GREAT COMPANY - Two thumbs up!!! This is the first and only homebased company that I have found to offer an honest and professional enrollment form and to send me all supplies, including pre-paid postage, necessary to work from home. NO hidden catches either! I started several months ago and have made a great part-time income. Unlike so many "work-at-home" offers, this company was the most professional, up-front and legitimate! They give you exactly what they say and best of all you do NOT have to place ads or scam other people to earn money.

I highly recommend this company and its Home Based Associate Program!

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  • Ga
    gayleshin Jan 23, 2009

    how do i know that this GOOD REVIEW is from a real person and not from the company?

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  • Km
    km ppsn Jan 23, 2009

    this so-called honest statement is from the owner, who is a liar, scamming thousands of you out of your hard earned money . this is nothing more then a ponzi scheme . those of you that have been scammed should file complaints, this is mail fraud. punishable by jail time . mail fraud is very serious in new jersey . if you have been scammed DON'T take it in the bent over position. file your complaints

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  • Ma
    mama Jan 23, 2009

    So this company is a fraud? I wonder why are they still in business?

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  • Ni
    Nina Cannon Feb 10, 2009

    I recently ordered the home based program. I am unemployed, a mother, and struggling to keep my house so, I was taken when I saw where the PPSN, LLC offered help to homeowners I thought 'hey 'I can do this earn a little money and help educate others... I'm still waiting I hope my client quote comes thru and this company can be viewed as a legitimate one


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  • Li
    lilly Feb 20, 2009

    I can post a great comment about the company! Tell the company to creat a video if they stand behind their business and honesty, no scam company.


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  • Ke
    KELLY Feb 25, 2009

    THIS IS HOW THE COMPANY WORKS THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A SCAM MY MOM HAD PAID THEM $585 TO START THIS SO CALLED WORK AND EVERYTHING THEY SEND YOU SAYS NOTHING ABOUT THE POLICY AND HOW THEY WORK HERE IS A EMAIL THEY SENT ME AFTER I EMAILED THEM TO FIN OUT WHATS GOING ON WHY HASNT MY MOM GOTTIN ANY MONEY BACK. *** Thank you for contacting the Associate Relations Department. In regards to your inquiry concerning pending payment checks, according to the terms and conditions listed on your signed Home Based Associate Enrollment Form, you are paid a commission of $50 per client order, only after a client finalizes an order for our product.

    However, you are not an employee, meaning that you are not paid $1.00 per postcard simply for processing our postcards. We use $1.00 per postcard as a potential average in order to provide you with an example as to what you could potentially earn, however we do not guarantee any specific per postcard payment amount, weekly income, or client response rate. As we previously disclosed prior to your enrollment, our Home Based Associate Program is a Business Income Opportunity, and was not an offer of direct employment and the amount of income earned will vary and is not guaranteed.

    Payment checks are based on a $50 commission per client order for all of the client orders that are finalized under your (PIN) during the prior week. You may still potentially have commission payment check(s) coming to you, and if so, they would be processed and mailed out after we finalize any/all client orders under your (PIN). Also, please understand that sometimes it has taken upwards of 8 weeks from the date we mail the postcards to potential clients in order for client orders to be finalized. Should you generate any client orders from the postcards you processed you will receive the appropriate commission check(s).

    If you have additional questions regarding our Home Based Associate Compensation Plan, or our payment policies and procedures, please refer to Sections 5 & 6 of the Home Based Associate Program Complete Terms and Conditions listed on the reverse side of the yellow copy of your signed Enrollment Form. Or if necessary, we will be more than happy to provide you with a copy of your original Enrollment Form along with those terms and conditions

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  • To
    togoodtobetrue May 05, 2009

    Unfortunatly, you have to read the small print, as pointed out in terms and condit. 5-6, because you only get paid if your unique personal pin number is used. That is the "catch".

    My question is do you have to pay for re stock of the material each time you need more to process?

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  • Bu
    butterfly_tears2002 May 27, 2009

    Yes you do have to pay more money for more postcads and names.

