west bengal, after complaining they have changed accelarator paddle with extra service charge which I paid in cash. After few months it again facing the same proble. Plz look into it my car no iswb20ay9246

  • Updated by Jaiswal harish, Aug 13, 2019

    My bolero maxi truck no WB20AY9246 whic i purchased from shree automotive in kolkata in the year2018 .i have complaint a several time to the authorised service center in jungle pur, west bengal only one problem that malfunction light go on and acclerator go high tow time they have change the acclerator paddle but after few month i face the sam proble i want it to solve petmanently .

Aug 13, 2019

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