Pizza Hutassociates

B Aug 04, 2018

We waited 5 min. befor anyone asked to help us.
There was 6 associates working . 3 customers in the store. You coulds ee they were doing busy work.
I ordered a beer and my husband ordered a ice tea.
Another waiter brought the beer, but no one brought a ice tea. We waited for a few momements and then we asked a different waitress for a tea.
We waited about 15 min. for the pizzza wich was fine. My beer was just about empty. The waitress brought the pizza out with out speaking one word like she did the entire visit.
2 slices of th pizza had no cheese on it at all and the rest of the pizza you could see through tharough the cheese and was mostly sauce. I kept looking for the waiter but the would look away or walk away when i tried to get her attention. Not oneve did any one ask how was the pizza or di we need anything or another drink.
She dropped the check off and never said a word.
I love Pizza hut. But i will never go the Bedford one again,

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