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Predictomobile has sent my son text messages that he never asked for and then charge me 9.99 a month for nothing . I have contacted them they stopped for a while and now it has happened again!! Someone tell me what to do!


  • Mi
    Miguel Oct 20, 2008

    Sounds to me like these people are scam artists! Contact your local news consumer reporter and if that doesn't work...take it too the top and file a complaint with the Attorney General.

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  • Ki
    Kim Suit Oct 29, 2008

    I agree, they are SCAM ARTISTS!! I just got dooped as well. And, let me tell you it is not clearly stated that the pin number is for phone service!! I thought I was taking some stupid quiz & that number was to get my results.That is what they made me think!! I'm am by no means stupid, I would have never signed up for that if I would have known!! If they do not follow through with their promise to refund my money, I will contact the Attorney General, and whoever else it takes to make them stop "dooping" people.

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  • Je
    Jeff Oct 29, 2008

    This company claims to have a double opt in process. Their process is deceptive and should be illegal.

    I took an IQ quiz on line and had to go through a series of pages of advertisements in order to get the results of my quiz. At one point they asked for my cell phone number and said they would send me a PIN number that I could use to get the final results. I certainly don't recall ever seeing something that stated that I was agreeing to sign up for any charge. Just because I had to take two steps to get my quiz results does not mean the I have really gone through a "double opt in process."

    Even though I scored 150 on the IQ test I feel like a real dumb ### for falling for their scam. Completing the IQ test and going through pages of advertisements takes so long that by the time they ask for the PIN number to get the results you have invested so much time that it is hard to turn back.

    Predicto Mobile works with a company called Smiley Media. Smiley Media told me that Predicto is one of their advertisers. Smiley said that Smiley gets a percentage of the ongoing revenue from the fees that Predicto charges to the phone companies.

    Smiley Media can be reached at 512-767-7580. Hit "0" when the voice mail message comes on to be connected to the operator. Smiley doesn't provide an address on their website but says they are in Austin, TX. They said that Virginia Brown handles the Predicto account. She has not returned my voicemail yet.

    Predicto Mobile (800-360-0518) has a call center in the Phillipines and one in Henderson, NV. Marge, Jannis and Lucy are the three supevisors in NV. They would not proivide the names of any more senior people, the phone number for their coporate office or their call center address. They did provide me the address of their corporate office:
    One Bridge Plaza
    Suite 275
    Fort Lee, NJ 07024

    Both of these companies know that they are using a bait and switch approach to sign up people for their service. I think it is at least unethical and should be illegal.

    They told me they would send me a refund of the $9.99 but I won't stop there.

    I think we can all contact the Better Business Bureau and Attorney Generals office in NV, NJ and TX. We can also make more postings on line and contact the cell phone companies to tell them to stop paying the charges. We can also continue to contact the offices of Predicto Mobile and Smiley Media to tell them to stop. At least we can collectively waste their time dealing with our calls.

    Any other ideas of how we can stop this unethical company?

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  • Je
    Jeff Oct 29, 2008

    According to Next Web Media, they operate Predicto. NextWEb even has a Facebook page, so you can see pictures of the people who operate this unethical business as they eat cake and go on a company cruise.

    Let them know how you feel by calling them, a lot!

    NextWeb Media
    888 7th Avenue, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10019

    telephone: 212-588-1180
    fax: 212-588-1191

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  • Lo
    Louise Nov 08, 2008

    I have been fighting with my phone company, Verizon, to get rid of these Predicto charges. I NEVER signed up for this "service" ever. Never went to their web site either. The charges started showing up last summer after I started filling out a survey I believed to be from Borders. But in the middle of it, I suspected it was a scam, so closed it down.

    Unfortunately I did put in my cell number -- the only time I've given that number out except to friends. I got a text message from them in August and chose the "cancel" option even though I didn't know anything about it. Every time I tried to send the cancel message, it was refused. After I got the bill in August, I called Verizon and a rep walked me through the official cancellation process and put a block on text messaging. That didn't stop it.

    Although a Verizon supervisor told me there was no record I had subscribed, the charges continue. Verizon claims they can refund the charges, but not stop the "service." Sign me up for a class action suit!

