phitoma questwont pay bonus after quiting

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who ever this guy thinks he is >>>>> He is a fraud he runs a scandalist buisness wont pay me my 300 dollar bonus that i worked hard for... he tells you in the interview that you work for 11am to 9pm witch is a lie you have to get there at 10am and you leave when they want witch isnt normally till 12am or 1am need help on obtaining bonus


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      Mar 29, 2009
    phitoma quest - great company to work for!
    phitoma quest
    United States

    I worked for Phitoma Quest for 2 months and I loved working there! I made over the guarantee promissed by about $600 each month! I'd still be there except my husband got tranferred out of town. The complaints I read about are someone that is lazy or just flat stupid! They are probably drawing unemployment!

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      Jul 06, 2009

    What kinda work does Phitoma quest do?

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  • K
      Oct 10, 2011

    I have worked for Kirby, for more than 5 years. It is a fantastic company to work for, and the complaints I read about are a joke. People always have to blame someone else than themselves. This business is not for everyone, and is not a J.O.B. It is an opportunity to be independantly wealthy, selling a product that CAN'T be beat!!!

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