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1 Malaysia

On Wednesday, 17/04/2019 I received an SMS stating the item I purchased online was delivered unsuccessfully. Referring to item ref :ER967707912MY. The same SMS had pos laju hotline number to which I called and arranged for re- delivery. Upon inquiring on reason for the 1st attempt failure as I was very much at home, the customer rep quoted the reason as " there was a green umbrella placed in front of the door" . Indeed, i placed my umbrella to dry in front of the door to dry as it was raining the night before. You could have just called and checked! Pos laju, buck it up. This is not the 1st time I'm having issues with your delivery services. If other similar services i.e GDEX, DHL and Lazada could efficiently deliver, you as national courier service should be doing better!

Pos Laju Putrajaya

Apr 18, 2019

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