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  • I was completely weary of this, as well as ANY home-based program, but sent the first payment of $45 and did receive my 1st packet to process...I made sure that my packet and payment for next shipment was mailed out 2 days from date I received it...I received my 2nd packet 9 days after (on-time from my estimation), but NO paycheck...only the product and a "reduction of fees" for my 3rd packet...I checked Better Business Bureau and am now convinced these guys are indeed committing FRAUD. I have left messages on the "Company President's" phone, as well as the "customer service" phone...NO ANSWER back. I only invested $45 to date, and even though I am a single-mom recently "let-go" from a company in which I had been FAITHFULLY employed at for 11 years, (due to cancer, mind you), and EVEN though that $45 would have put gas in my car twice or more food on the table, I do feel LUCKY that I didn't loose more money.. I am filing a report with BBB and have filed a police report, AND I absolutely will take them to small claim's court...A cost that will surely outweigh my investment, just due to the PRINCIPAL of it all...I don't back down and I encourage anyone else who has been scammed by PPSN, to do the same.

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  • Hey, just a f/u to my previous message, to ALL disgruntled ppsn (or affiliate programs/comp), this company is operating under approximately 21 different "LLC" business names, as far as what I have been able to track within the last hour...I have to track by "company IP addresses", in order to link to the "parent' companys. the New Jersey post office address in Tom's River, is used for different operating names, but the post-master can not give me those other names, so I have filed a fraud report with the STATE of NEW JERSEY with the address of PO Box 5148...

    If you become aware of this company operating under other business names, please post a blog on this website or feel free to contact me directly a [email protected] so I can forward the info to the Post master of that particular state as well as add them to the list of IRS audits...I can now have the IP addresses investigated so the media (websites) can begin to REJECT advertising by any company using those IP addresses.

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  • Ma
    Malwan Nov 23, 2009

    I just spent $45.00 to start, $195.00 for more shipments but never received a dime for my work.
    The scary part of it is that they have my Social Security Number as well as so many other people that have fallen into this scam.
    They are nothing but crooks and how come the State of NJ continue allowing this to happen? I will do my best to bring them down, I hope that you all do the same.

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  • Cr
    CrystEll Dec 23, 2009

    Hey just a question, what happended to all the other complaints on this company. i cant find anything but these two. That's wierd. There used to be at least six different complaints with about two pages of comments each. Oh well thats different. Well I still haven't got a check and I'm waiting for an answer back. After Christmas there will be some definate ### kicking if I dont get my money back. I dont like being scammed. I am so getting pissed. Contacted my lawyer and after the holidays he's going through everything including all the advertisment and the form they give. I havent sent if back cause it says to do so after you get your first pay check. Well see what it is and I think the feds are going to psychotic on them if its fraudulent. Well laters for now. I got a lot of Chrstmas stuff to do. Merry Christmas to all and to PPSN @*$& YOU. Anyone else with me on that.

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  • Ma
    magicguy Jan 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a letter in the mail with information about this program. I did a search on the company on the BBB and they are not credited by them at all. Also each time you call the number on the letter you get a recording. Never a person.

    The letter I got states clearly that you get paid after sending all the postcards and nothing about having to wait for someone to use the offer under the pin they assign you. After reading the other postings here seems different information regarding this.

    I am not sure if I should send them my $45.00 check to make money or not. Don't want to get scam like there are so many companies out there that unfortunally they are not real. So so many "home based business mailing things" companies that advertise to be easy work to make good money and at the end not good and they are the ones making the money not the people (us) requesting the information and sending the money.

    I run the corporation name under the New Jersey corporations database and they are actually filed with the state under PPSN LLC but then again that does not means much that they are a legit company.

    I can't find any other contact phone number besides the one in the letter I received that you always get a recording each time you call.
    (732) 606-4450

    If anyone else has any further information on this company, if has actually made money with this company, or anything else please contact me directly at:
    [email protected]

    Thanks !

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  • Cr
    CrystEll Jan 21, 2010

    There are only two people who have ever reported to make money. Though if you go to [redacted] you can see that the other company name they've used is also being slammed and you can see some similarities to the head honchos reportings and the "people" on this board who claim to have made money. Stay with your money. I'm talking to a lawyer and writing to all the papers around here as well as trying to get a hold of the news stations. You guys should do the same. Oh yeah if all that crap about the fine print on the back of the contract even tries to contadict thier promises. Just check out thier web site. how are poeple who get the contract off the internet supposed to see any fine print on the back. They have no legal ground for what they're doing and I 'll make sure my money is coming back to me. Go to Prepaid Legal and see if they can help those of you who cant afford a lawyer. Later till I get more news on everything going on.

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