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I ordered 1/2 cord of wood from an ad in the newspaper. The seller stacked the delivery in a creative "pyramid" that didn't appear to be 1/2 cord. We complained and discussed it but he absolutely insisted the 1/2 cord was there and that we just couldn't tell because of how it was stacked - which he "had" to do since there was no rack. We relented and paid him and restacked the wood after he left. We got exactly 33 cubic feet of the 64 cubic feet we paid for. We suspect he uses this stacking style to trick his customers. He also insists on delivering after work when it is dark so you can't see what you are getting very well. We called him well over a dozen times. Yesterday he hung up on us twice. We'll also file a complaint with the AG of Texas and everywhere else we can think of. Moral of the story - don't pay for your wood delivery until you have determined that it is the full amount!

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