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I purchased a Polaroid television in November, 2006. It broke in May. In September, after repeated daily calls, they finally returned a portion of my purchase price. Here's my real problem. I repeatedly tried to get past the customer service representatives to speak to someone and I was told they did not have contact with anyone at corporate headquarters. They said they were the final word on repairs and they could not and would not give me a refund or another television. I finally considered it a small victory to get what I did. I just found this site and would like to warn others of their lack of service. Very disappointing!


  • Ca
    Carol Miller Aug 16, 2008

    Widescreen LCD TV modle TLA-01911C used 18 months 2 hours a dat unpluged it and it wont come back on. Tried to find repair person . Was told by repair man that you couldnt get parts. and might as well pitch it.

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  • Lp
    l pearce Aug 21, 2008

    bought 22"lcd tv 8 months old gone wrong tv has no picture after 4 minutes of watching, no one will repair it . told to bin it

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  • Di
    disappointed Oct 10, 2008

    I purchased my 32 in. polaroid in Nov 07. By January the TV would just freeze picture. I would attempt to use remote to turn it off or change it and nothing. Use power button from TV and nothing. The only way to reset was by unplugging. Very disappointing.

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  • An
    Angela Nov 10, 2008

    I purchased my LCD HDTV 12/07 ..off and on while watching, the TV picture would go completely black. The only way to resume was to turn the TV off and back on again. Being technologically challenged...I assumed it was some error in the way I programmed my remote. But the problem got worse and much more often.. Once my son assured me it was not operatior error, I contacted Polaroid.

    I have missed watching a historical election...and this TV was the only one in the house connected to cable, etc. I have only 1 other TV in my B/R. What is alarming is the Polaroid website doesnt have any links to file a consumer complaint..No services reps can give their full names for future reference...I requested a full refund..I do not want a polaroid product at this point. But they have shipped me a part...when the tech came out..it was the wrong part...I am waiting for a part again..and will then have to wait for the tech a second time...who wants to go through this? Give me a store credit or cut me a check...I am not interested in Polaroid any longer.

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  • Wi
    William Murphy Nov 13, 2008

    I am haviing the same problems with polaroid. Very poor customer service. I finally got a telephone number for their corporate office. Hope this helps. Perhaps if enough complaints come in they may actually do something, but I doubt it. Best advice is don't buy any television product from them. 1800-605-5364

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  • Ga
    gavincurtis Feb 24, 2009

    Problem is due to poor quality capacitors in the switching power supply. Replacing any vented caps (actually all on the PS board should be replaced) usually restores these sets and makes them extremely reliable. If set till shuts down with blue LED, then backlight inverter needs help next.

    About $10.00 in parts.

    Bad caps mentioned above may damage inverter electronics. The inverter driver transistors need replacing.

    These sets aren't too bad to repair and are a great TV once proper quality caps are installed. They tried to save a few dollars and it came back to haunt them. The power supply is the foundation of the TV, make it weak... TV will become infamous no matter how good the video electronics are.

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  • Na
    Nan Apr 15, 2009

    I bought a HD Polaroid T.V spending about $350. Model # FLM 1511. It lasted about 6 months (total viewing at a seasonal house). When I discovered that it was not working properly, I called the company. They would not do anything to help me out. I have since called 3 times and it it always the same. They want me to pay almost $200. for a refurished T.V. Why would I want to do that? The same poor quality still exists !!! I would advise EVERYONE not to buy ANY Polaroid products. Spread the word !!!P.S. if anyone knows where I can get this repaired at a reasonable price, please let me know otherwise it will be taking up space forever at the local landfill. [email protected]

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  • Jm
    JMCruz3 Jun 12, 2009

    Polariod is horrible! I bought a 40" television from them in 03/08 and a few months later lines appeared in the screen. They came to fix it, but they were unable to so I had to ship it back to them to exchange it for a refurbished one. They said it would take about 2 weeks to get a new tv. After repeated calls and talking to a supervisor it took 3 months to get a new television. Then they sent me the same size tv, but a different model. Now, three weeks later, the tv is broken. I called and apparantly they are changing wharehouses and cannot do another exchange through them until at least 7-10 days when they are all set up. I told them I do not want an exchange, I don't want anything from Polariod except my money back, but apparantly they will not even do that with out a refund. DO NOT buy anything from Plolariod, I never will again!

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  • Tr
    tretrea Jul 16, 2009

    AINT DIS A BITTCH i should of read this dam thing ten years ago my polaroid tv black out i turn on my power but it shows no pitch im fucing piss over dis POLARIOD IS HORRIBLE i mean by everyone comments it sounds like polariod build there tvs or any other sheyt with gum and glue and a string i mean they just making money off of us by selling things that they do as a rush and neva check stuff out when they sell them to u NEVA NEVA NEVA NEVA NEVA NEVA NEVA NEVA NEVA NEVA NEVA NEVA NEVA NEVA u know wat NEVA times 100000000000000 buy a system/ANYTHING from them

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  • Ro
    Robert M. Hartle Sr. Jul 19, 2009

    Polaroid knowing sell's their product's with a WARRANTY. And extended WARRANTIE'S. That they knowing DO NOT HONOR. Everyone who contact's Polaroid with a problem of a product under warranty is told the very same thing. To mail in and or fax a copy of the reciept of the product at need's repaired. And ALL PERSON'S are then told that they POLAROID can not plainly read the reciept. Which is BULL ###. When In fact Polaroid is pocketing SCAMMING money on Warrantie's and extended warrantie's . Very Well Knowingly.

