SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Plenty of Fishpof seriously bad for your health.

N Sep 10, 2018 Review updated:

It is not the first time i have came across bunny boilers on a dating site, but i met one recently on Pof who was driving me to drink. It all seemed innocent enough when we met, but then she started driving a long distance and turn up outside my door, then send me a text asking asking where am i, i would then reply to the message and she was outside my door without telling me she was driving over. Now i clearly see that kind of behavior as stalking/checking up on you to see if you have another woman in your home. Then this behavior then quickly became pestering and i was being bombarded with text messages, some 200 maybe in one day...and she was basically demanding to see me and just firing off messages one after the other which i was just deleting and not reading as it was just causing distress. Oh it also turned out that she was formerly abused by some religious group and was also bi-polar, which really is no surprise when it comes to women from Pof, as nearly every woman ive known in the last 6 years was abused in on way or another Oh just one last point, Pof was ranked in the uk news as the most dangerous dating site going, with some 56% of crime attributed to their site...all of these where from rape to fraud to online grooming and stalkers. So, i can say this...Pof is seriously bad for you health, mental well being and many more things besides


  • SubSquirrel Sep 10, 2018

    Well, giving your address to a stranger is dangerous for men, too. I’ve never visited the site but it scares me now. I’ve viewed other sites where the women post beesutiful photos of thin women. Yet the ad seems fake and things don’t add up. And these hung hunks turn out to be quite different. If you’re desperate for a quick time in bed, people there are easy. For quality people, take time, keep private and do your research.

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    NordicHammer Dec 04, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Yeah, ive just came off the site again after only 10 days, because dating sites are not dating sites, they are sit there and say nothing sites. The women on pof, dont look you up, dont speak, dont reply to messages...i total fact they dont do anything other than sit there on line waiting for someone to feed their incredibly insane attention seeking disorder. It does not matter what site you try, they are all the same, even the top end paid ones. I just spent 6 months on zoosk and i only spoke to one person and that was only a few messages. Day after day for six months, the same women looking me up over and over and i mean jesus, how long does it take you to make up your mind...oh my good these pathetic female weakling window shoppers, by the time they have made their mind up, next season clothes are in the window. I can just see the pathetic morons sitting there deliberating, erm erm erm erm ...and 6 mths later...erm erm erm erm l...F***ING THICKETS !

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