Phillip Morris and Marlboro100s carton

W Jan 31, 2020

I bought a carton of cigarettes, in which I do every fourteen days. This last carton my husband bought there at Walmart, was either stale or something wasn't right. I smoked them anyhow and was so sick to my stomach. (vomiting, chills, and the horrible taste left in my mouth). (I wish this on nobody). I have purchased the Marlboro carton, right after I stomached through those awful ones. Now we're back to normal, and I thought I would reach out to u-all and see how that could of happened to the one carton... Whether you've had other complaints in this nature, I don't know, but please don't ever let it happen again and i'm sorry this was a bad week - two weeks for me. So he bought them at the Hunt hwy Walmart super center in san tan valley, Arizona 85143 on a Sunday or Monday and he paid cash and we have conflict with the receipt because I tried to take them back to Walmart and they refused to refund because package was opened and without the receipt, It was unsuccessful. My phone no... 602-705=3429 My address is...659 East main street, mesa, AZ 85203. I don't want to pinpoint the date because my memory plays tricks on me, approx. the first two weeks of December was one of his purchased dates.

your loyal of over 25 years customer

Wand J Cantrell

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