Planet Fitness Daytime Manager Attitudebeing told to leave the pf gym asap due to 12 yr old daughter waiting at the lounge

J Aug 12, 2018

My name is Jeannie Adolacion. I was a member of Planet Fitness, Surrey, BC until August 10, 2018 at which time I cancelled my membership due to the treatment of myself and my daughter by your Fitness club Manager.

I enjoyed my membership at Planet Fitness, but I felt that with the mistreatment of myself by your daytime manager, I had to cancel my membership. I was not able to get his name, otherwise, I'd have mentioned it in this letter.

My 12 year old daughter and I had gone to Lucky Supermarket, a produce store adjacent to the Surrey Planet Fitness Gym at 10642 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC. To save time I have asked her to wait at the PF lounge until I was done with my 50-minute work out that started at 4:30pm (Aug 10, 2018). Better this way than driving her straight from the supermarket to home and drive out again to go back to the PF Gym. I am a working mom and lead a busy life, just squeezing time to get workouts included in my daily routine.

My daughter waited in the assigned waiting area patiently and quietly using her cell phone to keep her occupied while I did my workout. Halfway through my work out, the daytime manager told me stop without preamble and to ask me to get my daughter out of the gym immediately as according to him children below 13 yrs old are not allowed in the gym unattended. I was surprised at this and asked why I wasn't informed of this rule when my husband and I joined in April (almost 5 months ago). Apparently there is a sign at the reception about this, and I missed seeing this sign. Not to be taken as an excuse, but there's a lot of signs on the walls one has gotten used to them and haven't paid attention to all of them after sometime. I tried to reason with the manager to give me 15 minutes to nearly if not wholly complete my exercise regimen but he wouldn't hear of it. He was just focused to kick my daughter and I out of the gym.

I contemplated the scene afterwards and have not come up with a plausible reason for being kicked out when my daughter wasn't being disruptive or even loud. Children at 12 years and older are allowed by the government to be left home by themselves. They go to school and left on their own devices inside a classroom with just one teacher overlooking them, not attend to them. She wasn't using any gym equipment or be near one.

This was not an attitude I was expecting from the gym that I have chosen to go to, amongst several others in the Surrey area. I have worked hard to convince my husband to go to PF, he was not a gym fan before. Since then, we've enjoyed our time with PF, in fact, we go there daily except Saturdays. I was so amazed by the friendly staff (not the mentioned manager) and the much newer efficient and wide range of exercise equipment I've gotten familiar with that I have been a vocal supporter of Planet Fitness amongst my coworkers and neighbours. In fact, one coworker has recently signed up. Two of my neighbours are also contemplating signing up.

I know that PF is doing well in our area. Offering a lower rate than the other gyms, having good equipment and friendly staff. However, being high handed with the customers can lead to a negative image which is hard to salvage later on. Your managers have to be trained to focus on clients and not solely on the rules. He shouldn't be made a representative of an unfriendly gym that people should be wary of joining. If he was so focused on the rules, he should have dealt with things like people abusing the 30-minute work out area, where a lot of members were using the equipment there like the floor ones, staying with just one equipment for over 15 minutes and depriving others who are wanting to complete the 20 steps. I have complained verbally to the staff about this, but to no avail. I have not frequented this area for three months now, though this was the feature that got me attracted to join the gym.

I'm interested to see any development on this matter. Thanks. You may contact me at [protected] if you have any further questions.

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