Precision Niche Produ ts Complaints & Reviews

Age invisible / unauthorized order

I, too, ordered this trial product and shortly recieved a confirmation email but it read that if I didn't send the trial product back w/in the alotted days that my credit card would be charged the 34 something. I immediately refused that offer by an email and said do not send me thi...

Age invisible / Did not order


I was checking my banking statement online and I noticed a charge of 69.32 on my statement. I called the phone number listed with the charge and it was AGE INVISIBLE. I called the number and it was face cream. I never ordered the product and never reciever the product. They told me I had...

Age invisible / Fraudulent Practices


This company employs the same SCAM as AcaiBerry (FWM laboratories). They offer a 14 day "free trial" of Age Invisible where the consumer only pays a small shipping & handling fee. You have to cancel before the 14 days expires or they automatically enroll you in their membership program and...