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ChowkingSuper slow service

I ordered 2 pork chowfan dumpling with wonton mami alacarte, i ordered at around 7.16pm and i receive my order at around 7.40 pm, then i ordered additional 2 plain rice and again just for the plain rice they just let us wait, the counter person was aware that im mad already but the production team i think they didnt care about their customers, please give the branch feedback to the production team and poor shift management, just didnt enjoy the food

  • Ra
    Ratery Feb 26, 2020

    If you are mad because it takes time to get you your food, you have issues. They should not have to hurry just because you are mad. It does not mean they do not care about their customers. If something is not ready then what can they do? Maybe you should wait until you are a little more older before you go ordering food again.

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