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Ever since last week I have been getting calls from John Sullivan home based business, stating that I had an court case on his desk that I had to take care of before it would go to court. Well I finally got to call back today, this morning when I called they had me on hold for 20 min. I decided to hang up and call back later. I called back this afternoon and first time when I called the gentlemen that answered said legal then he puts me on hold then a another gentlemen answers PN Financial his name was Tony Rich then I gave him the case number 73997. He said oh hello, I said to him that I was calling trying to see what this was about he said it was about a cash advance loan that I took out with a company and stated that I had to pay back 100% of the debt today. I was trying to talk after listening to him then he said you sound like a nice young lady that is trying to take care of this I am willing to help you hold on. The same person that said his name is Ron comes back to the phone after being on hold for 2 minutes and says I taked to the company and they are willing to let you pay less than 50%. He then goes on and says you will need to take care of this matter, I was trying to talk to him nut he began to get nasty and rude, he said young lady you need to listen to me I am talking and there can't be two people talking and if you want me to help you to stay out of court you need to stop talking and listen to me. Then he calmed down and said do you understand what I am saying as if I am a child, I said hmmm. So he goes on and says you need to give me your checking account number and I said, I don't have one he said ok a credit card will do. I said I don't have one of those either he said you don't bank with __________ anymore I said no. Then I asked him could he mail me this documentation so I could look it over and mail in a payment, he said no I can fax it to you or email it to you. I stated to him if it is a legal document you will need my signature, he said no you do not and repeated I can email it or fax it to you. Then he goes on and said trying to get your mother, father, sister, cousin or friends credit card information to see if they can help you out. I said I could not do that, then he says ok this is what I am going to do I am going to keep you file on my desk for 24hrs you have until then to get back with me and let me know what you are going to do. Before getting off the phone I said can I have your name please he said hesitately my name is John Sullivan I am the Attorney, now this is the same person that told me his name was Tony Rich.


  • Ka
    karma Mar 23, 2009

    P.N. Financial is complete fraud. They are not accredited by the BBB either. They call around asking for money and not even keeping tabs, here is my experience with them. They call all over your family trying to get in contact with you while also letting everyone know how much you owe, and how you have court date in a city i didn't even live in!!! They finally got a hold of my moms house and said i owed something with bank of America but when i called them they said i owed some cash advance from some random company. Now i do have money to spare at the time and i know i owed some creditors so the dummy in me paid them $300 to where i would be left owing $218 at the end of next month. I also had provided them with my work number and email. But the middle of next month my mom gets a call on her cell phone this time saying $300 and they have called all over the family and no one knows where i am and if she has a clue, this is when my mom asked the guy Tony Rich "didn't you just talk to her last month and get all the info" and he just became quiet with nothing to respond. I made the mistake of giving them my $300 but they wont be getting the rest of it. I even read in forums where they dig stuff out from your credit history that has expired and claim you have to pay it or saying you a company or bank money whom you have never done any business with.

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  • Mr
    mrjohnson Jun 11, 2009

    1. Most of their debt is out of stat meaning they really can't legally collect it from you cause its so old.

    2. Ask for a copy of the original loan/credit application you signed cause often they wont have it.

    3. Tell them to call back and when they call back, record their conversation where they are breaking a zillion laws.

    4. Threaten to sue them for violating the FDCPA unless they send you a paid in full letter immediately.

    5. Get a lawyer with your recording in hand and then make some money by suing them.

    6. Ask for a copy of their collections license in your state (many states need them) and they only have it in IL. Contact your state's Attorney General and report them.

    7. They all use Aliases. The owner's name is Nelson Macwan.

    8. There is no "legal division" and they don't have any lawyers on staff. If they represent themselves as lawyers then I believe this is a big law violation (check with your lawyer). Again tell your attorney general.

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  • Hi
    Hiep Aug 25, 2009

    Yes, I got a similar situation where this company called both my wife cell phone and my cell phone demanding that I pay a debt. When I requested a validation letter and more information, they just stopped. I thinki it's a scam.

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  • Mr
    mrcopywriter Oct 19, 2009

    I also had similar contact with this company, only difference was that it was a letter designed to look like a court judgment that I could of course avoid for the small sum of $10, 000 paid within ten days. I sent a letter asking them to verify this debt while pointing out the multiple instances where their letter had violated the FDCPA and engaged in blatant fraud (i.e. manufacturing a docket number). Haven't heard back. I really don't expect to either.

    I went on to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, FTC, my local attorney general, the Illinois Attorney General, and the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (the department responsible for licensing collection agencies).

    As best as I can tell PN Financial is engaged is pretty much outright, straight up fraud. They've been sued multiple times under the FDCPA and have an F Rating from the Illinois Better Business Bureau. "John Sullivan" is not a licensed attorney in Illinois and the real owner of PN Financial, Nelson M. Macwan, has a history of Medicaid fraud in NY and trafficking in prescription drugs in IL. How PN Financial is still in business is beyond me.

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  • Su
    Super Consumer Advocate Jan 12, 2010

    The attorney that is listed on the letters is John T. Sullivan who just happens to investigate medicaid fraud in New York.

    Apparently Nelson was impressed by his ability to bring justice and is using his name to reap the benefits.

    The agent listed on the account for PN Financial was /name removed/ in Libertyville, IL. As of 1/11/10 the agent has been removed from the business listing. However, by law, there has to be an agent listed and as soon as the information is available we will update.