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  • Di
    Diana 1458 Jan 10, 2009

    Please people steal peoples money there nothing but scam artist

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  • To
    tomdon123 Jan 19, 2009

    I agree. I must have signed up for it as well. Without even knowing it. I noticed a Premium Text message charge on my Verizon account and when I called Verizon they told me that I needed to reply to the text message with "STOP". Sounds to me like Verizon must be in bussiness with Predicto. How could they charge me without my consent. I called Predicto and they said they would send me a refund but why should I go through all of that for signing up for something I didn't realize. Scam for sure. I complained to the BBB. Took a minute. I suggest that everyone does the same until these criminals are convicted.

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  • Tc
    TCM Jan 21, 2009

    I have been receiving Predicto bills for the first 4 months of my Alltel subscription. How is it possible that every stupid thing the previous owner of this number signed-up for ends up on my bill. That is absolutely the worst quality service I have ever received. I agree Verizon, Alltel, and Predicto are all in this scam together. Hopefully everyone will complain to the BBB.

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  • Ed
    edug8r Jan 22, 2009

    I called Predicto after Verizon told me that they could not refund the $9.99 since it was not their money. I was told by Predicto that there are no trial periods, even though my account was canceled within 10 minutes. They would send me an e-mail in which I could request a refund, which would then be reviewed by the powers that be. I then spoke to a supervisor, who reiterated the same spiel. After some more searching, i found the above posting which referenced
    NextWeb Media
    888 7th Avenue, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10019

    telephone: 212-588-1180
    fax: 212-588-1191

    I called this number, spoke to a very nice lady, Andrea, and was informed that my refund was being processed. This is all well and good, but something needs to be done about this.

    Verizon offers premium text blocking so you do not get roped into these scams.

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  • An
    another victim Jan 22, 2009

    another fish here what a way to rob people
    and dont even need a gun i noticed a charge
    of 9.99 for to go on my unicell bill
    i never signed up for nothing and unicell
    said they did nt know who charged me 9.99
    but was collecting it for them than after
    prodding unicell said it was predicto

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  • I called Predicto after speaking with Verizon about a $9.99 charge on my bill. The person at Predicto initially told me they would not refund the money because their sign up process is "extensive" and I would had to have known what I was signing up for. I believe there was an online survey or something that requested a cell phone number to get the results and the next thing I knew, I had mutliple non-stop text messages being sent to me phone. I replied for them to stop, but never had any idea I was charged for anything until I received my most recent bill. Supposedly Predicto will be sending me a refund. Companies like this should not be allowed to exist- it is a total scam ripping off Americans. I don't understand how this happens.

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  • Du
    duper super Jan 23, 2009

    While what Predicto is doing is technically "legal", it is HIGHLY unethical and preys on unsuspecting people that do not pay attention to 8 pages of fine print and their "extensive" sign up process.

    I called the (800) 360-0518 and asked to speak to a supervisor. I explained that while they may be following the law, they are duping thousands of people out of their hard earned money. I explained that while I may have agreed to their terms of service, I certainly wouldn't KNOWINGLY sign up for a service for $10/month to participate in lame-assed surveys and such. The super said that since I was unhappy with the service, she would issue a courtesy credit of the $9.99 in the form of a check within 7 - 10 days. We'll see.

    While $9.99 isn't going to send me into foreclosure or poverty, the principle of their business practice was enough for me to NOT give up.

    If everyone calls with a never-give-up attitude, it will eventually make an impact.

    People like this really piss me off. I wonder how they sleep at night knowing full well of their deceptive business practices.

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  • Ba
    bayougirl Jan 30, 2009

    I have been having charges from predicto appear on my credit card bill in which i never gave out. I contacted sprint for them to tell me predicto is a 3rd party billing and is notifying them to charge me that amount. Sprint had my credit card number only because I paid one month of my phone service on over the phone. I have been disputing these charges now for the last four months that they have been appearing on my bill. THIS PREDICTO IS A BIG SCAM!!! I never signed up for this, I don't text message and never download anything. I always have my phone on me, in which no one else uses. I finally got tired of disputing these charges, canceled my credit card and my cell phone number. I also contacted the BBB. Class Action Lawsuit needs to be filed against these people for stealing peoples hard earned money.

