Phone mart (they sell via jumia)phone warranty

R Aug 15, 2018

I have a four months old galaxy J7 pho The screen started turning and went gradually went completely dark. Nothing can be displayed now. When I reached out to the service center (phone mart) to claim a warranty for that, they said they don't cover that.
I then went to Samsung service center to claim the manufacturer warranty. They took it in but then they confirmed that the phone was shipped in.and we all know that the warranty is normally regional.
So I called phone mart to ask if they could claim the manufacturer warranty for me since I got the phone from them. They said they will not and they cant give a reason for that. Now when I call they just hang up on me.

I am claiming a warranty for my phone because it is not a physical damage. I did cause the damage. The screen is not broken as well.

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