[Resolved] PnP Jeffreys Baypnp jbay treats small supplier like a dog!


Good day, we are a small niche product supplier responsible for the distribution of many well known brands in the Eastern Cape.

We are fortunate to supply direct to some of the Family PnP's.

We supply to PNP Family Supermarket Jeffreys Bay. We have a couple of awesome products listed with them (bakery)

We are however being treated very very poorly by a lady named Helga (Manager). You can stand in-front of her and be friendly, she will not acknowledge or greet you. When we need to do top-up orders (no stock on the shelve) she will go on an aggressive rampage that we need to get listed through PNP head office. The general feeling is that she hates dealing with small suppliers because it creates extra work and she does not like loading codes or assist them.

I was wondering, is this normal practice for PNP to treat young growing companies like dogs! We started small 4 years ago and yes we are growing rapidly, but we are not listed as a PNP direct supplier YET! We still need to go through all the audit processes etc. This is not a once-off-bad-day occurrence it happens every time we visit the store. What makes it sad is that we are locals - CUSTOMERS at that same PNP!

Your advise on how to restore/create a good relationship with Helga will be much appreciated. We would love to work with her and be treated with respect like we treat her.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Lorraine Marais
Development & Sales
Delish Distribution (Pty) Ltd
Tel: [protected]

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