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  • Ja
    Jane Feb 11, 2009

    You can unsubscribe from the Predicto service at any time by texting "STOP" to 654654. Always read the terms before you agree to anything people.

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  • Je
    jereader Mar 01, 2009

    I just called these people after finding the $9.99 charge on my cell phone bill, and on the first call, was told that they could not issue a refund, and that I had agreed to the service. After a bit of further reading on here, I called back, and immediately told the person who answered that I wanted a refund, and if they could not issue me a refund, then I wanted to speak to their supervisor, and that I KNEW that he/she could issue me a refund, and if they did not, then I would report them to the BBB. I also told them that I knew that they were ripping off thousands of people, and immediately, the person on the line told me that I did not need to take any further action... apparently it is worth more than $9.99 to them to stay "below the radar."

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  • Fe
    Fed UP! Mar 10, 2009

    Predicto is a scam, I also have been charged 9.99 per month for this stupid "game". I never signed up for any sort of thing. I ignored the first phone bill and then I got a text that said to cancel text "stop". The next month I still was charged. I called 1-800-736-8743 to predictomobile customer service and raised hell. They told me that I texted them from my phone number on Jan. 9th @ 7:49 p.m. I said no, that is impossible. Then they had tried saying that I must have let someone borrow my phone. Hell no, I did not! They pissed me off because they kept saying that I am missing out on a "fun game". They finally said that they will mail me a check for $9.99. I am still out but I guess I'll take what I can get. It is hard enough right now and to think people can "steel" from you just by your phone number.

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  • Ke
    Kenny Mar 11, 2009

    I have just gotten off of the phone with after they have texted me 20 times today because thats all my phone can hold for messages AND I do not even have text messaging on my phone/service. It is the biggest scam next to bernie madoff going.

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  • Ti
    Ticked Off Mar 12, 2009

    I agree completely! I never signed up for this garbage! US Cellular states they can block the company on my phone and refund the charge. I will not go through this every month. Better Business Bureua and Attorney General here I come.

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  • So
    South Carolina Mar 20, 2009

    Eyall Yechezkell is the CEO of Predicto.
    Apparently it is owned by Next Web Media
    522 E 50th St. New York, NY 10022
    Telephone 212.588.1180
    Fax 212.588.1191
    toll free 888.800.5236
    Tell him to STOP this!
    Will someone please find his personal number so we can post it too and hound him until he stops.

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  • Jj
    jjostm Mar 30, 2009

    I just talked to T-Mobile about these scammers; they're refunding the $10 that they scammed from me, along with putting them onto a "black list, " which will prevent "Predicto Mobile" from charging me again.

    As far as the "customer service" messages above, it's bunk. They may or may not deactivate you. Be sure to go to your cellular carrier so these slimebags cannot charge you again.

    And hey, jerks: You're lying. I **never** received a text that said your service was a premium pay-based texting server. NEVER. As far as I saw, you were an annoying Spammy text messaging service I tried to get rid of. I never voted on your crappy little surveys. I hope that this economy kills your crappy lie-based service.

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  • Ju
    Julie Mar 31, 2009

    I just called the Predicto 1-800-360-0518 and they were very helpful. I expressed my concern at being dupped with the pin # to obtain my IQ score. I also told them i had charges up to 6 monthe ago and wanted a refund for each month. They agreed to refund for the entire 6 months. If they follow through I will post again in 2 weeks and let you know if I got refund check. Also your phone company can not help you you need to call Predicto specifically to get charges removed or refunds.

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  • Ju
    Julie Mar 31, 2009

    Just called the Predicto 800 number and they were very helpful. I called yesterday to ask for refund for March and was told i would receive one and no further action was necessary and then i looked at my bills and found charges up to 6 months ago. I called Predicto back and they were very helpful and agreed to refund all 6 months. I will post again in 2 weeks and let u know if I got check. Call Predicto not your phone co and insist on your refund

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  • Je
    jeff Mar 31, 2009

    Avoid Predicto! They sign you up for a $9.99/month service my scamming you into it through a call from Hey Cosmo then start texting BS to your phone. Call your phone company and get them removed ASAP or you'll be billed month after month!

