police spying on people in nasik and deolali and on army peoplespying by police in nasik on army and army areas

A Sep 01, 2018

this vehicle

mh15 ea 0227 has two drunk policemen of commissioner ranks and they follow people secretly in deolali and anyone who visits deloali and nasik city and goes to bank atm and other government departments in nasik

now why would commisssioner rank people follow ordinary people in nasik unless the person is a Income tax commissioner, army general or a army colonel or top ranking government officer. if commissioner of police and other high ranks are following it means something is suspicious and it is not happening from today they are doing it since many years

this kind of vehicles we have kept only for top government officers or anybody from top government.

after coming back from government departments or to banks for official work like kyc

address change money transactions and other normal things

the vehicle mh15 ea 0227 starts following people which ever route you go to gangapur road, satpur, pavan nagar pahthardi phata or on indira nagar road and the vehilce has high rank police officer

they have involved their children in criminal activities so when these drink police follow they have their own children in triple seats in vehicles

example of one motorbike is
mh15 ed 2604 having three boys on them.

where the vehicle mhh5 ea 0227 is seen you can easily guess that their childre n are also on road to harass people and they children three each on the bikes follow on every road with sometimes five to ten bikes or even twenty bikes at different roads whichever road one takes

if you go to gondhe and other highway areas the problem is more and it means regular harassment for anyone seen on mumbai highway or coming from mumbai

once or twice it is okay and even 20 times these drunk people follow is okay but it seems they are doing it more than 500 times for each person in the city

if they do not follow you, then vehicle mh15 ea 0103 is having men and women and the lady insude the big vehicle takes photos of people coming and goung out if houses

if there is only one man he sleeps in the vehicle and keeps 24 hours duty on people in pathardi areas

after plastic was banned these people kept a watch on shops and demanded 10000 rupees fines

they also keep watch on all army people if any army person is a terrorist and now the hafta of helment and seat belt is being taken even in army areas so after some bad episode in deolali maybe they got permission to make money insude the army areas also

our army protects us at the border and these people tkae haftas and make money and follow people

they are behaving as if nasik is a mini kashmir and every 5 to 10 meters we ahve checking points in nasik

this problem is not in other cities but when we visit other cities we haev seen these people also make the rto over there follow us in pune and other cities also if you go fro some functiion also

so people get afraid not having done any crime in their lives if they are followed it is not easy and it is not easy to complain also

which department to complain and who in government is powerful enough to take action as even government is afraid of police people these days becasue of top people in government beign caught from army and airforce and even judges being caught in India

so everyone in government including political leaders except shivsena which controls this police are fear of them

when people take photos of this children of police these people run away and ladies on road are saying these people are seen regularly on road following people in nasik

secret spying of government and its officers is being carried out and even tapping of phones of governemt people is begin done today under their instructions

if people have not done any crime in their lives they will complain to the top most people in government unless government take necessary action as per laws of India

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