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  • Ro
    Robert M. Hartle Sr. Jul 19, 2009

    Polaroid is a COMIE COMPANY. And should be taken to Court. AND PUT OUT OF BUSSINESS. So contact Your local State Rep. And State and U.S. Attorney General's Office. Robert M. Hartle Sr. 1263A Riverside Drive Oil City Pennsylvania 16301 814-676-5136

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  • Ka
    Kawaii Jul 28, 2009

    I have a 22 inch Polaroid TV that I bought for my mom. Fortunately, she doesn't watch it much, or I guess by now it would be totally dead. When I am watching the TV, suddenly a big black box will show up in the middle of the picture. It doesn't do this on ALL stations but selectively. It doesn't like channel 13 (CBS) so maybe it's partial to NBC :-) I always thought it was because I was using a HD antenna, until I took it off and plugged it into Cable. Not sure what is wrong, but I guess I won't bother to call the company. Looks like it's a waste of time

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  • Po
    Polaroid TVs - DO NOT BUY Jul 29, 2009

    THIS IS CRAZY. I agree with all of the compliants above. We purchased as 42" LCD Polaroid TV approximately 2.5 yrs ago. The picture still looks great but the sound went out (stopped working) approximately 2 weeks ago. Needless to say, attempts to get resolution to the problem were unsuccessful. Their service is absolutely horrible!! They didn't have an answer to the problem and could only suggest that we purchase surround sound or some other type of speakers to hook up to the tv... now, maybe I'm missing somehting but if the sound does not work, what difference would hooking up independent speakers make? Oh, they also offered to send someone out to take a look at the TV for a $200 assessment only. Then, depending on the issue, they may be able to fix it or order parts for additional $$. I mean, we spent over 1k for this tv and now the sound is gone! I have a small old school tv that I had in college which is over 15 years old that still works fine that was far cheaper than this Polaroid. I REALLY THINK THERE SHOULD BE SOME TYPE OF CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY. It's a shame when you spend this type of $$ on something that has a life span of less than 3 years. We got suckered along with the rest of you. Like you, we did not read up on the product or company in advance of the purchase. YOU CAN BET, WE WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER... purchase another product from POLAROID again!!! IF someone hears of a lawsuit, please keep us posted.

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  • Dr
    D.R. Thomas Aug 09, 2009

    My husband bought me a 15" T.V. a couple yrs. ago & only had it 13 mos. when the T.V. stopped working. The sound was there, but the picture would go out after 5 seconds & not come back. I made several calls to find out in my area that you can't take it anywhere to get fixed & that I would have to call polaroid for them to take care of it. It has been a total nightmare since Fed. 2009. I was told I could purchased a reworked t.v. for $110.00 & it would be guarantted 4 90 days. I have talked to about 30 people since then. They sent me two t.v.'s that do not work & now am stuck w/one that the sound works but no picture. I have never seen a company like this one. You can rest assured I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, buy another item that says polaroid. They kept my money-$110.00 & I spend $34.86 on shipping when I sent my broke one in. NOONE on the phone will help me, & now they are saying Polaroid has chged & got bought out by other people, so these people won't do anything either. They don't mind taking your money, but the service & guarantee is a total JOKE. I wouldn't recommend POLAROID to anyone. They do not stand behind their products or their word on anything. I would also like to get info on a lawsuit if anyone finds out anything. We have spent $250.00 at Walmart for the 1st t.v. & then $34.86 for shipping & $110.00 for a reworked t.v. that won't work that I am stuck with.

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  • Be
    beyerch Aug 20, 2009


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  • Ja
    JaSh Sep 14, 2009

    We're disgusted with Polaroid too. Our LCD TV crashed in less than three years. A $1, 000 tv and Polaroid wants $325 to replace the control box which obviously is defective having read similar complaints. Aoid Polaroid at all costs.

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  • Je
    jeanie bartle Sep 21, 2009

    Bought a polariod tv less than a year ago, contacted service when mysterious vertical yellow strip appeared...technician said that I damaged screen, tv has NOT been touched, it is on a shelf, no children, no pets, two senior citizens only...cost would be 75% of oroginal cost to repair...I will NEVER buy another polaroid anything...Bad PR, bad tv...

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  • Pi
    Pissedoffatpolaroid Sep 22, 2009

    I bought my TV in february of 2006, what a piece of junk! A mysterious black box appears and when you least expect it, the picture totally disappears but a very thin diagonal line across the screen, I actually have to tilt the TV back and forth with a little force and hit the top with my fist just to get the picture back, this started happening about 8 months ago-they aren't very well put together at all, what a ripoff!!

