PP&L Electric UtlitiesPPL Rufuses to Repair Power Issue


i live on the 1000 block of main street in Bethlehem PA. Every time it rains or the wind blows our power goes out. This has been going on ever since the Hurricane we has last year. When the power goes out it is just the 1000 block. William Penn Elementary is right across the street and they are in the same boat as us. This issue is effect the tax payers because the school generator is running a lot because of the power going out.

i am a web designer who works out of may home here at 1007 Main Street in Bethlehem PA. I have to shut down my equipment every time it rains or gets a little windy. I have issues now with some of my equipment because of the power failing constantly. I have filed an informal complaint with the Utilities Commission and am awaiting a response. I have little hope of a resolution to this problem because of the shear size of PP&L and their legal staff.

Every time I have contacted PP&L I am told that they will send a message to the engineer and I never hear anything out of it and the problem is never repaired. PP&L should be held accountable for these issues and my losses because it affects my work greatly that the power flickers so frequently.

My neighbors and may family are at our wits end regarding this matter and the lack of respect we receive from PP&L as paying customers. If you have an further questions for me pleas fell free to contact me via the contact information below.


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