Pit StopI am refused a refund even though the clerk verified that the car wash wasn't working


Exxon Pit Stop (#565)I have several complaints about Exxon Pit Stop store #565 in Virginia Beach, managed by Joel Chambron. This store is poorly managed in general. Today, I filled up my car with 11 gals of gas and added the Deluxe Car Wash for an additional $8. The receipt that printed out was completely blank and I had to walk in to get the car wash code. The girl at the counter was unfriendly, and barely said a word. Her name was Michelle. I drove through the car wash and noticed that no soap at all came out during the foaming wash cycle. After I pulled out of the car wash, I got out and looked at the car and saw that there was still loose dirt all over it. I walked back into the store and this time talked to a clerk named Meagan. I explained that I thought the car wash had run out of soap. She told me that they’d been have problems with the car wash and walked out to look at the car wash. When she returned, I showed her the dirt still on my car. She phoned the manager, Joel Chambron, and explained to him that there was no soap coming out of the car wash and that my car was still dirty. He told her that she could only give me another car wash.

I asked what good another car wash was going to do me if there was no soap. I told her I wanted my $8 refunded and she said that her manager wouldn’t allow it. I asked to speak to him on the phone and she said he wouldn’t talk to me. She took my name and told me he would get in contact with me at some future time. I asked when, and she said she didn’t know.

This location is near my house and I would like to use it as my regular gas station, but my wife and I have been poorly treated there on several occasions. They are often out of stock on many items (soda’s out of syrup, receipt printers out of ink, no ice, no water in the window washer tanks in the trash cans, etc), and the staff is unfriendly and bordering on flat out rude. Now I am refused a refund even though the clerk verified that the car wash wasn’t working.

I can say that I rarely take the time to lodge a complaint, but in this case I am pretty angry about how I have been treated by this location. I am going to boycott this location and make sure all my friends and neighbors hear about my experience.


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    denis birch Jul 29, 2016

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