Pre Loading / preloader stealing

1 Wind field pre loading, Canada

One of your pre loaders jordan Johnson,
Has stolen 2 cartons of cigarettes, one palm mall, du maurier face mask samples and just random things
And Random items that have fallen out of broken boxes, hidden them under his coat, and from Todd I believe his name is.
When he comes over by the rollers or something when Jordan's in mid act.
He takes it out to his car (when he had a working one) on smoke break.
He's stopped and then resumed stealing because at one point he thought Todd was on to him, putting a camera in the truck
He lies and uses his (ex girlfriend) as an excuse to miss a bunch of work, when he really just smokes to much weed, Prior To work, and turns his phone off goes back to sleep, and comes up with a huge story to tell Todd and then laughs he still has a job after being written up, and still stealing and missing work

  • Updated by Bobsmith36, Apr 05, 2019

    Master liar and manipulator

Apr 05, 2019

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