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  • Is
    I sue debt collectors Jan 13, 2010

    My associates and I sue debt collectors (and others) who violate the law. There is no licensed attorney in Illinois named John Sullivan. Whomever answers the phone at P.N. Financial has been rude and strange to my staff. We enjoy seeing such people and companies as FDCPA defendants.

    If you have received a letter from P.N. Financial reading "Notice of Judgment" and containing fake case captions, etc., or a letter from any other debt collector, forward it to me for free review.

    "Let's sue these ###s."


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  • Bl
    bluemajique Jan 21, 2010

    I fell in there trap as well I paid them 357 for a debt that I had and I don't know how they got all my information. Now all I want to know is that did I lose out on that money or can I get it back by sueing them.

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  • Mo
    moodie74 Apr 05, 2010

    I just got a letter from PN Financial offering a Stimulus Settlement on a credit card debt. I called and made arrangements but then when I looked at the credit card company and the a/c number I realized that I had paid that in full back in late January of 2010 with another company. So they basically are trying to collect on that account, for the full amount. LUCKILY I found the letter stating I am paid in full and bank statements showing proof of payment. Its like they share accounts with each other...once paid off at one company pass it off to another. I guess this is how people make money during the Obama administration..SCAM ARTISTS!

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  • Tl
    Tlopez72 Apr 09, 2010

    I reside in florida & a few years ago, I got a online loan, This company PN Fninancial called me & threaten that if I didnt pay up this loan they were going to throw me in jail & that I would spend 5 years behind bars, I have never been in any kind of trouble so when I got my income tax this year I paid them $1350.00, ( They started calling around income tax time). They were supposed to email proof of payment but I never received anything, the only proof I have is bank statement with their company name. Have I lost this money? was I scammed? how do I find out if this was the case? This people were very nasty & needless to say they scared me.

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  • Be
    BeeBee12 May 20, 2010

    I received a phone call from John Levin on behalf on attorney Ray Buchanan and was instructed to call [protected] in reference to a docket number. I called and spoke to Mr. Levin (he said not change?) and was informed that I owed $1200.00 from a payday loan made back in 2007. I asked for a letter verifying the debt along with a copy of the bill from the company and was told that I did not need one due to the fact that I had ALREADY PAID the debt. I then asked that if the debt was paid, why was there a need for this phone call? Mr. Levin became EXTREMELY rude and told me that I had "talked enough and it was time to listen."

    Mr. Levin then stated that I HAD NOT PAID the debt and that I would prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law "to show [me] that he wasn't playing games." I again asked for a letter verifying the debt along with a copy of the bill from the company and I would pay the debt if legitimate. He offered to e-mail me a letter, which I refused (because this is a legal document). He then stated that the bill wasn't paid because my credit card (which I don't have) was declined. I again (for a THIRD TIME) asked for written verification because I would not agree to any payment without it. Mr. Levin began yelling and told me that he wasn't dealing with me anymore and that a supervisor "would deal with me." Since this was obviously a scam, I hung up the phone.

    Two minutes later, I received a very nasty voicemail stating that I would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and he didn't know "why I was playing games." I will wait and see if I receive any other phone calls. I will definitely file a complaint with the BBB.

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  • Mi
    miamis Jun 03, 2010

    I will post some information on this scam company. Firstly, there is a very good chance that if the debt is even real they do not own it. PN Financial is known for stealing accounts from other collection agencies. Secondly, all the threats of prosecution are illegal. If you were threatened I highly suggest you get an attorney. DO NOT PAY THIS COMPANY. In January 2010 they removed their registered agent and in April 2010 the state of Illinois dissolved this company. Their owner is an ex-con convicted of drug dealings and medicaid fraud. What you should do is file complaints with the Illinois Attorney General(very important), the FTC, your state's AG, and the BBB(although that is pretty worthless). Don't be a victim of these scam artists.

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  • Ar
    ariel49 Aug 24, 2010

    hi i am also getting the same problem with PN financial company called me it seems that they are stalking me from hawaii to north carolina. for a debt of $700 now she says she wants$200 then write off the rest i think they are a bunch of liars they are stalkers they are digging up peoples movement wherever we go they find us no matter where we go they will find us there and threaten us with those talks i was told to let go of it and they are trying to scare people they are a bunch of nasty rude talkers on the phone threaten to get money. i got warnings from others to watch my back and so anyone who has trouble with pn financial beware of those phone calls that comes to you i know they also got my address she got nasty i said how you find out my phone number and address i know and we all know where you are at we can come now get you and throw you in jail and court i told them i doubt it cause it is fraud case no proof of anything its getting worse so i warn you all BEWARE of these people someone said if its collections they lie to make up stories to scare and intimidate people by saying i am a attorney this and that that has to stop there... so again watch out they said they are in florida office oh sure...

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  • Mi
    micahammer Dec 28, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Is this really a scam???? I have paid these guys over $300.00 for a cash advance loan taken out in 2008. Every scenario listed in the complaints is the exact thing that happend to me. So am I to believe that if this is a scam that my loan has still not been paid?? This is soooooooo stupid!!! Can someone give me some advice as to what I should do?

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  • Ch
    Chrimsum Jun 10, 2016
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    Beware. John Sullivan, or whoever he is, is now calling from Forward Momentum LLC allegedly in Seneca, New York. He's making claims of having a case of fraud against people and using that scare tactic among others to frighten people into handing over money and financial information. DO NOT give this or any other person behaving in this manner or making such blatant claims anything over the phone. Request hard copy proof through the U.S. Mail. If and when you receive any paperwork from them check its' validity. Keep the paperwork and take it to an attorney with the phone number provided by them for contact. John Sullivan, in this case is NOT an attorney. He is a scam artist.

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