Pos Malaysiaservice and attitude

S Nov 25, 2019

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I'm writing this due to my parcel did not receive.

1st time delivery receive sms by your postman & we did return call few times but no pick up. Called to post office mentioned location & there was no answer as well. So, items have to be collected at the post office. We went there to collect the next day but what a shock answer I receive which they mention they couldn't find my parcel. We waited for 1 hour and still they couldn't trace my parcel which is in suppose to be in their area.

So called up KL and mention then asked for 2nd delivery. I asked if i can give new address and they agreed. So 2nd delivery address were given and your staff promise me to send to the new address on 2nd delivery which is the next day. But on that delivery day, they send to the same address and refuse to admit their mistake. Again, sms were received from the postman & we started to call. Ring up the post office location as well but no pick up. For many hours we tried to get hold of the postman but the operator keep on mention not in service. What kind of service is your courier industry providing? Till end of the day we still can't get thru the postman mobile so I decided to call up KL again. After talking for so long end up your staff admit their mistake, but threaten me that there is no 3rd time delivery service. It is their mistake and I have to self collect the parcel? Why is it that other courier company offers such a good service but not your company? So, before conversation ends, they agreed to send 3rd time delivery to my new address, but until today no movement of the item.

Please check on your staff attitude & behavior as this is service industry. Are you suppose to treat your customer that kind of behavior?

I'm totally dissatisfied with your service as already promise but no action.

Appreciate if you could look into this matter seriously.

Thank you.

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