PMD FurnitureJoe Armetta and Royal Heritage


I'm glad Joe Armetta has been terminated. I know several dealers who have been negatively effected by his credit card processing and Pennysaver programs. Nobody want's to go against a PMD's managers advise. It would be frowned upon and you would not be part of the in crowd. Joe strongly advised and would berate you if you did not participate in these programs. Even when it surface they were not the most cost effective methods Joe Armetta would "lever" the concept that you were helping the dealer base as a whole.

What Joe Armetta intentionally did not disclose was the fact he was financially benefiting from these programs.

One night having several drinks Joe referred to these programs as "multiple income streams" for himself.

This type of behavior going unchecked for years at a time has tarnished PMD's/Royal Heritage image in the business world. Doing business with PMD/Royal Heritage is a package deal and Joe Armetta was part of the package.

Hopefully this blatant conflict of interest was a motivating factor in Joe Armetta being terminated as CMO. I guess things happen for a reason. The numbers do not lie. The facts are undeniable.

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