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Dear Sirs!
I saw an aircraft on company's site ( I wanted to purchase. I contacted them. After negotiating via email we shook on a deal. Airplane costed 75 000 EUR.
On August 26th I made a 3000 EUR deposit and I organized a technical inspection (for which I paid 400 eur). Shortly after inspection being made, I informed that I plan to come to the place in order to finalize the deal on September 14th. I didn't receive a confirmation of my arrival from the representative, until September 25th, when they said that they had different expectations on deadlines and they cancel the deal and will refund me deposit.
Today (October 18th) I finally received my deposit, but only partly. Company decided to hold 500 EUR because as they said, they had to cover some expenses.
Thus I lost 900 EUR (400 EUR for inspection and 500 EUR they held from deposit refund). Whilst they were the side who cancelled the deal because of no objective reason.
I have all letters of negotiation, where all terms of deal are specified. I didn't brake any terms of deal and I wasn't the side who refused from the deal, but eventually I lost 900 EUR for nothing.

How can you help me and what should I do?

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