    To file a complaint with the FTC, visit:

    To have them stop, text "stop" to 654654.

    Their address:
    Certain-teed Corp
    888 Seventh Ave.
    New York, New York, 10019

    Good luck getting rid of these scammers!

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  • Ro
    robwilfos Apr 01, 2009

    I was alos a victim of Predicto. The information given here by "customer service/Precicto Mobile" is a lie. I fell for giving my cell phone number over the internet to get the results of some stupid IQ test texted to me but I never willingly or knowingly agreed to pay for their service. In their responses on this site they claim the following "Please note we use an industry best practice double opt-in to prevent inadvertent or fraudulent sign-ups. To enroll in our service, a prospective member must first submit their cell phone number on the PredictoMobile sign-up page which clearly explains our terms and conditions including the monthly price of the service and billing to the cell phone. We then send a text message to their cell phone which again discloses the essential membership terms." Totally lies! I called and ask for the records that show me not once but twice agreeing to the $9.99 fee. I was told they would send me a refund within 48 hours. The e-mail I received only indicated that my memberhsip has been cancled and the fees I apid are non-refundable. These scam artists need to be stopped and criminally prosecuted. If they claim I agreed to this scam, they should be able to prove it.

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  • Ry
    ryansenator Apr 03, 2009

    i think you're all pretty ridiculous... i've seen this predicto offer all over the web - it very clearly states that the service is 9.99. people love to concept of free content on the internet and generally take it for granted - none of this would be possible if marketers weren't able to profit from the channel - wake up and quit blaming a savvy marketing company for your blatant oversights.. BTW those arent real quizes and your IQ isn't 150, lol.

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  • Pe
    Peter Apr 06, 2009

    My son got scammed into this by text message spam. One call to AT&T got me a refund going back to when it started (2 months ago), a cancellation of the service and a block on all future phone purchases using his number. I'm glad I didn't have to try to deal with the scammers directly.

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  • Vi
    Vince D Apr 10, 2009

    Love the Predicto CS form letter.

    Predicto, y'all are just straight up thieves, wardialing text numbers to hook up new accounts, taking advantage of loopholes in cell company's billing systems, using the message recieved marker to fool thier computers into thinking the victims actually subscribed to your garbage.

    I sincerely hope you people annoy the wrong hacker someday and get bombed completely off the web.

    Fortunatly, AT&T has a purchase block system in place, you have to ask for it, but it can be had, and it is free. You thieves won't get another dime from me, and I've reclaimed what you tried to steal.

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  • En
    enough is enough Apr 24, 2009

    Dear ryansenator "your an idiot" you probably work for the company.
    Nobody is taking this crap for granted. These are stupid quizzes and surveys that people do because they're bored. And there are reputable sites that offer free content, because advertisers pay them to advertise on their website. That's where they make their money, not by tricking people.

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  • Er
    Erik May 04, 2009

    After several months of receiving junk-culture trash email, I grew to hate Predicto-mobile. When I finally realized that I was PAYING for this text-crement, I was considerably more angry.

    I am not some anal-retentive, punctilious little bureaucrat who reads every word of fine print to protect my wallet. I am a human! I've emailed BBB and will mail NY Atty Genl as well. Solidarity!

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  • Ea
    earn May 13, 2009

    who cares if the whopper or big mac are best
    both companies only hire illegal mexicans
    who could not care what ya get
    i always go else where if mexicans s solemente en los establishments
    when mac donalds and burger king hire americans
    and franchise americans
    then they get my dollars

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  • Va
    Vanessa May 23, 2009

    Hey to everyone who has left messages on this page. I completely agree with everything..was also scammed. BS! My thing was that they withheld the bill for 3 mos. and today i checked my verizon bill n there was a charge for $29.95. 3 mos of crap! I got this company to cancel my "subscription" and REFUND my money. Email me if you need help in doing this yourself. This is definately a scam and my fiance and I are contacting the attorney general and some other authorities that we are very familiar with. This needs stopped. I went through five ppl before they informed me they do not give out coorporates number. What kind of company does not send you to coorporate..SCAM ARTISTS! Anyways, email is below, i'm not sure if i can help everyone get a refund but i can at least tell you how I got mine.! [email protected]

    PS-I have been a verizon wireless customer for ten years and its BS that they would allow these charges to be processed without a notification or authorization.

