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On 9/8/2008 I called Phoenix Remanufactured Transmission and spoke with Alex. I was looking for a replacement transfer case for my 2001 Chrysler Town & Country. Alex on the phone persuaded me to also buy a transmission with the transfer case. He insisted as an expert in car repairs that I must change both parts together and also promised that I would receive the parts within two weeks the most.

I agreed on the price of $1, 563.00 for both parts and I send them a fax stating the parts that we agreed on and sign for my credit card charge. We also agreed that I would return the old parts with his trucking company using an included “Call Tag” for prepaid shipping and then I would get a refund of $350.00 on my credit card for the old parts.

They went ahead and charged my credit card using a different company from the faxed invoice called Redline Torque Converters. I didn’t pay attention since Alex sounded trustworthy on the phone and I was reinsured that I was dealing with a reputable company.

Four weeks later that and no parts had arrived at my local mechanics shop. I had to spend hours on hold in order to talk to Alex again to reinsure me that everything was OK, it just took a little longer than promised.

Finally I got a call from my mechanic that he received a transmission but NOT the transfer case which was really the only broken part in my car.

Again on hold waiting to talk to Alex who apologized and said that he made a mistake and he forgot to send the transfer case with the transmission. Then he promised that he would try to find one and send it to me. Again delays and more phone calls only to find out that Alex could not find a transfer case for my car. After a few heated conversations he said that his boss agreed to take the transmission back and refund my money. I was to send it back using the “Call Tag” in the attached paper work of the shipment.

I went to mechanics shop and we looked in the envelope but we didn’t find any “Call Tag” for shipping back any parts to them.

Since then my mechanic and I have tried to call their company’s phone number but the phone rings and no answer. Interesting enough the website that I used to find them is not working any more either.

Anyone who reads this please let me know if we could collectively do something – anything - to stop these thieves from running such business.
I can be contacted at [protected] or by email [protected]


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    scott verbeeck Nov 12, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I also am a victim of phoenix retrans I ordered a transmission on line on 9/26/2008, they charged my card and I heard nothing from them. on 9/30/2008 I called and talked to alex and he told me that he had to correct my invoice and change the invoice number so the order could be finalized, later that day I called again and talked to sheila in the accounting office and was told that they could not process my payment because they no longer took credit cards. They e-mailed a letter to me stateing that they could not refund the payment or cancel it because they no longer had the card services to do so and that my bank would have to refund the money to me. I talked to the bank and was told that because it was listed as a pending payment it could be refunded if phoenix retrans sent a fax to them requesting to release the hold on the funds. The fax was sent and the funds where returned to my account. The next day I checked my account online and there was a new charge for the same amount by the same company, again I called and talked to sheila and she assured me that the charge had not been done by them. I went to my bank and had to file a fraud claim have my card canceled and wait for a new one to be issued and wait for the banks decision to have the money refunded to my account. All the while thinking I was dealing in good faith with Phoenix retrans. On 10/09/2008 the bank refunded the money back to my account so I paid for the transmission thru bank of america's payment system and received an e-mail from phoenix retrans thanking me for the payment and telling me that they would process my order as quickly as possible, that is the last time I heard from them there web site is gone and all I get when I call there phone is a busy signal no matter which number I call. I think that everyone that they have ripped off needs to band together and file a class action law suit against them and put them out of business for good.

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    dave cherrier Dec 22, 2008

    Bought a trans for my 1997 dodge neon, took twice as long to get as it should have, installed and tran would not down shift and when cold it will not up shift.Called company and just get answering machine, recieved no paper work for warrenty or call tag for core.So iam out my $250 core, $155 return shipping and $419 for tranny that will not shift.What do I do?Tried calling attorney general but no luck yet.

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    Derrick Jan 21, 2009

    I did the same orderd a trans for my jeep 4wd they sent a front wheel drive trans. I called they sent another trans without the torqconva week later they sent the conv i had it installed and i only had 3 gears i lost my money and my core and had to buy another trans.

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    conrad burnett May 01, 2009

    Kuperman got me for 1700.00 for GM-4L30E rebuild that lasted about 2 miles.He owes me about 4k with my labor and trouble and I will add another 3k for another unit.
    Millenium Transmission rebuilders said his employees have been summoned and have testified they only replaced a few parts in the units and called them rebuilds.
    Millenium is offering to help out some of us who got blindly ripped by this obviously bad person.
    I'm filing a complaint but the guy is gone. I will do him damage in others ways guaranteed.
    Frank C Kuperman is missing. Probably in Mexico. It is said he was turning 20k a day out of his shop and there are likely 500 ripped of people nationwide.
    E-mail me with info [protected]

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