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  • Le
    Lesalady33 Oct 14, 2009

    Hi there, just want to add my two cents... we have a polaroid tv, model 4011 TLXB. The mysterious black box (as mentioned below several times) started appearing on our screen last night...on every channel. I called polariod customer service and spoke with a very nice man named David. He walked me through several troubleshooting measures until we discovered that the black box was simply the closed captioning function pushed 'on' instead of off. By simply pressing the 'cc' button on our tv remote several times until the fuction was turned off, the black box disappeared. We have toddlers running around and I'm sure one of them got a hold of them got a hold of the remote to turn the cc function on without us knowing. Hope my experience helps others...

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  • Ho
    houseband13 Dec 26, 2009

    I have a 32" Polaroid flatscreen with the built-in dvd player. The dvd player stopped working 6 months ago, So I bought a cheap wal-mart player and thought "no big deal". Now the screen goes completely black at random times. The sound always stays on, just the screen goes black. If you turn it off and back on, the screen comes back for a while, but always goes black again. The set also has a black strip of some sort of seal coming down out of the top, I only noticed it recently, but it has become worse. Summary: This is the biggest piece of junk I have ever purchased. It is a little over 2 years old. I feel completely ripped off and non-trusting of this "traditional" company that used to have a good name, and skeptical of all electronics at this point, but please do not ever purchasse a Polaroid product again... ever. I hope they go out of business for screwing their customers this way.

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  • Hm
    hmamapeaches Feb 02, 2010

    we had a vertical strip down the side of our polaroid with in 8 months.Took it back to store they cfouldn't help so they called the company and they didn't even reconize the model .Would not help us.never again!!!

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  • Ra
    raynan Feb 26, 2010

    I've had my 48" flat screen Polaroid combo for 2 years. It completely stopped working yesterday. I believe that if I watched more TV it would have burned out s0oner.

    You're right, they took a free ride on their reputation with these TV's, but, as far as I'm concerned, they threw their reputation in the trash with my trashed TV. I will never again even use the Polaroid picture printing machines!!! They say, "He who laughs last laughs best!" When enough people stop using their products, we will definitely have the last laugh!

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  • Po
    Poaroid Sucks Mar 13, 2010

    I bought a Polaroid portable DVD player at Christmas time. We tried to use it for the first time in March and it would not work. It keeps reading LOADING and will not play. I called the customer service number that was given and spoke with 3 people. The first girl that i spoke with hung up on me after she asked me to power up the DVD. I put the phone down to plug it in and when I returned she was gone. I called back and spoke with a gentleman who said that he did not know who I spoke with because the operators dont leave notes which is not true. The final person that I spoke with was a "Supervisor" if thats what you want to call him. He said that he was reading the notes from all my calls. The bottom line is that your dealing with someone who is making just over minimum wage that could care less. They are usually from a certain race and always have immediate attitudes.I was told that there was a 90 day warranty period and that I was just out of that time frame and that it would cost 90 dollars to exchange for a new one. I will never buy another item from POLAROID, EVER!!

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  • Mb
    mbhun67 Apr 22, 2010

    The warreny dept looks for reasons not to provide customer servive they will be the end of the company for sure, other wise customer service was good produuct had great featuresa graet price, POOR CAMERA STRAP DESIGN the mount for stap is a CHEEP PLASTIC PIN the size smaller than a PENcil lead, to support the wieght of the camera dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

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  • Gt
    GTH Atlanta Jun 26, 2011

    I feel that i should return this 40" TV back to Wal- Mart
    that were i purchase it. One it will not power on, no sound or picture
    I paid Wal Mart--- They should replace it or return my money

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  • Rr
    rrrtools Oct 09, 2011

    I am just having trouble finding parts for my polaroid 2611 txlb, polaroid is not at fault, I knocked the tv over and wrecked the screen. I just want to get a new display. Does anyone know where I can get parts are how to contact polaroid for parts? Thanks, Rodney. My email is [email protected]

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  • Bi
    BILLTHRP Oct 07, 2012


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  • Sh
    Shelleyk May 11, 2013

    I too bought a 22 " flat screen Polaroid TV in Aug 2012. It died in April 2013. I called Polaroid but they never answer and only take messages (even though their outgoing message says they will call you back.) I received an email from them asking for details about the tv and the solutions I had tried. I answered all of the questions but never got a reply email. I finally got a tv repair man to look at it. He said it was a bad main board in the tv. He didn't think it was worth repairing. I guess I'm stuck and will now have to throw it away. Really - Polaroid you 'pulled the wool' over everyone's eyes. I really trusted your name because of your stellar reputation. I guess I learned a lesson the hard way...as usual.

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  • Gh
    Ghostshroud Jun 18, 2013

    I had my polaroid 42 inch lcd for about 3 years. I already replaced the power board once and now I have to do it again because it just blew again. I think this time ill just replace the capacitors and see if that works. There are youtube videos that show how to do this and where to buy the board or capacitors. The power board is usually under a 100.00 dollars and is really easy to replace if you have some technical experience. But if you follow the videos even a novice would be able to do it. It just suck that these tv's have these issues. Hope this helps.

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