Philippine Airlinesunreasonable flight rescheduling

F Nov 24, 2017

Be warned that Philippine Airlines may cancel or reschedule your flights in an extremely annoying way. Very disappointed and utterly furious with PAL.

My fiance and I, who are both OFWs, are getting married this December. Since our families will be complete for the holiday season, we decided to go on a trip with everyone after the wedding. We booked domestic flights on PAL for Christmas last February, almost 11 months before the travel date.

Since we were a large group, we had no choice but to call their Manila ticket office from overseas in order to book since the maximum allowed on their website is 10 persons. As such, they split us into 2 groups with separate reference numbers. Just today, roughly a month before our flight, they emailed us a "Flight Status Update". One group's flight was pushed 2.5 hours while the other group's flight suffered a 6-hour delay. Instead of getting to our destination early morning, half of us would be arriving past lunchtime because of this.

Not only did they fail to keep us together as a group, the 6-hour delay is simply unacceptable. What's even more frustrating is that the only options they give us is to rebook within 30 days without penalties or a full refund. Both of which are not feasible for people who plan their vacations ahead of time since accommodation arrangements have already been made.

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