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  • Va
    Vanessa May 23, 2009

    ryansenator-your a ###ing idiot. you prolly DO work for the company since your english sux.

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  • Me
    MEP May 30, 2009

    I noticed a charge for $9.99 on my verizon bill for Premium TXT messaging, which I knew I did not sign up for. Called Verizon who said this as from Predicto and they would block any further Predicto activity. Hope it works. Called Predicto and they tried to tell me how I "signed up" for their service. Never asked for it, don't do that kind of stuff. I did try to take an IQ test on line, but stopped at the end and did not submit for a score when I realized it was probably a scam. I will continue to try and get the $9.99 refund somehow, but this is nothing but underhanded scam artists in the internet. BEWARE

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  • Ro
    RON Jun 17, 2009

    This thing is a complete rip off i never signed up for this service. It is a total scam, , , , I dont look at my phone bill so i didnt notice the charges this went on for 11 months . I called customer service and fought with them on phone and threatened to let my attorney contact them.. they said they would only refund 1 month service.. We will see what happens next ??? RON

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  • Rt
    R. T. Jun 30, 2009

    I agree with all you who got scammed. I guess I can now include myself. I'm still seething with rage. But, I sent them an e-mail. Let me share it with you, if I may.

    I was scammed by Predicto! I can't believe it! I would call you guys, but I'm so angry at you, I'd probably say things that might put me in jail or something. Last month I went to one of your sites and did a quiz. I was sent a PIN to get my results of said quiz. I didn't realize I was signing up for your service by doing so. I DID NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING THAT SAID I WAS SIGNING UP FOR SERVICE! Within a week or two I realized it was a scheme of some sort and texted 'STOP' to remove my number. Now, my phone bill is showing $12 worth of crap you sent me. I want my money back! Regardless of whether or not you'll refund my money, (Which I doubt) I will be reporting you to the BBB. What you are doing is wrong! If you feel you need to contact me on this matter, I can be reached at: ********

    Oh, yeah, by the way... Don't give me this piece of bull:

    We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please note that we at PredictoMobile take customer satisfaction very seriously and would like address any concerns. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-360-0518 so that we can resolve your inquiry. Keep in mind, our toll-free customer service number is also posted on our website as well as included in SMS messages sent to your phone.

    Please note that a customer enrolls in our service by submitting their cell phone number on the PredictoMobile sign-up page which clearly explains the terms and conditions including price of service and billing to the cell phone. We then send the user a text message to their personal cell phone which again details this information. In order to activate the account, the user must then enter the PIN on our website or reply with a confirmation from their cell phone. The clear disclosures and double opt-in process ensures high levels of consumer protection and satisfaction. Again, we look forward to speaking with you and resolving any concerns which you may have.


    Customer Service

    P.S. I can't emphasize this enough. Even though you claim you send the terms and conditions via mobile phone "which again details this information", I did not get anything of the sort!

    Thank you and have a great day scamming unsuspecting people!!!
    Rebecca T.

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  • Ja
    Jane from Missouri Jul 08, 2009

    I have been having the same problem. I took an I.Q. quiz that came up on facebook showing the profile pictures of some of my friends that had taken the quiz and their results. They challenged me to see if I could do better. I clicked on the arrow and answered the questions, then, at the end you must enter your cell phone number to get the results. It will not give you anything or go any further if you do not put in your cell phone number. I finally relinquished and did so only because it appeared that people I knew on fb had done so as well. I went to my cell phone to see and there was a text message from Predicto and it still did not show my results. I deleted the message since I do not have texting on my cell phone plan. My husband asked me about the charge on my cell phone bill and I was surprised to see that I had subscribed twice in the last month for 9.99 each. I tried to call the number on my cell phone bill which is 800-235-7105 but it just tells their office hours, etc. I am going to try the number above that they give and see what happens. I feel facebook is partially responsible for this as well.

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  • Ho
    Hoppie Jul 28, 2009

    These people are still at it. Beware if someone else inputs your cell phone number into the box for the survey you're going to get charged! When I logged into my business account for the cell phones I noticed a charge for 9.99 three times in one month from this company. There is no way that I would have signed up for something of this nature on a business account or my personal account for that matter! This is just ridiculous! I have called the customer service numbers only to be told that I had to of signed up, or someone must have borrowed my phone, and that the terms and conditions are clear and precise. There were no terms or conditions, no one borrows my phone and I know I didn't sign up, I don't do online surveys they are a waste of time. The only indication was a text message that I opened to see what it was saw it was an advertisement and promptly deleted it. I did not reply, did not enter a pin number, and did not highlight and follow the link from my phone. How can this company get away with such horrible business practices.

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  • Jo
    Johnny Giovanni Jul 29, 2009

    Predicto is nothing more than a scam. The poster who said that they use wardialing techniques was not kidding. I never signed up for their service, I have never lent my phone to anyone either. I just got off the phone with verizon and got the predicto junk blocked from my phone. They also refunded me $19.49 for 2 months of theft from predicto. I also called the nice predicto customer service people somewhere overseas and also told them to stop. The operator said that my # would be taken off the list. I sent a follow up email stating to them that I would contact my state attorney general to see about fraud and theft of service charges if they try to charge me again. After reading these posts I can see they are nothing more than a scam company that exploits loopholes in the cellular billing schemes. Nice try Predicto. You are nothing more than modern day electronic thieves and bums.

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  • Au
    Aurumco Aug 07, 2009

    I am with all of you! I just opened my Verizon bill and there is a charge of $9.99...I called Verizon, they said it is from Predicto Mobil, LLC, located at 1 Bridge Plaza, Suite 275, Fort Lee, NJ 07024. They are unable to help due to Predicto being a third party Premium TXT messaging company. Verizon provided me with a number to Predicto. I called 800-360-0518. I gave the Predicto CSR hell because my mobile is used for business purposes ONLY! This is a scam that as you all have stated. Robbing people without a gun. I have never heard of this company nor have I ever subscribed for a TXT from this company. I am waiting for a refund of $9.99. I will take this to the highest level to get my $9.99 back from this company. I have no idea how they got my mobile number. I will NOT let this rest. The CSR at Predicto stated I entered a PIN number? I have never even heard of this company let alone sign up or create a PIN. I asked for proof that I physically created a PIN with this company. The CSR stated she cannot provide me with proof because the PIN is proof??!! I NEVER SIGNED ON FOR ANYTHING!!! So how can I have created a pin???????? This is a scam above all scams out here. This company is disgusting, stealing from people.

    I will not be victimized and stolen from, from this unethical sham of a company. They need to be put out of business ASAP before anyone else falls victim to their unethical ways. Stealing phone numbers and making false charges on our accounts and posting fraudulent sign ups! This must stop! I contacted the BBB of NY and NJ. I have filed a complaint with the County Commissioners offices as well in NY and NJ.

    I predicto that this company will be put out of business very soon!!

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  • Ki
    KIR Aug 12, 2009

    I fell for the scam as well. The only problem is, that I don't really have any clue how I fell for it, how I suddenly signed up for this ###ing scam. I just know I was doing an online competition that I thought was free of charge, since it was online. I too entered my mobile number because I once again, thought it wouldn't cost me anything. Little did I know, that I suddenly would be send text messages that would cost me 5 pounds per message.
    I had to call my phone company to find out how to stop it! They told me I had to send a text back saying STOP. Predicto Mobile never informed me of how to stop it, in any of their messages. I didn't even know who they were, till I googled Predicto, cause that was the first word in the text.
    I then called PredictoMobile Customer Service to get my money back but I didn't get any help at all. I was told I couldn't get a refund. But I could try and communicate with the head office through phone calls and mails. WHY WOULD I WANNA SPEND ANYMORE OF MY ###ING TIME WITH THIS ###ED UP SCAM COMPANY!!! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! SO NO.. Predicto Mobile does not take care of your issues.. They GIVE you issues!!!

    I am now doing some hardcore research to be able to file a complaint with a UK company that does everything it can to stop these scam companies! They just need a bit of evidence.. And I am DAMN WELL gonna give it to them!!!
    May everyone that works with and for Predicto Burn in Hell!!!

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